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Scytale runs towards exsplug and sees the mass of dead columbian military "Well there goes my diversions, at least we found hernandez." scytale pulls out his mp5 and buttin/zip/velcro up his trench coat and runs straight at the hummer. *ratatatat* Scytale fires a few rounds and one of the gaurds killing him. scytale fires again at another but misses. one of the gunmen with a SAW fires *RATATATATAT* bullets fly at scytale all but two miss. The two both hit him in the chest. With a loud grunt of pain scytale flys back 5 feet and lands on his back moaning. to avoid any more bullets flying his way scytale throws a smoke gernade next to him. his ~~~concious ~~leaving him ~~~ all blackiiinnggg out~~~.

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Scytale drops on the floor, seemingly dead. Nuker charged blindlessly into the battle, then dragged Scytales body to a safer place behind a shack. Then, Nuker noticed a columbian attending to a few dead soldiers. Nuker fired a couple of rounds next to him.

"Hey medic boy, get over here, NOW!"

The medic wasn't in any position to refuse, so he made his way to him, shaking on his feet.

"Treat him!" said Nuker, pointing at Scytale.

The medic began treating Scytales wounds.

"Very well. See to it he doesn't die, or you're in trouble." Nuker then sought cover behind a stack of crates, and began firing on the Hummer.

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" err earthnuker scytales fine, he just had some huge bruise and maybe some cracked ribs but hes alive good thing he had that kevlar trench coat. "(BTW i mentioned this trench coat in the first post)" he'll be up soon" said the medic in astonishment.

"waaa waaa happened?" "AAARRGH damn my chest hurts"

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The red terrorist van speeded through the streets of the city to the place where the hideout of Hernandez allegedly was located. The car screeched to a stop in front of some kind of a night club.

Raziel walked out, carrying his usual arsenal of 2 uzis and an assault rifle plus the new toys he found in the back of the van - a couple remote mines and a sniper rifle. He also took with him several of those bacteria vials wrapped carefully by the terrorists into biosafe cloth. "Those suicide terrorists must have really cared about their safety" grinned Raziel.

Raz walked into the night club. Inside it was swarming with guards. Having a strong hatred of the common goon, Raz decided to walk through unnoticed. It was easy, all he needed was a piece of rope and some of his super stealth skills.

Raz entered the office behind the stage, and was met by the grinning muzzle of Hernandez. "Can't you knock first?"

"Not my style" murmured Raz and handed Hernandez The Package.

"Excellent work, and here's something for you". Hernandez handed Raz a briefcase, who immediatly opened it and counted the money.

Hernandez smiled, "I hope we will get to work together again sometime"

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The complex is now under control of the invaders. The terrorists are either dead or captured by the colombian army. For the assassins, they were explained to the colombian army as special force sent in for the first wave attack.

The escapees from the hummer were gunned down by the hidden gunship flying high above the hanger. The bodies are now being identified, Hernandez is expected to be found but...

"So this is Hernandez...?" said Guan Ortegaz, examining the body.

Something was wrong. The face of "Hernandez" could be peeled off with ease. This "Hernandez" is just one of his goons with plastic surgery, a decoy.

(OOC: I'll delete it if you don't like this explaination...)

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The red van was once again on the move. Raz, with 20 million US dollars in his briefcase, decided not to waste time. It was especially these brief periods between mercenary assignments that he liked. And that is because of all the green.

Raziel decided to go visit his old friend and buy some powerful new toys.

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Nuker joined in the conversation.

"We've completed the search of his mansion. He's not in there, and I doubt he's still anywhere in this compound. I did, however, find a couple of dead columbian soldiers stripped of their clothes. Hernandez and his friends probably mingled among the army- we can't let anybody leave the compound until we find him!"

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Dude, we gotta bring this back, el gato must die.

Dust scout I believe you were hacking into Hernandez's computers?

"ok team, as you all know El Gato is gone"

Scytale shoved a fresh clip of teflon coated pullets into his mp5 and walked over one of the several bullet riddled hummers

"Hey  Mc Dusty can you make this thing work?"

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Hmm. Well I wasn't expecting this...

Message to both teams:

I'm sitting in the main tech room of the mansion. I've managed to get into the computer system but unfortunately it has a... unique self defence mechanism. Most systems have a firewall, or some such; a defensive program or three hundred. This one has all that and a few viruses. As I write they are eating up their own system and destroying pretty much everything.

Details of safe houses should be found accompanying this note, but please keep in mind the virus, these files could be corrupted and it's more than likely that more than one of them is a fake to put us on the wrong track.

As for the hummers, I'm a hacker, not an engineer.

Incidentally, I'm bleeding quite badly now, any chance of a medic visiting sometime soon? Would be much appreciated.

#Message ends#

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Message to both teams:

Forget about the hummers, I'm right next to them and they were in a worst shape than I'm. It would be easier to steal a heli from the colombians than to repair them. And get me a medic! I'm removing my stealth suit now so that you guys could see me!

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Mind if i join?

Assassin ::

Katana (Modified, shocks users who arent me)


Fibre Wire

Many Kunai (Throwing knives, with a ring on the end of the handle. <===|0  )

Thermoptic Camo (hides me from cameras / bots / anything that detects by heat or IR)

Adaptive Camo (One word : Chameleon)

Pack to carry spare shurikens / kunai.

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