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Hey! We are neutral! We offered space and trade agreements! We sent out the first reply!

Still, you want to refure our offer and go to other people. Fine.

Loki Iichaba reaches English channel. Requests permission to pass, and that the Anglo-Francais sent a delegate to meet with the Freja Caledonia to discuss trade agreements.

You have permssion to pass. We are sending best diplomat right away

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ex, you bring up the stupidest sh|t to argue about, ya know that? no, if you wanna get that literal about it, it is NOT a planet. I don't think anyone here cares that i didnt go into explanation that its a moon, at least everyone but you. ex, i reeeeeaallly don't want to waste my time quibbling with you. just RP, for the love of god, RP!!!! and if you despise me this much, ex, don't tell my friends to tell me to post here, mmkay?

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Urd, Skuld, Belldandy...been watching Ah My Goddess? Protoculture...been watching the Robotech DVDs or reading the books? I won't complain as long as you don't bring in the Five Million Warships of the Zentraedi Fleet.

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(Okay,I was reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly inactive for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time,but I'm coming back)

Jim Raynor stood on the ACS(Anctus Commonwealth Ship)Blue Sub 6,and viewed the ocean in fron of him.There seemed to be nothing.Nothing at all..."Hey!We are neutra-"

Jim's pupils shrunk as he listened to that brief message before it was drowned out by static.Could it be true?Could there really be other...humans? He thought.Others noticed it too."What the hell was that?!"One of them shouted.Another said,"Were those humans?!"

Jim quickly switched off all the Anctus channels,switched to all other channels,and said into the speaker,

"Hello?This is the Anctus Commonwealth.Reapeat,Anctus Commonwealth.We are humans.If there are any other human life forms out here...please respond.I repeat,please respond!"

Then he turned it off and waited.

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no zentradei space fleets. but can i keep side 1?

i've allready explained my position. if you don't wish to let me keep it for some reason, I demand I be allowed to replace it in 3 posts without loss of resoure.

oh, and i didnt understand ex's post. could someone translate?

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Still no response...But Jim knew there would be one.Meanwhile,they had started working on a small ship,that was designed to be compatible in air,space,and water.They had dug up blueprints for a dropship from the days of the old Anctus Commonwealth.They planned to use it as the design.

3 posts until completion.


Jim had decided that he should have started building up military strength.But he hadn't thought about there being other hostile factions up until now.He hadn't thought there were any factions until a week ago,until he had received that message...

By the way,the gundam attachment is what we are planning to build if the sub-space shuttle thing is a sucess.

[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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in the kikai headquarters, several kikai scientists were awaiting the arrival of the conf. sub that had ben arranged. meanwhile, in the observaation room...


"sir, there appear to be some other faction squawking childishly into a radio." the technician was speaking to the head of the reconnaisnce department.

"here, let me answer them."


message sent to blue sub 6:

"hello!! it would appear you are a little late in this game, then. yes, we're human. it is quite irresponsible of you to hail everyone like this when there are hostile factions amidst the ocean. however, if you are interested in negotiations, i believe our countries could compose a technological exchange that you would find most 'beneficial.' out coordinates, as well as access to our privately encrypted channel, and the proper algorithms to use it, have been sent along on a sub- channel.

have a nice day!

Kikai clan

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So there are others...Jim thought as he heard the message.He appeared zoned out.Suddenly he snapped back into reality."Alright,men!We have found other humans!"A cheer went up from the armada,a group of 5 battleships,and 1400 men."Send them this message..."

We will arrange a technologies trade,but SHALL NOT,I repeat,shall not form an alliance.This is a trade meeting ONLY.bring no armed units.If we wish to form an alliance,we will announce it to you later."This was going to be their first meeting with another group of humans in a long time...
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"Work harder! Faster! Better! Work harder! Faster! Better!" Screams of LT's echoed throughout the metal dome docking bay as construction continued on the first major ship docking bay of the now growing Atretus Empire. Grunts of work and tiredness echoed throughout the dome as the Atretus men worked hard to rebuild their dinisty. Terronius walked around gazing at his men and wondered if they were more prepared would they really have been in this posistion now.

Ah no matter, we've lost our Empire and we slowly rebuild, as soon as we can I will make sure our full force is dedicated to fleets, loads of fleets, we will fight with our blood and nail down our enemies and claim our land again, until then, we wait, we wait.

So Far:

3 Docking Bays

16 Resisdental housing domes

14 military housing domes

5 military training domes

9 Defensive domes

18 misc. other domes.


2 metal mines found and being drilled

4 mineral mines being drilled

156 acres worth of food storage

Tax rate on normal income: 87,000 to 62%


17 Destroyers

19 Submarines

120 passenger ships

34 fighter ships

3 flag ships

9 cruisers

(Remember, most are from remaining Atretus forces from first battle)

Message To KYA Empire From Atretus Dictator Terronius:

[hide] From the reports we get we understand that you have been attacked by some mutant like form of enemy. Though we are not totally posistive we are questioning weather this was the enemy that destroyed our home in over whealming force and numbers, thus once we find the proof if there is any, we will dedicate some forces to your aid with your permission against these foes.[/hide]

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(OOC: I'm overloaded with speeches, essays, and journal assignments, I'm going to have to take some time off. I'll try to continue when I've got more time.)

Q'uev starts to reply, when he recieves a note. The Confederacy is going under lockdown.

The KYA captain is escorted back to his ship, and the ship is transported out of the Base.

On Earth, the Confederate faction sends out a message to all listeners, "The Confederacy is going into lockdown. Any disturbance will result in war."

Projects are stopped, the military is put on standby, ad the VooDoo Council is in deep thought.

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Jim thought as he read the message."Alright,people!Send them this message..."

[hide]We shall comply with your directions.As for weapons,we have lasers,Ion Cannons,small shields,stasis cells,sonic disruptors,and are currently working on a xlotl tank(hehe).We shall soon depart for neo tokyo.[/hide]Jim leaned back in his chair as the message was sent.


Metal Mines:5.2 of them are almost used up

Minerals:2 mines being drilled into

Colonies:1,1 other being built.

Navy:7 Ships,1 more being built.2000 men.

2 more posts until SAW(Space/Air/Water)Ship is completed

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Yet another glorious day for Atlantis, premier Morosov thought. He stould in front of the government centre, with 2,000 other Atlantians, watching the launch of the second space module. Thousends of other citicens were watching the event on their television set. The screen showed the ship Ariel, readying the rocket for launch. A counter on the screen slowly diminished...4...3...2...1..ignition! The rocket lifted off, on it's way to space to deliver the module to the space construction site. Abundant cheering erupted among the civilians.

A man in a black coat approached Morosov, and whispered in his ear. It was not good news. The KYA and the Atlantian subs hadn't been succesful in repelling all mutant ships and the KYA were evacuating the Egyptian colony. Morosov immediately made his way to his office.

When he entered his office, he yelled at his secretary. "Record the following.

KYA command,

we are sorry your colony couldn't be saved. Admiral Katov and he Atlantian ships and submarines under his command are at your service if they can help in the evacuation of your colony or if you need help hunting down the remaining attackers.

Morosov out.



Southern Russia






Starting construction of additional oil rigs in Artic zone at a cost of 14,000 metal and 6,000 oil


Atlantian Space Station at 2 modules

third module at 0% rising 25 % each post

Spy satelite at 0%, rising 33.33% each post

Submarine fleet

4 guarding Atlantis capitol

1 guarding Artic

1 guarding Poland

1 guarding southern Russia

2 guarding Iraq border

2 in Egypt

2 fleets under construction, 3 posts remaining

Surface fleet

4 in Egypt

1 fleet under construction, 3 posts remaining

Oil supply

68,000 units, rising 7,000 per post


16,000 units, rising 4,000 per post


34,000 units, rising 12,000 per post

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i can't read hidden text. no mousey, remember?


"sir, the conversion of fleets is complete. while sucessful, it has severely depleted our resources, and the construction of further military equipment shall have to be delayed 3 posts." roku, the presidents chief advisor, looked sideways as he spoke more.

"we've also resieved messages from both of our possible trade partners: the confederacy is under lockdown, and their visit will most certainly be delayed. the blue sub 6 people have sent us a message, but it appears to be erased by the abnormal magnetic fields around the fault lines. we've requested a resend along one of our sattelites."

roku bowed, then left.


the KRILL and prawn fleets were a menacingly creepy sight to see as they swam off to their posts. their armor was jet black, the only other color on the vessels were the red light projected through the "eyes" (visual sensors) on the heads of the beasts. they swam silently, relying on their paddle like legs and huge, powerful tails instead of conventional engines. their swtreamlined bodies shot silently, menacingly through the deep, murky waters...


KRILL fleet numbers: 20 squadron in operation, 240 in all

PRAWN fleet numbers: 18 squadron en operendi, 216 in all

SCORPION fleet: 2 and a half squadron en operendi, 30 in all.

CRAB fleet: 5 total

lev. 1 mecha: 58 squadron total

lev 2 mecha: 44 squadron total

lev. 3 mecha: 26 squadron total

timberwolf: 2 in operation, 3 prototype suits for trade purpose in storage

side 1: charged, dormant

timberwolf #1(hikaru):holding position, support squadrons called off.

timberwolf #2(izzy): heading to hikaru's coordinates for support

(ooc: sammich!)

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(did you not notice what i said gila, you keep making this stuff from no whare. I like how your entire Culture depends on one mineral....if that minral were to fall, well there wouldnt be a kiaki clan now would there be?


To Atreus Empire

From KYA Empire.

Yes We Have Been atacked by mutant factions.

We Dont know what rejoin you hail from, But the Mutants everything from Eastern Libeya, To northern Moroco, There Empire Encloses the Entire West African Shore. If this whare you hailed from. Then Yes These Are your atackers.


Fleet group Exploring Africa, Continues south. After Detecting Radio Signitures.

Admiral Mehed II Spit on the newest reports.

The Centeral Fleet group was running as fast as they could, towards the rapidly aproching Southern Fleet groups.

Admiral Rummel, Had broken the mutants line, The mutant forces had turned full tail and run. Rushing back to the nearest mutant base.

The four Centeral Mutant Fleet groups had been reduced to 3 and a 1/3 by the continued air strikes, but the mutants had been swarming the indivual KYA ships.

A general retreat to the south was issued, and most of the ships were running at near meltdown point.

The Northern Fleet groups plan was working. The noose Was tightning on the Mutants forces, Who had no whare to run, faught hard, but there forces couldnt stand the continues bombardment from all sides.

The battle to the north and south were going well, The Colonists Were slow to evacutate no matter what color the prioity was, over 600,000 colonists had to be evacuated. In only a estimated 4 hours before the first mutant ships would be withen range of the coloney.

Only Four carrier's were stoping the 3 and a half mutant forces.

The carriers had no defenses besides there fighters, and no ways to stop the aproching mutant forces.

A general order was issued to them to retreat to the north.

The Sub fleet in the center was doing its best to slow them down, but with so many mutant vessels, it was hard to engange them with out fear of being destroyed.

Three Kal Si Ma Subs were in the centeral fleet, and were inflicting more damage then the other subs combined. There Under water guns could fire, and fire and fire, wile the subs themselvs were deep enough to avoid most dep charges.

The two newly arived fleet groups were heading towards the Egpytion coloney to provide suport as fast they possible could, at best estimate, they would arive in 3 hours and 15 minutes

the mutants would arive in

3 hours and 10 minutes to a undgarded defenselss colone of 600,000 colonists

O'Ryan Sighned The first orders for the construction of 18 missel silo for long range ICBMS to strike back at the mutatns in there home land.

He Also commanded it be under proity build, Taking only 3 posts insted of 7 to constuct 18 silios.

Missel Tecnologly Was ancient, but as was the knife, age somtimes matters not in matters.

He sent this messege to Atlanis


As you surely dected are almost complete Trade roads between are turkish coloney and Juluius, I propose that we link are Turkish, And your Southern Coloney to promote trade and good fortune. It would be a difficult job, but it could be done if your goverment is willing.It would be very benifical for both of us.[/hide]


Metel Suply

27,000 Growing at 17,000 Per post

Mineral Suply

1160 growing at 420 per post

Food suply

26,500 growing at 2,500 per post.

After Subtracting Civlian and military spendature subtract 1,500 per post.

Oil Suply

78,100 Growing at 6,000 per Post + 15,000 Turkish Oil.

After Subracting 8,000 Oil For Civlian Spendature


4.80 million

12 Fleet groups,

3 stationed along Iraq boarder

2 gaurding the Black sea, turkish, balkan front.

4 fleet groups stationed with defenses in egypt

1 fleet group exploring Afica. Mineral Deposit Found In Fomer Eithiopia. Curently Stationed at Deposit.

2 Fleet groups Heading for South Africa to explore unknown radio signels . ETA two posts


sub fleets

Classifed locations.

Two subfleets sent to reinforce Egpytion Coloney. One stationed in Northern area, Another in centeral. All other fleet group locations are * Classified

3 ship yards

Producing One Light Crusier.

Subract Time Till Completion (TTC) Complete, Sent to Defend Montreago Coloney from possible Mutant atack.

8 military bases.


Resreaching Omega Partical 70% +5% per turn

Constructing Under Water Road Way To Turkish Coloney. Time To build 1 Posts.

Constructing Mineral Refinary Increeses Mineral Output by 50%

Subtract Time Till completion 1 posts.

Constructing new spy satiites.

TTC 1 posts

Constructing 18 ICBM siolos.

Subract 26,000 Metel

700 Mineral(per post)

TTC 3 posts.

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two hundred meters below the water, Captain Zorn commanded a stop. The submarine slowed to a halt in the deep waters near the ruins of Argentina. A once great city during the age of pretenders in south america. The once small cult that began as the trifoil clan in a burrogh near the coast would be the key to the Order's crusade. "There is a time for war, and a time for peace" Zorn mumbled as if praying.

"What did you say sir? christ... we have gone so far and followed you for so long, we are getting wrestless and need focus. You just carry us all around the globe searching for windmills."

"If you only understood what we are searching for. If you only knew how close we are to our destiny. You and all of us will understand our place soon enough. Once I find what we have been looking for all these ages, I will tell all of you our new plans. I can say though now that it will be glorious."

The young man gave a smile, he had a new sense of energy.

"Thank you my captain, I needed that. Now you just have to convince the rest of the people before you have a mutiny on your hands."

"No need to explain, captain Zorn said. What we will find will do all the explaining."

Captain Zorn gave the kid a mysterious smile and walked out of the bridge.

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Anglo-Francais diplomat recieved and welcomed.

Loki Iichaba passes former English Channel and rounds the coast of Spain. Finding signs of conflict in the Mediterainian (good grief my spelling's terrible...) they travel aside and head out into the mid Atlantic and South towards Antarctica.

For sucessful negotiations, Anglo-Francais, both sides must be aware of what is on offer, and what is not.

We have large stockpiles of nourishing, if revolting, food. We have already traded our current oil supplies with the Atlantians; however, should you provide us with a large ship, or supplies of metal etc, we could build a third rig and negotiate oil for that. You are also allowed to set up an outpost in our territory, provided no violence or oil drilling takes place.

We offer; oil from third rig (yet to be built),

synthesised food (but not all of it. we do have to eat),

the construction of an outpost in our territory,

a sanctuary should you ever come under attack.

We request; the materials to build the third rig,

free passage through the channel,

a weaponless ship/submarine (negotiatable).


Note to Atlantians; Your fuel is ready for pick-up. If it is not collected within ten posts we shall run out of room, and accidents *will* happen.

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SAW Ship completed.Ready for launch.


"Sir,we are still waiting for a reply from Faction Kikai.Do we send them another message?"A messenger asked Jim in his office."No,recruit,we will WAIT."


Meanwhile...Back at colony one....


"Sir,SAW Columbia is ready for launch.Requesting permission for engine start-up." A lieutenant told General Nairn."Request granted.Proceed."

"Yes,sir.'Proooceedin."The SAW Columbiastarted it's engines."5...4...3...2...1...0.Liftoff!"The engines let out a giant spurt of blue light...and started rising...

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A flare was sent up in Space Command, A primitive vessel of sorts was dected racing into orbit, Another faction had been dected. A messege was sent to it.

[hide] To vessel of unknown Origen, We The Imperial KYA wish to Great you, and welcome you to space. We have recently enterd space as well. I hope this is the first step into a benificital Relationship.



To Atreus Empire

We accept suport against the muntants, if you are able to provide it. A strike into there northern Territroy in Moroco Would be a very apreietioated, as it would cause the mutants to split there forces.


O'Ryan Was slightly Angerd, He was forced to leave one of Julius many brothols to open the new mineral refinery which helped increase the KYA's minuscle Mineral Holdings by 50%.

He also Accepted a proposal to increase Reasearch of the Omega partical by 15%. As the Scientists were nearly finished as it was, A few extra resources wouldnt hurt.

Oil would be less of a problem, as a massive, underwater roadway system, linking the Turkish Coloney with The Bustling Captial Julius Decreased Oil Spendatature by 25% and strengthed the ties between the colonies. A new coloney between Julius, and Montreago has already been considerd for the next road way.

Two Small Balls Broke off of the main arms of the Shipyard in orbit. Both Used there thrusters to relocate themselvs over atric and Antartic,

A third satilite is planned for the other side of the world. As were several other Comunication and Military Satilites.

(wont bost battle report this post, next one will}

Metel Suply

20 ,000 Growing at 17,000 Per post

Mineral Suply

290 growing at 630 per post

Food suply

27,500 growing at 2,500 per post.

After Subtracting Civlian and military spendature subtract 1,500 per post.

Oil Suply

93,100 Growing at 6,000 per Post + 15,000 Turkish Oil.

After Subracting 6,000 Oil For Civlian Spendature


4.81 million

12 Fleet groups,

3 stationed along Iraq boarder

2 gaurding the Black sea, turkish, balkan front.

4 fleet groups stationed with defenses in egypt

1 fleet group exploring Afica. Mineral Deposit Found In Fomer Eithiopia. Curently Stationed at Deposit.

2 Fleet groups Heading for South Africa to explore unknown radio signels . ETA two posts


sub fleets

Classifed locations.

Two subfleets sent to reinforce Egpytion Coloney. One stationed in Northern area, Another in centeral. All other fleet group locations are * Classified

3 ship yards

8 military bases.


Resreaching Omega Partical 85% +15% per turn

Constructing 18 ICBM siolos.

Subract 26,000 Metel

700 Mineral(per post)

TTC 2 posts.

Constructing Metel Purifer. Increase Metel Production by 25%

Subtract 8,000 Metel

500 Mineral TTC 3 posts

Constructing Mineral Purifer increases Mineral Production by 25%

16,000 Metel

300 Mineral TTC 3 posts

(thx for fixing the hidden text thing)

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