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  1. Arrrrr... I just moved to Warcraft 3 just like i always said i will, The game is Kickass!!
  2. And now you buying a pre-order??, NOW?! The game came out in June 2001!
  3. They just won't give up aye....
  4. Old news?? Since when?!
  5. Bilbo left Hobbtz!!! Check theyre clan page, Bilbo isnt there
  6. Omni!!! Whats up?? Long time since i last saw you :( Well, I do my best :)
  7. ROFL, I just hate those kind of players... Maybe you should Gob :D
  8. Ohh... You see, Last week he join my game, Started swearing me and dared me a QM, Right after that he left. I paged him because i wanted to gave him that QM he wanted, But he just kept swearing me and went off. :(
  9. Hey Max, You know who is this guy? fr3man1 [fr3man1 & maxpovver] ?
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