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  1. elite do you play on SoW 30k n00b settings ? ;D
  2. hehe you actually had hope ;D i'l hope i see you around on msn (just unblock me) and for emperor... its dead just some bugs eating its guts for fun yep.... about wc 3 : i'l buy it incl. dng siege (if my exams are good :'() so i'l just see you on MSN,good exams,eegh ::)
  3. lets think what might we need to get this community back to what it was. I think i go tosme ideaus 1 : whine the hell outa westwood (wont work anyways) 2 : we need to get true the code from emperor it might not be thta easy but with other thing everybody has seen the screens of d3m0nger w<ith neverending money he gave me that engine as well (neevr used it) now if somebody lanages to brake the codse of that cheatengine you might get in the code of emperor all ww has to do is get of his lazy ass and publish the patch
  4. I do agree with you but... you got the choice : Giving your crue the "mission" to work on a game how has no succes and a verry small communiyu or to work on new projects... i know what i'd chose and it would be blizzard there own foult everybody is sick of the game already. they waired to logn for the release. we'r just sick of the screens btw : they are suposed to look liek cartoonfigures razor
  5. Ah nema,tu parleS fran
  6. Est-ce que tu habite en fran
  7. and your 13 ::) at least you have grown wiser my old padawan.
  8. WTF ? i'm now getting errors from progrms who even arnt in ctrl-alt-del screen i dunno what it is i'l just dl some antispythingthingies ;D
  9. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D Sorry this is hilarious. WW.. patching emperor ;D ;D ;D I can see your new. - ur post - the picture of the weakest unit next to yer name (he looks cool ;) ) 1 pple cant change it if mas pple will join emperor then... WW might come back. the flood of n00bs for the last month has been huge. maybe much pple might actually have managed to grab a better comp how fits the system demands ;)
  10. look... i'm 12 years old so first of all whats a format ? and is it possible any of them is spyware ? my knowledge of the computer is limited it might be far above the average of my schoolm8s but still... i dont know shit compared to you guys and i got spyware better go to the link nav gave me... try hemping pls btw : i dunno why but my emp version is actif again
  11. ok tell me whats spyware ? and can you tell me what progras might be it... i got this in my list : (ctrl alt del.) rundll32 explorer navapw32 rundl msmsg winmgmt lamapp loadqm dw rundll32 Hclient Mmkbd systray mdm ________________ rundll 32 is spyware from MSN Dw has much errors when windwos starts i must thank nav i must have listened to him he told it to me about spyware I am just a kid can you forgive me elder ?
  12. After i installed kazaa all my RTS games had serious lag unitnstalled kazaa and the games still got superlag any help ? btw : nav,it could be true that its spysoftware...
  13. crazy

    Chek it out

    http://crazyf1.tripod.com This isnt about ken (u must be suprised) Just tell me what you think about the picture. Thnx
  14. 5 : the mino,he shoots my units and they die. 6 : the misile tank he can kill my tanks fast 7 : the harvester he gives my enemie a good economie egh.... ;D
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