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#61 Did you know that you receive a free harvestor if you lose all your other harvestors?

I believe this is false.

Correction:You receive a free harvester if any one of your refineries is not without a harvester.

Therefore: You build 2 refineries. You lose all your harvesters. A new harvester arrives at BOTH refineries. Therefore, you get 2 new, free harvesters.

Please check this if you are in doubt.

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He's partly right, making 2 refineries would mean that you have a minimum amount of harvestors of 2, every refinery that you build increases this number by 1, so if your harvestor amount gets lower then 2 (if you have 2 refineries) you get 1 for free delivered by carryall (not getting the carryall with it though)

I originally meant this, might've thought about something else while typing that :-

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#16 Did you that the fremen warrior fires twice as fast as the atreides sniper but with twice as weaker bullets

Did you know that your totally wrong? I'm not sure if a Sniper's shot is twice as powerful as the Warriors, but I can guarantee you with my house that a Warrior's ROF is NOT ONLY twice as quick as the Atreidies Sniper. A Warrior's ROF is almost 5 times of the Atreidies Sniper's ROF. (To be exact, its 4.5 times)(both no chervon)(Is exactly 5 times if the Warrior has 3 chervon and if the Sniper has no chervon
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Bullet = cal50_B
TurretMuzzleFlash = Smuzz2
ReloadCount = 76
Bullet = cal50_b
ReloadCount = 40
TurretMuzzleFlash = Smuzz2

Dev_Mech, twice as fast is about right. But Ken, they use the same bullet, hence have the same range and do the same damage with the same modifiers.

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I've spent another hour(s) getting all the unit averages and changing some colours.

All the unit averages are in the newbie guide.

Colours have been added.

I might add more things before i leave for a week but i forgot what. ???

btw. here's the original 'unit statistics' thread: http://www.dune2k.com/forum/?board=17;action=display;threadid=9298

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I just added the keyboard hotlinks section in post #4 (for the people who lost their manual or don't understand how a function works. :)) and i put in links to some good discussions in the emperor strategy board and links to other emperor strategy sites.

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That's strange... i clearly remember typing in the atreides' sniper info in the atreides section. I even put the atreides sniper up for community voting in the unit statistics thread.

Anyway, IM the statistics to me including the atreides sniper's unit statistics. (calculate the average community rating of the atreides sniper, no copying dune2k's statistics, they have to be yours ;))

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In the did u know #11 says, Did you know that the spice harvester holds 700 Solaris when it's full?

Well for some reason I happened apon that partiular thing that my eye caught. The spice harvester holds 800 Solaris when it is full. On Dune 2000 it held 700 Solaris.

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No, it's 700.


Score = 4

StormDamage=10 //only damages is never picked up

UnloadRate = 2

PrimaryBuilding = HKFactory, ATFactory, ORFactory//can be built in any factory

UnitGroup = FromFactory

Terrain = Rock, Sand, NBRock, Ramp

Cost = 1000

BuildTime = 504

Size = 3

Speed = 4.0 //game coord per update

TurnRate = 0.15  //radians per update

Resource = HKRefinery, ATRefinery, ORRefinery //where to unload

SpiceCapacity = 700 //maximum cash value of spice carried

Armour = Harvester

Health = 3500

Harvester = TRUE

//SoundSelected = HarvesterSelected

//SoundOrdered = HarvesterOrdered

ExplosionType = Explosion

ViewRange = 4,6,InfRock

Debris = DebrisLarge

AiUncontrolled = TRUE

AiCritical = TRUE

TechLevel = 2

Starportable = TRUE //can order from starport

ReinforcementValue = 5

//TurretAttach = GharvesterLight

Crushes = TRUE

DamageEffect = LargeDamageFX

ChaosEffect = LargeChaosFX

HawkEffect = LargeHawkFX

TastyToWorms = TRUE

WormAttraction = 2

CrateGift = TRUE

AlertString IngameMessages HarvAttack  // strings.txt message for alert

AlertTimeOut 300  // 300 ticks until another alert

ExcludeFromSkirmishLose = TRUE


Roofheight = 44

AIThreat = 5

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