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I'll be in the team that blows the heli(foxtrot right?)

Fenrir scans through the file once more. Bomb the Huey, elimilate any hostiles, good.

After checking that he had all the required equipments, Fenrir sheaths his gladius on his him, and heads towards the blackhawk.

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lowzeewee deactivates the cameras by hacking and takes out his sniper and snipes one of the security guard and then recoils back and hides before taking out the second security guard,the guards seem appalled and lowzeewee then takes out his state-of-the-art smoke in a bullet and fires it on the ground beside a handful of guards knocking them unconscious and then snipes them before they fall

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I'm in team Foxtrot.

Nuker and the rest of the team sit in the Blackhawk chopper, en route to the hanger area. The pilot looks behind, to the team, and says that they are about to land.

The Blackhawk touches down a small distance away from the hangar. The chopper is a stealth design, so the guards couldn't have smelt them coming. Silently, they make their way through the rainforest (this is Columbia, remember) to the fence around the hangar. Several guard towers were posted around the perimiter.

Nuker takes out his Winchester sniper. The other snipers in the team take out their rifles as well. Nuker counts down..3...2...1...and they shot the guards in the two nearest towers.

Nuker approached the fence. Not to big an obstacle. He took out his knife and cut an entrance in the fence. They were in.

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Moving in through the hole the team had reached the hanger. Inside the hanger are 2 maintanence crew working on the Huey. There are also 5 guards. 2 guarding the entrance, and the other 3 keeping an eye on the Huey.

Fenrir then made some hand signals to the team, meaning "Leave no one alive, I'll take the two at the entrance". He then sneaked to the back of one of the guards, and unseathed his gladius.

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Is it necessary to join a team? I mean many assassins are just mercenaries for hire, i.e. some of them work for the bad guys. Oh yes, one more thing, is anyone listening to Lowzeewee? (Does anyone care?)

In the interim...

McDusty the hacker sets to work on the security lasers and gun turrets (why not?). Plugging in his laptop to a convenient place (after removing the inconvenient cables), he starts by removing the code clearances...

Transmission to both teams:

[hide] Watch your backs, guys. Trip a beam and you'll be full of bullets before you notice it. Suggest you use smoke to avoid them while I work on disarming. [/hide]

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Can I be on the enemy side? Sort of a mercenary guard? This might create a bit of conflict at least.

Raziel stuck his head out of the ventilation shaft and looked out. The complex was certainly under attack by a team of mercenary killers.

Raziel jumped down out of the shaft and proceeded to move stealthily up against the wall. Suddenly he starts to hear loud clicking noises coming from the room next door. It is as if someone is working a computer keyboard or a laptop. Taking out his two Uzis he lunges forward and kicks the door of its hinges. These is a man in the room, working on a laptop just like Raziel thought. Raziel grinned at the hacker's face's priceless expression of terror and growled, pointing both Uzis sideways at the intruder - "Freeze, punk! Watcha doing here? Don't ya know that tresspassing is illegal?"

OOC: Hope I didn't mess things up. I'm just trying to create conflict ;D

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scytale and team alpha creep though the warehouse killing all staff. silently pulling out a few shurikens scytale then lunges at a group of gaurds. tw oof the gaurds fall instantly, shurikens embedded in their necks the other two fire of a clip at scytale hittting him al over hte back. Sctale falls down with a grunt of pain as the gaurds walk of two him to check if hes dead. . .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

. . . in a quick fluid movement scytale flips over deagles wielded, firing shot after shot into the suprised gaurds chests. Blood shoots out from there backs as the bullets pass though them.

" team foxtrot warehouse clear were proceding into main part of hte complex. report in soon - scytale out"

scytale replaces the clips in his deagles and retreives hte bloody shurikens after a bit of struggle form the dead gaurd's necks. He pulls out his katana as he walks into the kitchen.

DA yes you can be oppossition but just dont kills us all well need people alive for hte next mission.

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The gladius went smoothly through the neck of the guard, and decapped him. As Fenrir pulls out his silenced mp5k to gun down the other guard, he noticed something.

No blood from the head or the body...Instead, a red light is flashing on and off from the cut at the neck.

"Holy shit...!"

There was a loud explosion. The "guard" had self-destructed. It was a crash dummy rigged with C4s. The alarm had went off and the whole complex is now informed of the assault.

Fenrir had leaped out just in time. Tripping a beam as he leaped out, he also suffered a bullet wound on the left shoulder.

[hide]Watch your backs, guys. Trip a beam and you'll be full of bullets before you notice it. Suggest you use smoke to avoid them while I work on disarming.[/hide]


Transmittion to foxtrot:

[hide]The place is rigged! Withdraw from complex and proceed to checkpoint zeta(landing zone)! Contact alpha once you've reached there![/hide]

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lowzeewee sees an approaching hostile lorry carrying some drugs,trying to act smart[as usual] ::),lowzeewee kills the driver and goes in and plants a C4 in in and then puts it on cruise control and heads it towards the building and then jumps off and then gets away before the C4 explodes in it

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McDusty (code name) peers up over his laptop at two very dangerous looking guns. Moving carefully, and slowly, he raises his hands behind his head. Concealed there is a small pouch, quickly, he opens it, and it falls to the floor. Both of the guns twitch, one of them indicates that the Hacker should show what he's holding.

Still slowly, McDusty brings his hands around and shows the small coil of wire he holds. It looks harmless.

"I don't really appreciate being called a punk you know." He says with a hint of reproach.

"I don't really care you know." The uzi-carrying man replies, leaning forward to look at the wire better.

"Want to know what it is?" McDusty asks, then, taking the silence as an answer, "It's a large coil of wire, wrapped around a special charge. I just need to throw this at your face, and it will blind and lacerate you in less than a second. If I'm lucky it'll wrap around and kill you."

At once the man with the guns backs up slightly, but not out the door. Then, all at once, he fires. McDusty dodges to one side, thus preventing the bullets from hitting his arm, but one leg is caught and he goes down with a crash. Rolling over, he readies his arm to throw, this movement stops the gunman where he stands.

"Tell you what," McDusty growls through his pain, "I'm not one to stick around unless I'm working for my own ends. Let me go and I'll go. Help me get these bullets out beforehand and I'll reactivate the security gun turrets and sensors, and contact the police, Hmm? How about it?"

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Raziel grins, "The Police?? How would that benefit me, don't you know, I'm Raziel or 'Slicer Raz', wanted in 10 of the world's major countries for mass murder, assassination and terrorism?"

Raziel laughs, "Ah what the hell, I'm in a good mood today". Raziel takes out his knife, "This is gonna hurt a lot".

Two quick slices and the bullet is out of McDusty's leg as well as a piece of red bloody meat and flesh. Raziel bandages the leg.

"Now, reactivate those security lasers and turrets, before I put some more of those bullets in you".

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~transmission~ "WE HAVE A PROBLEM WE NEED TO REGROUP, HERNADEZ HAS LEFT THE COMPLEX!!I REPEAT HERNANDEZ IS NOTT HERE!!!!" Screams scytale into the walkie talkie as he slashes open an unsuspecting gaurds stomach. Scytale puts his sword away and puts on his thermanl/night vsion goggles and pulls out his two deagles.

three gaurds jump out of no where. three quick bursts of fire from scytales deagles leave them writhing in agony on hte floor.~"Mc dusty com in mcdusty come!"~"mc dusty Im proceeding to your locationstay there" Scytale runs to dust scouts location suprissed at hte numerous turrets that he has to destroy and various traps he nearly activates !" DAMN IT DUSTY I THOUGHT YOU HAD THESE TRAPS DEACTIVATED!"

Scytale runs into the basement suprised at seeing a gunman with an uzi pointed at dusty. Scytale pulls out his silenced mp5 and points it at the intruder

"Hey asshole (j/k! )drop the weapon thats my friend there" scytale tells the gaurd. The gaurd whirls around suprised.

"ONE MORE MOVE AND HIS BRAINS ONE THE FLOOR!" shouts hte gaurd, his uzi pointed at dust scout.

"hey hey Im not here for touble but the police are coming here in 5 minutes and I would hate to see them apprehend you dead, so drop the weapon now before I paint the wall in your blood."

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Raziel lunges forward and jumps out of the window, just when the bullets from the newcomer's mp5 are about to hit him. While jumping he releases a capsule on the floor of the room, which explodes releasing poisonous sarine gas into the room just when Raziel breaks through the glass of the window with his uzis and droprolls on the ground.

Mc.Dusty and the newcomer begin to cough, inhaling the gas, covering their faces to try and avoid the deadly substance.

Raz stands on the ground looking upon the window he just jumped out of and smiles, "Astalavista, rookies!" He presses a button on his remote controller and a powerful explosion rocks the core of the building. It is about to collapse. Raz leaves, following the trail of Hernandez.

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*cough cough* bastard released some gas lets get hte hell outta here says scytale to dusty. scytale pulls dusty out of hte room and injects them both with antidote, then he run backs inside jumbs out of hte window to follow this "gaurd"

" you wont get far" yells scytale putting away his mp5 and pulling out his katana.

~"dusty meet up with the rest of team alpha and tell them to meet up with foxtrot we gotta kill hernandez or elso no pay"~

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seing the gaurd jump into a car scytale throws an infared strop with magnetic bottom onto car and runs of to meet up with team alpha.

Guan Ortegaz of hte columbian military has been after hernandez for sewveral months now so gettign an annomynous call of hernandezs location was a dream.

three huey coppers flew opver the estate the first ine landing near hte house and the second near hte hanger the third (a gunship) patroled the area then followed the car with hte strope at an high altitude ( hes not visible nor noticable) the annomynous caller also said to follow the car with the infared strope because it would probaly lead to hernandez

"k team hernandez knows that were here so we better take him out fast, NOW"

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Raziel's car stalled. It seemed it has ran out of gas. And not a single gas station in sight. Raziel shut the car door and took out his assault rifle. Then he proceeded to riddle the car in bullets, muttering in anger.

Putting away the rifle, Raz waited for the nearest car to pass him. Now he would have to hitchike.

A red minivan speeded past him. Raz signaled it to make a stop. The van stopped. Out of it came out several people holding automatic weapons, wearing black cloth masks. Raziel grinned, "Morning, fellow criminals". The men quitely pointed their guns at him. Raziel lunged to the side and pulled out his uzis. In three seconds all of the three men were riddled in bullets, but even after they were dead, Raz took great pleasure in emptying several uzis magazines into each of the guys' brains, turning what used to be their heads, into a greying-red mush on the sidewalk that streamed into the nearby canalization shaft, leaving a colorful red trail.

Raz jumped in the van. To Raziel's joy, it was filled with automatic weapons and clips for all kinds of guns. There was also a box of C-4 explosive and something that looked especially strange. It was some kind of a box with a Biohazard sign on it. Raziel opened the box. There were many testtubes in their filled with clear liquid and labeled according to the latin name of the specimen. Several were labeled "Yersenia pestis". Raziel grinned and there was a tint of sarcasm in his voice, "Gee, I wonder what that is, heh". Closing the box, he decided to keep it in the back of the van for now or else it may lead to more damage than he bargained for. Raziel turned on the ignition of the van and speeded off.

By accident, he has saved the city from a threat of bioterrorism.

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The bullet wound is less hurting now. Lying on the ground Fenrir sees two helicopters flying in. One hovered above the hander and the other heads towards the main complex. Armed men abseiled from the heli. From their uniforms Fenrir reginized that they're from the columbian military.

"Scytale! How the heck those columbian guys found out this place!? Do we also take them out or what?" shouted Fenrir into his intercom.

Suddendly there is a loud sound of explosion. The Huey had been taken down. The shooter was no one other then Hernandez. He is riding on a Hummer, and is heading towards the hanger.

The colombians moves to get into position to take down the hummer, but was mowed down as they walk through the security beams. Few who survived stayed on their spot, but was gunned down instead by the 50 caliber on the hummer. Their numbers was getting less and less.

The stealth suit still works, and the criminals didn't see him. Fenrir raises his slienced mp5k and fired a hail of bullets at the rear wheels of the hummer. It skidded and crashed into a boulder. Surprizingly, except the driver, Hernandez and 5 of his goons were unharmed and continue to head for the hanger, which is only about 800 meters away. The recoil of the gun had tear opened Fenrir's wound. The pain is unbearable, and he can't move an inch.

Message to both teams:

[hide]This is Fenrir! Target's in sight, and is heading for the Bird! Bird would fly in about 3 mintues! I'm incapiated, someone take him down! Be adviced that the colombians are here too![/hide]

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"You can never trust people..." Dust Scout (I'm tired of McDusty) mutters to himself, reflecting with a smirk that this includes himself. He managed to escape the gas by diving out the door rather than the window, and slaming it shut.

Now, bereft of laptop, he runs up to the abandoned communications room.

Throwing the door open, he dashes to the nearest console and shuts down security. Then he transmits a message or two...

Message to both teams:

[hide] Security down, guards ordered to go to top floor and wait, I'll seal them off there. Helicopter flight path and stats sending to you now... I can't join you, I'm injured. [/hide]

Finishing the message, Dust Scout peers down at his wounded leg. It caused no end of trouble on the stairs, and the hurry has caused the wound to bleed more... Concentrating, he returns to the screen.

Message to Raziel:

[hide] I'm not one to take a favour and forget it. I'll ignore your little gas trick, and help you out this one time. I've transmitted the helicopter's flight path to the teams, but it's the wrong helicopter, I know there's two. The decoy is taking off now, suggest you don't let them find out it's a decoy, yes? It'll be sifficult shaking them off, so don't bother. Send the helicopter away somewhere and crash it. The real one can escape, ok? And so can you, although I don't feel you're the kind of person to take that option.

Contact me if you need a Hacker sometime, yes? [/hide]

Lack of blood taking its toll, Dust Scout sends his position, wipes the data of all messages from the screen and computer, and slumps onto the floor.

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