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  1. Harkonna

    Update on my

    Hi all, quite a long time, I havent leaved;-) i woulnd dare, this forum rules. i just leaved the other forum www.gamez.nl i had an avatar (that sign underneath ur name) and it was 2 cm to big, so they blocked my avatar and my sign, i leaved, dorks... At least this forum isnt that sucking, this 1 is great. I am going on vacation tomorrow, than i will see u some later. after my vacation, i would ask if somebody can give me a little cursus modding, cause i may like it but i suck in it. well, thats all. H A R K O N N A
  2. Mmm, i dont know maybe u already have finished the mod, but i know a unit for ya: Hatcher : It is a quite strong unit, and has the attack of a theilaxu contaminator, u may now think its weak, but its not. is has the speed of an dustscout and quite much armor, but it can not inflict any damage vs tanks or buildings, use this tankunit to take out enemy infantery groups very easely and fast. H A R K O N N A
  3. Look, i had this once in the last level of RA2 Yuri's revenge :-, this was so s*cking, since then i always save or way to many times ( 3 or 4 times at minut ;D, thats in a 3d person shooter game) or (in a strategy-game) around the 1 save at 15 minut's. ::)H :) A :) R :) K :) O :) N :) N :) A :) (I just wanted to do this:))
  4. Jesus, why u all waiting until it is cracked?! just ask westwood for it, whats the problem with that?! u are trying to create a cool mod and to make it better u need the source code, soooooo simple, but no, we losers dont dare to ask and rather wait until the source code wil never be cracked cause no1 is trying 2! make ur mind guys, if u want the code just ask, i am 99% sure Westwood won't have a problem with it, otherwise tell me why! P.S. If it's really inpossible i wil try to do something, the father of my best friend works at westwood... H A R K O N N A
  5. If where busy so good, whatsup with NIAP than? H A R K O N N A
  6. I aint whining u know, next time i play with that dude i invite 1 of u than u will see what has overcome me that game... H A R K O N N A
  7. i got that before it, and it woul'nd work, trowed it away, and dowloaded it again after the crash, and than it dind't work either... H A R K O N N A
  8. I like kwisatz haderach, but i also want 2 play Emperor normal. so i needed to un-instal kwisatz haderach, it has a nice readme, well done, let's read, aha must delete these 3 files, oke done, deleted, now start the game: "Kwisatz haderach, unnofial emperor expension pack" WTF? hurry, singleplayer, huh?! house corrino?! oke, i am house corrino, play, gogogo, loading screen: "kwisatz haderach unnoficial emperor expension pack" o ow... when i start, i have artreides units. WTF is going on here?! i thought i had de-installed the mod, do me a favor, it's un-installed, but only the rules.ini is normal again! how to fix this?! H A R K O N N A P.S. the switcher won't work either
  9. Ow, haha, i thought it was something that when the enemy wins it suddenly loses and u win :) H A R K O N N A
  10. Voila guys, succes making new models ;D wouln't u luuuuuuv to see a normal tanks with a disrupter cannon?! H A R K O N N A
  11. 1. the first thing, only when u are playing it than i think 2. the second thing, ow, never checked the reload time? 3. the thirf thing, that's not true i think... H A R K O N N A
  12. U guys all talk about the contaminator, but i don't think it's bad if u listen 2 this: Leeches are a VERY handy tacktik (especially when fighting computers) to infect the enemy's harvesters, but make sure a leech infects a tank only once, or then tank wil not burst into 1 leech, ut into 3 or 4 or 5, all on the same stop! what happens now is that they can do nothing, not even shoot, so now u have only a space blocked (jay >:(). i never ever had this problem with a contaminator. but leaving this problem out of it, i think fremen warriors ar the worst sub-house unit. i don't like the fremen myself, and than u have the fremen warrior, its just an inviseble sniper. only with assistance from feydakin they are medium vs tanks and infantery, but alone, if a scout had weapons he could kill them. that's why i never use them, and IF i choose the Fremen sub-house i always build feydakins. H A R K O N N A
  13. U guys don't understand, u should have been in that game or i should have make a screenshot! when the whole map is crawling with mino's, there is NO WAY 3 scouts can elimenate them all, he'll just shoot them and my barracks, i am done. H A R K O N N A
  14. If i am right u think Starcraft is a better game than warcraft III. i don't wanna be angry or something, but in my neighborhood, they call such some-one a BIIIIIIIIIIIG loser. H A R K O N N A
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