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"Do we have any places we can go?" Terronius was looking over a computer layout of a map, next to him were three advisors all looking over the map grimmly. One of the men still leaning over began to talk.

"We know of human colonies here, here, and here" pointing to different spots on the map.

"Though we have chosen minimal confrontation over the years with these colonies as we wish to be left alone, but now...." Terronius waved him off not needing to know about the next sentence he was going to say. Gazing over the map one last time he spoke to his advisors.

"Get whats left of the fleet left together alone with our civilian ships, we go here, hopefully they chose to accept us, and if not, were more dead out here anyways." Terronius pointed to.......The KYA Empires main location....

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"Wonderful news! Wonderful news!" The Viscount Isen skipped about his tiny cabin in glee. "A diplomatic ship! Contact with the outside world! What's the matter captain? Why aren't you smiling?"

Captain Smith silently handed out the second slate. The Viscount snatched it and read it in an instant. He groaned as he handed it back.

"The first time in over three centuries that we establish contact and some nutters with submarines decide to stop the ship! Gggrrrrrhhhhh......." He started to turn purple.

"Calm down sir!" The Captain held out his hands, "They haven't attacked, they may even help us!"

"Who are they? Who do the submarines represent?!" The Viscount shouted.

"I'll get on it right away sir!"

Message to Leutenant Vorchov;

Your diplomat is being held at a submarine barrier South of our barings but North of yours. We suggest that you make your precence known to them. We do not know who they are or what they intend but as the ship is diplomatic they have no right to halt it.

Message to Submarines;

We are the party that the diplomatic vessel was due to meet. We have no harmful intentions towards anyone, yourselves included. We request that you leave the vessel as it is diplomatic and therefore unarmed, and give it leave to enter our waters.


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Like any other star, a light flashes over the tops of the Mountains. Winking on then off, something appears to drop down into the land below.

A few days later, NAC scientist finally recieve the artifact in thier labs.

A cube with hardened, inpenetrable metal surrounding it.

After running a melee of tests, they finally bring in the recipient of a half-dozen technical and physical modifications. A man dressed in a full-lenth robe, with a bald head and dark sunglasses enters the room.

VooDoo Master Q'uev raises his arm and sends an electrical pulse to the artifact, scanning and probing the object.

Shimmering with a pale light, the cube slowly seems to implode, then expand, opening to expose a single USB port.

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slowly, the strange looking volsk class subs move around the island of japan, a neverending loop of submarine. having had time to develop, several UV turrets jutt up out of the natural barrier surrounding japan. the saltwater generators humming, the silent island is surrounded with boat walls. it seems like a prison......


"sir, we've got the reports. side 1 and 2 are ready, and are charging for launch. our zephyr class submarines have returned from their scouting missions, and we've confirmed the existance of several new colonies, among others, american, former russian....." the aid stopped and looked at the clan leader.

"mm hmm. well, then. we will not make the mistake of our former leaders. do we have the colonies in laos and korea running?"

"yes, sir."

"well, have military stronghold bases put in both, as well as factories for the protoculture. I want to double production on our mecha, and prepare the volsk class reserve fleet for launch. If i understand these readouts correctly," the leader waved some papers in the air.."then there's some tension going on between these colonies. i want my powerful volsk subs to scout this out, ya know, sit in the shadows like theyre so good at doing. also, how is that MDC coming???"

:sir, you mean the mega defense cannon?"


"well sir, its still under testing..... and honestly sir, there will never really be any point to it, other thn to make tokyo an immpossible target. and sir, noone even knows we exist."

"i want it kept that way."


"dammit," hikaru muttered in her helmet," theyve got me stuck out here scouting again, and in a mech even..."

hikaru's mech was jetting over the sea floor, headed towards a rock wall.

as she came to the top of the wall, she gasped at seeing a submarine moving along it.

(this sub can be anyones, i wnna see who jumps up and claims it.)

she slowly walked along the edge, peering down at the sub.

"bloody hell."


back in the kikai main production facility, the mech carrier, daisuke, just finished construction. as the constructors clap and high five each other, it begins to slowly leave the hangar as several mechs jump into its individual compartments for transport. it would appear that the clan leader has something up his sleeve....


side 1:charging

side 2:charging and awaiting deployment

volsk backup fleet: deploying

(btw, the sides arent superweapons, only side 1. and it takes forever to deploy.)

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Grumble had alot done. but comp crashed

O'Ryan Sat in the observation deck of military research lab 2.

"This better be good commander. I have other matters to atend to."

"This will be worth it sir. if all goes to plan. this could change everything."

O'Ryan looked staired out the window at the moutin range blocking the open sea. The moutin range was artificaly created when a 80 megaton thermunucular warhead slammed into cyprus in the great south african war.

He held his hand to his ear. getting information

"Comrade president the show will be ready in......5......4.......3......2...........1"

A glowing Yellowish orange ball raced out of the research lab.

Glowing briliantly O'Ryan had to almost shield his eyes from the flash as it quickly raced towards the moutin range.

Ryan guessed at about 2500 MPH.

It slammed into one of the moutins giving off a massive flare.

Ryan had to shield his eyes from the bright flash.

The light dimmed. and whare there had been a moutin. now there was nothing but a smoldering heap of rubble.

his mouth hung open in shock and disbelif.

"Magneicly Aclerated Cannon. Or as we call it. a A tungsteen shell is superheated then we use a method to quickly and rapidly change the magnetics of the shell. before it is hurled out of the shaft and incredibly high speeds. We are experimenting with ways to add it to are subs and other vessels. Curently we can begin Adding these to colonies. Military instalations and speicaly made turrets." Came a voice behind him.

O'Ryan turned. It was chief of research Wenger. "Good. but how much power do these things require?"

"Alot thats the main problem. each Gun curently requres its own fission reactor. We are working on lowering the requiremnts ect. but its going to take awhile."

"How long?" O'Ryan asked.

"We dont know. We need more funding sir. we are running in a skelton staff as it is."

O'Ryan smiled. "You will have whatever you need Wenger."

the man smiled. "Thank you Comerade President."

A aid rushed in. His uniform in dissaray. not carring about formaility or rank.

"Sir. A fleet is heading towards are capital sir. At high speeds."

O Ryan looked on with disbelif. How did they get so close with out us knowing? he asked himself.

"Prepare my ship. We depart at once. send word to hail them and to not engage unless fired apon first."

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(OOC: Whooo...high tension and drama in this post. ;) )

After linking a computer to the artifact through the provided USB port, the artifact seems to shudder, then expand once more, exposing a round shell with lights coursing down the inside.

A quick debate insues, as to the true, hidden properties of the artifact. Is it a bomb? Is it an alien artifact, attempting to communicate?

Finally, Q'uev goes forward and bends over the bowl, putting his head inside the apperatus.

Shuddering, and uttering a single cry, VooDoo Master Q'uev slams back up from the glowing apperatus.

"I...It..." Q'uev then blinks, and seems to compose himself, "I must see the President. Now."

A few hours later, Jackson Andrews turns and looks Q'uev in the eyes.

"The Alph-- ehh...Kzzrrktt were destroyed before this ever arrived, and the Kzin have no viable reason to seek us out, now." says Andrews, the two men thinking the same thing.

"Indeed, the invasion that sparked the unity of all humankind will never happen." Q'uev looks down at his feet, then back up, a question crossing his features, briefly, "If that little bit of history was changed, then--"

"No, Q'uev. The mind that would destroy all of mankinds history still exists." says Andrews, firmly, "Mankind itself has been freed, but Earth and Sol may still be destroyed."

Sighing, Q'uev nods and says, "Then so be it. We must prepare."

"We must prepare," says President Jackson Andrews, "For war."

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(in 1,027 years, we still use universal serial bus ports?!)

as hikaru crept along the rock wall, she made sure to put the mech in evasive mode, because, she guessed, the unknown sub would detect her soon. as she moved along the wall, she noticed a colony in the distance. the sub seemed to turn slightly, and head for it. using the HUD magnification, she guessed that the colony was about 6 kilometers off.

hikaru jumped overthe rock wall, and thought for a second about what to do. there was no turning back now, but how would she follow the sub? if she crept behind, she would be more obvoius than a kayaking monkey in a snowstorm. unless.....

she moved over, right behind the sub. she reached forward with one arm, and grabbed onto the back of the sub. she lifted up the mechs arm and legs, and latched onto the sub. she then shut off all secondary functions, so that the radar wouldnt pick up anything like radar, or machinery. the only thing heard inside the cockpit was the hiss of the life support system. with the mech attached to the sub, and being light enough that it wouldnt be detected, it appeared that the mech was just part of the sub to all radar. hikaru waited for the sub to enter the city.

inside the sub......


"no, sir, i checked. the blip didnt move off screen, it just...vanished..!"

the private spoke, obviously to his commander.

"well jones, what the hell was it then?!! not just anything runs up to the sub in an oscillating pattern, sits next to the sub, then dissapears!"

"sir, its probably just a glitch. i'll have the engineer check out the display...."

"...fine, jones. you do that. dont bug me anymore, i have 'business' to attend to.." he said, staring at the door to his quarters.


back in japan.....


"i see........" said mr.tanaka, as he stared down at the massive, man made space city and its defense.

"yes, sir. the smaller one (side 1, we call it) will stay attached to the bigger one, side 2, until it is needed. it will charge off of the solar panels of side 2, and then, when it is neded in battle, the spacefold engine will start up. the only problem is, it takes around 12 hours to fully charge, and another hour to spacefold. but when it gets to its destination, well..... lets just say it doesn't carry the nickname 'angel of death' for nothing. as of yet, the side 1 still needs to have most of its secondary systems installed, but other than that, it is basically operational. there will be a ceremony tomorrow when the sides 1 and 2 are sent into space, where they will be finished. the first citizens will go up in a shuttle a month from now, and so will the crew for sde 1."

"that, sir," said mr.tanaka, "is a lot of dialogue to get out of 'i see.'"

"yes, sir."

as mr. tanaka walked away, he pulled out what appeared to be a PDA. he took out a stylus, and began to type out orders to his volsk fleet.

to: commander shinji ikari

i want you to get as close to those warring factions as possible without being noticed, and keep your UV cannons ready. don't engage your javelin torpedoes, as the electronic pulse they give off will give you away. if you are noticed and hailed, fire your UV cannons into the sea floor, and while the kicked up dust jamms radar for both sides, head full speed to the korean colony. whe dont want to get noticed by the other nations of the world just yet, but i am very curious as to what they are up to.


tsuyoshi w. tanaka

mr.tanaka hit the radio button on his device, and the message was transferred to the lead sub in volsk fleet. he put away the stylus, and walked slowly back to his office.

"i just hope they arent as hostile as they put off..... it would be a shame to have to cause such needless bloodshed for them..."

mr tanaka sighed, and opened the door to his office.


status: unseen

sides 1&2:charging for spacefold

volsk backup fleet: on the prowl

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(OOC: Maybe...Maybe not. I wanted to use something familiar to all, and I, personally understand. Besides, this *is* fiction, after all ::) )

The field seems to mesh onto itself as the object is beamed into space.

Watching the proceedings from a fairly safe location in his office, President Andrews is pleased when the reports start coming in.

"Sensors detect at least eight human factions, as well as...wait, this can't be right, three or four mutant factions."

"Mutant?" Andrews mumbles to himself, using his new brain implants to call up the images in his head.

"Anyway," the scientist on the microphone continues, "We have successfully located the factions...We are interested in."

Andrews nods to himself, then brings in focus the maps of those territories, "Good."

As the weeks progress, the faction continues staking claims in space.

Mining, and preparing the Solar Asteroid Field for habitation, in virtual secrecy, the faction is almost ready for entering world politics.

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"What! We're not alone?"

"Yes premier, they're from the Atlantian Empire."

"Send them to me."

Message to captain Stachrov of the Atlantian construction fleet

"Our premier wants to meet you. I request that you follow us back to our colony, along with your flagship. You fleet can continue the construction of the colony. Our ships would patrol the area and provide protection to your fleet."

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O"Ryan watched the solders circle there intended victem.

Privit Ryan Sharpie Swung the axe in his hand. Screeming working himself into a unparalled frenzy of destruction.

The four atackers cautionisly backed away. There swords raised up, there sheilds protected them.. Yet not striking the man in fear of themselvs.

The Main in the middle continued screeming. Throwing off his shirt and armor. he swung the axe in elaborate movements spinning the weapon around him creating a kill zone. anything that eneterd that had the posibility to be injured.

"He is a berserker." Came a voice from behind him.

O'Ryan turned a smile spread across his face.

"John. How are you. I thought you took command of that damaged reck that Jusa left."

Commodore John Neil. Took the seat next to O'Ryan. "I did. we are here stocking up. its only a good 45 minutes untill the enemy sub fleet gets here. shouldnt you be somewhare else.?"

"No. Not enemy hopefully. only at a last resort."

One of the atackers lunged his sword up in the air.

Ryan didnt even try to parry he tossed the axe from his left hand to his right and struck the arm shield. Pushing the man back. Not alowing him time to strike with his sword. Screeming in a battle hazed red. he continued to batter the mans shield. Driving him back not alowing him time to counter atack. One of his comerades came at the axe man from behind.

He spun and sliced with a massive blow the mans sword hand off. Sending a quick geizer of blood at Ryan. Covering his chest in blood. He spun back at his target. and feighed with his right. tosed the axe to his left and sent his entire body into the blow. nearly cutting the man in half. He screemed in pain and fell to the ground.

Ryan turned at the others. A devilish smile across his face. Axe spinning over his head. as if to ask.

who is next to fall to me? Who is nexted to be killed.

The surviving three locked at each other. and ran towards the far wall.

"From the old norse word meaning bearskin. Which they wore nearly all the time. There were records of them working themsevls into frenzies and slaughtering whole viliges."

The men stood side by side. Sheild next to shield swords raised up to defend themselvs. Sweat beads ran down there face.

Ryan smiled slowly walking towards them. tossing axe from hand to hand. in complete control He stoped at about 20 feet and pointed at the man in the middle.

Screeming in raw power he charged the line. Axe held high above his head.

The line held...

For a moment. They scaterd in directions. The middle one raised his shield to block the blow.

Ryan slammed down on the shield with turmendous force. A loud cracking came from the mans arm. And it went limp.

Ryan Sent the axe pummiling into the mans chest.

A screem of horror came from the man as he was impaled. Blood shot into Ryans face. as he pulled the weapon out.

The two looked terrified. There aponetent had killed three of the 5. Coverd in there blood. With the Smile of that of the devil spread acorss his face. He was unstopabul. A charging moutin of destruction and carrange. Just as the norse had done thousands of years in the past.

"Most solders hold back. Keeping something back for self preservation. no one but these men seem to throw it one hunderd percent away. careing nothing more than about how he was going to kill them."

The screems wafted up towards Neil and O'Ryan. The last of the 5's head had been cleaning snapped by Sharpie. Who holled like a wolf at the moon in his victory.

"He will regain his stanity withen the hour." Sharpie said. "I know all of the berserker."

"enteresting idea. Comerade president. Why not make a military strike force. constisting only of the berserkers."

"Yes commadore it is a fine idea. but we barely have enough of them as it is for gladitorial events. Training them takes awhile. and they are hard to repleace. But it would be a enteresting idea."

"Yes a enteresting idea indeed Comerade president."

Sharpie stacked his victems like firewood. and cut them to peices just like of firewood.

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Message to DustScout's ship:

Is it possible we could join your alliance - if we are not your allies we must be your enemies


We welcome the suggestion! We request that you release the ship that you are holding, they wish to travel to us, and feel free to send a representative of your own! We wish nothing more than to create a peaceful settlement.

Crew of the Freja Caledonia + Dolphins.

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The ships were welcomed extremely warmly, but after a short tour of the pipes that were generally the home of the crew, it was at once agreed that the Freja Caledonia was no place to hold any kind of large meeting. And thus it was agreed that each of the representatives would hold a council in the largest room available.

(You two choose which room, but I have only very small ones.)

Details to be discussed; Diplomatic/war state of planet, current positions each of the known factions holds vs each other, trade negotiations - including the oil that can be reached by the Rig if an ally can provide resources, they get a share in the oil in return-.

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Space construction continues, and several small science vessals have been completed.

Along with the Solar Asteroid Belt, the Confederacy, as thier reign in space is uncontested, build a few minor satillites whose main intention is to send power, in the form of laser concentrated light, to the Confederacy's underwater outposts.

Three classified projects, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma are initiated, Alpha at 10%, growing at 10% per post, Beta at 25%, growing at 25% per post, and Gamma at 35%, 35% per post.

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Having arrived safely at the Freja Caledonia, Igor Pawloski began the diplomatic meetings. Igor even went as far as revealing the location of their capitol city, on former Moscow, to ensure the trust of the crew- and the dolphins, wich were apparently intelligent.

"We propose an alliance between our factions. We already had a hostile encounter with unknown humans (Igor doesn't know of the KYA diplomatic ship yet), and there is the risk of running into more hostile people. We heard you have limited defensive capabilities, so we offer you protection in return for your permission to establish an Atlantian outpost here in the North Sea."

A scout patrol encountered another vessel near the former Turkish border, resembling the configurations of the ship that destroyed the Iraqi colony. This one, however, was unarmed. They claimed to be on a diplomatic mission. The captain of the lead scout, Izrabenzjez, opened a channel.

"You will hold here. Our leaders have dispatched a diplomat themselves, who should arrive at this location within the next 3 hours. Then we will discuss the terms of peacefull coexistence. Under no circumstances will you move without our permission.

Izrabenzjez out."

The government of Atlantis has today agreed on resuming their space program, wich has been on ice for centuries. Within some time, a series of modules will be launched into orbit around the Earth and will then form a cohesive space station. This station is designed to simulate Earth like conditions, including artificial gravity, and will provide space for approximately 3,000 people. This new experiment could very well lead to extensive cities in the future.



Southern Russia


New colony in China

50 % complete, rising 25 % each post

Military research project

50 % complete, rising 25 % each post

First space module

0 % complete, rising 25 % each post

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The Viscount of the Freja Caledonia sat at his table. On his left was the Anglo-French representative, on his right, Igor Pawloski.

"We have heard the offer from the Atlantian diplomat." The Viscount said, "And I am most pleased with it. However, I understand you wish to make a contribution?" He turns to the other figure. "Of course, if the two of you would be prepared to work together then perhaps some kind of Triple Entente, or agreement, perhaps alliance, could be reached? I remind you that I am perfectly happy to allow construction of bases in our waters, provided they are friendly, and no oil drilling takes place. Give us the ability to drill, and we shall trade the oil to you. Either of you." Realising he has digressed, the Viscount allows the Anglo-Francais rep to put forward his plan with a friendly nod.

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