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The reply buttons were on every post. I'm pretty sure.

Many picture files are missing. When I post a reply, the Message icon for 'Standard' doesn't appear (box with a cross on it instead). In fact, I've tried every Message icon and all it shows is that box with the cross.

Also, when looking at the Summary of one's profile, there's this Online picture that doesn't appear. It also occurs for offline.

Poll pictures do not show. See here for an example (poll closes soon, so check it quick).

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Should be fixed, made it overflow: auto; so it gets a scrollbar if its too long. It only happened in Firefox because IE doesn't understand the max-height property.

The scrollbar makes it look kinda weird.

I think this is just a good reason why people should use a browser which deals with css2 normally. :-X

Isn't there a browser check in PHP, so that a different stylesheet for IE is loaded, instead of the normal one?

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Posted in an "old" thread

Warning: this topic has not been posted in for at least 120 days.

Unless you're sure you want to reply, please consider starting a new topic.


Umm, I'm trying to upload a 5mb file (at first it was slightly over)

Now I am getting

An Error Has Occurred!

The upload folder is full. Please try a smaller file and/or contact an administrator.

Is it time for a "post your desktop" thread? ;)

Will try another method for the file.

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Instead of those lame, ambiguous excuses for icons underneath everyone's avatar I think you should revert back to text versions. A picture of a person, picture of the world and a picture of a speech bubble say f***all about what they do. Yeh tooltips my arse. Just my two cents. :P

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Seems to be a large gap between avatar area and the message. Also signatures are still sized.

Should probably increase the member info width area a bit so that the IM client icons are all on one line, same with designations such as "Forum Staff Member"

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The scroll bars in the sig show up even if there is nothing to scroll, like in your sig, Andrew.

Not a major issue, believe it or not I am now used to it and scroll on the left of the post, so I dont accidently try to scroll the sig instead of the page.

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The same goes for me. erjin's signature gives a scrollbar, but not Andrew's (except when I right click on it, but it dissappears once the popup menu is gone.

I too have that space between the avatar and the post content itself.

There seems to be no difference with resolutions 1280 x 960 and 1280 x 800

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My sig is bigger, so that explains why my sig has scroll bars that work, which I can totally understand. Andrews sig fits perfectly, but still has scroll bars, which are not functional at all. Not a big issue though, in the scheme of things :)

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