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k heres my thread I read sirdards fed2k rpg and htought hey sounds interesting so heres an rpg. your role is an assassain, hitman, rogue, "cleaner" whatever you wanna call em thats you. your weapons can be hi-tech, modern or very old they're all the same use.

you dont have to be an assassain you can be one of the 5 following classes or make up your own

1. Assassain- name implies all, weak and sneaky but really effective 8 weapons/ gear

2. hacker- uses computers to do stuff has a trusty laptop 6 weapons/ gear

3. hitman- like assassain but not as weak and uses better weapons 10 wepaons/ gear

4. assault basically a soldier has good weapons and is strong but has bad-stealth 12 weapons/gear

5. heavy weapons basically a space marine or fedaykin/ sarduakar can carry 14 weapons/ gear

note no ultimate weapons like mini-nukes.


k I'm an assassian my weapons/gear are a specialy katana, 2 desert eagle hand guns, shurikens, a silenced mp5 navy with laser sight and 8x scope, a kevlar trench coat, night/ thermal vision goggles, smoke gernades, and a stilleto.


k Im adding 1 more class

ninja- like assassain but cooler can only have 6 gear/weps and has low health but really sneaky must have anciet japan like weapons such as shurikens, katana, tanto, fighting knife, nunchaku, rope with claw thingy on end... etc.

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I thought about assassin but that seems to be popular so...


Gear; Laptop, cheesewire, poisoned (envenomed?) throwing knives, spare batteries (you never know when...), ultimate connector (I can hook my laptop up to ANYTHING), trap kit (guess what THAT'S for...).

What a lot of brackets...

See you there!

(But you won't see me... ;D )

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Scytale is back. 8) I was doing a quest to return the one video tape wearing a blue cloak I made and a toy sting sword.

our first asaignment is to infiltrate columbian drug lord hernando el gato's home and kill him. He currently has a staff of 12 who pose no threat but also has a fairly large security staff of 30 well armed and trained men, a video security peramiter and a huey chopper hidden in a secret hagger which, in case of emegancy, can be used to take himto a private airfield with a cesna there.

We must infiltrate his estate though his private dock, that is where security is the least consentrated, then move in though his warehouse to his kitchen then were in. another team will be transported by a blackhawk to his helicopter hanger to destroy his private helicopter. then we have him.

you guys can choose which teams you're in I'm in team alpha (going htough the docks) and other team is foxtrot.

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