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yes UWW II

decided to bring it back since it was a good thread.....it lasted very long before getting destroyed.

The year is 3030. In 2400 a global war erutped. starting in africa. More than 5 billion people died in the war. nukes were thrown across africa. the weak european union used them to scorch mainland europe after london fell in 2410. the confederacy of the united southern states fell in 2424. the northern union fell three years later. the rest of the world was engulfed by the south africans lust for resources. in 2489 the last free nation. Japan. fell after being seiged for more than 6 years

in falling it launched operation 52x. hidden missel satilites orbiting the earth bombarded the world with warheads....

the polor ice caps melted in several strategicly placed missels.

the survivors thought it was gods punishment for mans sins. Waterlevels rose to incredible levels. everything was engulfed in water.There was no Noha. A territoryes of the former south african empire. begain building massives sleep chambers. there intention was to wait out the high amounts of radation.

as the year 3030 hit. the radiation level had loward enough for these sleepers to awaken.and for new empires to grow. to rule with air and sea power.






NO "we built 600 batlteships"

there are no actual resources. but you are expected to mine for them...er...try to keep it realistic on that sort.....

IE we built 50 billion battleships...well whare did you get the stuff needed to build them?

you start out with a main station.

uh cant think of many more now.

it begins with the awakening...


I will be the KYA EMPIRE. we are based in the former constaninople.

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O'Ryan looked out into the sea.

the coloney was verry massive. it reached nearly 2,000 feet below from the surface. and a mile thick. it held the sleeping chambers of 3 million KYA citizens.

"We need to go southeast." He said

"Why southeast?" came a voice from behind him.

"We run on fision. but we have desil back up systems. the middle east should still have a large amount of oil."

"Sir, they drilled that out in the 24th century."

"Yes, but the middleastern goverments had massive stockpiles of them."

"We need to set areselvs up first. we barely have enough food for a month." came the female voice.

"Yes. Begin building structures from are surplus to begin farming and water reclimation. have some scouts look for local mineral desposits also."

"Sir what about the Lost ones?"

"The lost ones General?"

"A number of those who have no family at all, or friends have begain calling themselvs the lost ones. They have requested sucide jobs sir."

O' Ryan sighed.

" What are, are current resources?"

" enough metle to build a empire sir. constaninople fell prety hard. we can salvae alot of the near by debree...it would take awhile to scrape off the animal life and de oxitize them. but we have enough metel to last us a long time. Food...well we dont have much food or fresh water sir. a month worth at best. the fision generaters are doing just fine sir. and the troops are awaiting deplyment."

"how far can we go from the coloney as of now?"

" without building larger craft, 500 miles. after that we run out of food, and water."

"Start resource colection general. we need wood to feed are flame."

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and predictibly, i shall be the kikai empire, based in former japan and the koreas. also, i like laos.


(note: we've been awake for awhile, and weve allready awoken. we harvest fishies for food, and have farm bubbles, where we produce beansprouts. ;D also, up until this post, we've been using saltwater energy gatherers for rescource, and most of what we build is made out of zirconium, or artificial diamond, and iron ore, which is mined by harvester mechs. iron ore is plentiful in the pacific.)

"sir, we've discovered a powerful new source of energy in the eastern pacific. we're not sure of what it came from, but its some sort of ore that produces energy..... we're calling it protoculture, mr.tanaka." the aid backed away from the desk, as he handed the documents over to the kikai clan leader. mr.tanaka picked them up and slowly flipped through them, pausing every few seconds to scan some blueprints. his nimble fingers flipped through quickly, and he handed the papers back as soon as he finished.

"thank you, johnson. ill think about what to do right now, but i think its safe to say that mining this valuable substance would be a good idea."

the aid stared odly, then said, "umm, no offense mr.tanaka, but my name is jackson. so, is that a 'yes' to the mining operation??"

mr.tanaka stared at him with his eyebrow raised.

'i think that was made obvious, mr.johnson."

"stop calling me johnson."



meanwhile, down in the city, a young girl watched the t.v. as anchorman jubei spoke of the new government.

".....and so, with the launch of this new prototype military, announced just moments ago, the government is accepting anyone willing to become a pilot for this new 'protoarmor' system. applicants just need to go to your nearest college and sign up."

the young girl thought about it.

I dont have anything working for me here.... my parents are gone, and ive got no money....... i have the skill, from all those v.r. games.........

this will be my life.

"I, hikaru, will be the best Armor pilot EVER!!!!"

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The city begain to rise as the metel was harvested from the old city. buildings begain to sprung up around the sleeper station.

Farms and water reclimation plants also begain poping up all around it. Food and waterreclimation plants also begain apearing.

The military has begain constuction of a base in the near by black sea basin.

Military production plants spring through the city aswell. a small defensive force patrols the small KYA empire.

its rapidly growing.......

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"Sir the fleet is not powerful enough to launch a direct attack onto any large empires, we need more ships."

Murrmered agrees echoed throughout the blue walled dome, Terronius sat there listening to their complete mummbling, he entered deep thought and finally spoke.

"You complain yet do not shove solutions in my face."

One of his advisors sat up eagerly grinning

"actually, we do have a idea, theres four mines around our main HQ, if we start mining them and higher employes wages no one will expect anything."

Everyone nodded except Terronius who sat there rubbing his chin.

"How will we come up with the cash for this, wage?"

Another one of his advisors stood up "The mines themselves will pay for it, but we must start mining soon", more agrees echoed throughout the room.

Terronis got up suddenly and started walking out the door and muttered just loudly enough for all of them to hear.

"Start the mining on all the mines, I want ships fast"

And with that the meeting ended and the mining began....

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and at the same time, the kikai empire began to harvest its newfound ore, which, when molded into robotics, could be channeled as its own power source, giving it hte ability to be used for small scale mecha. the kikai empire expanded out, placing more and more bubbled cities on japan and sending small submarines out to explore the unknown territories. hikaru completed her signup, and is in training for her new position as a kowai mechja pilot. the mecha is about 20 feet tall, and carries two swords, as well as a zirconium technology hyper UV beam, caqpable of punching a hole in anything, except for a belgian waffle. damn hard waffles.

as the kikai exploratory subs head out, one meets up with a mining operation. it lurks silently behind a mesa....

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It took some time but after a while the fleets production rate incresed by several times. Subamrines, and ships along with more men were beginning to pop up and the minerals were used at the starting stages of new buildings.

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A second coloney was being constructed 120 miles east.

The first station was turning into a bristling metopolitian. a large dome had formed over the city. encloseing it from the dangerous troubles of the sea. Roads and markets had been established

And exploration south and west was going as well as could be planned

The nation theme song of the KYA blares of the base speakers...

(formly the national anthem of the soviet union)

the head of a submarine begins coming out into the water.

It continues coming out. its blue hull shining under the spotlight of a hunderd lights.

It continued coming out. a massive turret came through. More of the ship came through.

Sailors ouside in the obersavation towers saluted as it came out of the docks.

The national anthem finly stoped as the massive ship came through.

It was painted all blue.

Gun turrets poped out from all sides. 19" guns bristeled from four turrets on the top. two on the bottem and smaller guns on the side. fired high explosive shells, and torpedos. The boat was over 2 miles long and half a mile high.

Torpedo tubes were placed nearly everywhare across the hull. it held 18 long range high explosive missels.

and held 4,000 crew.

the most massive ship created to date.

The Kal-Si-Ma class Submarine. Albanian for Bringer of torture....

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"Well Commander I hope this thingy can handle those moutains." O'Ryan joked.

"Yes sir, this thing can turn those moutains into rubble, eat the rubble and spit out south afircans."

the both laughed at there bad jokes.

"Sir weapons are targeted." The weapons officer said turning and looking at them

"Main view screen. All Weapons stations. fire when ready!"

two dozen torpedos raced out of the sub. heading towards the 5 moutain peaks.

There was a slight rumble as 3 missels launched from the sub

It shook a little rougher as the 19" guns fired speicaly made under water shells.

The moutain range exploded in a well crographed left to right explosive symphoney. The shells impacted blowing away the lower parts of the moutains.

Missels slammed down on the rubble heaps that remaned.

The moutaian range slipped and fell over itslef to the sea floor.

"Impressive." O'Ryan stated.

"Eh not bad, we could have fired another barage of torpedos 15 seconds after the first wave. and 10 for the shells."

Another coloney is set up in the black see. Forming a trade triangle of the colonies.

Another military base was set up in the black sea rejoin....

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....back in japan.....

"excellent. finally, we will be one again!!" mr.tanaka shouted.

just out side his window, the construction on the most massive robotic device ever built, the side 1, had begun. having a radius of 1/3rd of a mile, it most resembled a giant spider, but with the addition of grappler arms and an unholy amount of UV beam turrets. carrying 25 of the most elite kkowai pilots, the side 1 is a force to be reckoned with. however, due to its huge size, and the fact that it is still under construction, it takes a full 18 hours to charge and spacefold to another location. the side 1 is accompanied into space by the side 2, a giant, 7 mile wide space city. in constant orbit over the earth, sides 1 and 2 will be the platform for the kikai's ascendance into space.


when theyre done.


"vwreeeeaaoooowww!!!" the mech settled onto the airlock, and dropped into the chamber. as the water drained out, hikaru took off her helmet. her shiny black hair spilled out onto her pilot suit, and her green eyes reflected beautifully in the spotlights.

as she shook the rest of her hair free, a message came over the intercom.

"hey, hikaru, what'd you find out there??"

she responded with a sigh.

"the sub, its nowhere to be found. i checked everywhere, its simply gone... i didnt find a black box or any wreckage, there's no real explanation as to where it went. i wonder, though, what happened to the other nations of the world......."

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Atlantian Empire

Capitol city is an artificial city on former Moscow, now named Atlantis.

Press release

From the prime minister of the Republic

Our time for return has come. The radiation has sufficiently shrunk, and recources are low. We need new metal, uranium and oil supplies to keep our society running, and to expand it. There are rich composites of iron in the north, and the uranium can be mined in surrounding areas, and won't be much of a problem. However, oil supplies in our direct area have all been mined. There are two locations we wish to occupy for oil extraction. One is in southern Russia, another one to the far west. We will establish small colonies on the extraction sites, and will use freighters to transport oil from the sites to our city. We expect to have these sites up and running in 2 weeks.

The oil supplies in the locations menitioned, however, will not last longer then a decade. There are large supplies of oil in the middle east, especially in Iraq. We will establish colonies there as well, and we plan to begin extract oil there within the next month.

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House Shin'Gen

Capitol is located on former Beijing.

The day to return had finally come.

"What is our situation now?" asked Premier Deng.

"Our geothermal plants are working fine, and have capability for the colony to expand into twice of what it's now. Food is abadunt as our seaweed farms and fish farms are having good harvast. Titanium, iron and uranium reserves are low, and can only last for about a decade before they're depleated."

"How is the progress in searching new reserves?"

"From the data we have back in 2488, uranium is abanduant in the Mongolia/Russia border. For iron and titanium, there is a mine near Yalu River. From the data we've, the mine is still in production when Heaven's Punishment comes, and still have a reserve for at least 80 years."

"How long before we can mine them?"

"Construction work is already in progress for the uranium mine, and for the iron/titanium mine, the fleet would arrive in 3 weeks."

"And how's our army?"

"It's...emm...totally out of shape. Out of the 200 submarines we've kept, only 18 of them is still fully functional. All other surface ships have been wiped out during Heaven Punishment. The air force have most of their crafts intact, but they would be useless before we can provide them an air base or carrier."

"How about the nukes and our space forces?"

"We've lost the data about the nukes due to a fire in the data centre 50 years ago. There is also no way for us to contact the space force, and I doubt they're still available."

"Send scouts to locate the nukes, and tell our scientist to research new weapons to replace the submarines."

"Yes Premier."


(OOC: The nukes won't be avilable before at least 30 posts, and only a small amount would be located...)

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I can't remember the first underwater war thread... Nonetheless...

It was a one in a million chance. An oil rig in the North sea that had pulled up that whatever-they-ares in preperation to leave. As the water levels rose, the port it was desitined to head for was submerged, and the rig was staranded. As the radiation spread, the crew started living in their own pipes underneath the surface. For years.

During that time their oil drilling continued, tapping into a major vein. Revolutionary technology also allowed them to synthesize carbhydrates and minerals from the oil and surrounding rock. They have been living down there for some time, able to survive until the oil runs out (this vein will do so in about 257 years, the other ones nearby...) but with no weapons of any description. Up above, the rig is being explored and actvated again.

Due to the nationalities on board, the Rig has been re-named 'Freja Caledonia' as most of them are either Scottish or Norwegian.

Message sent to any survivors on all frequensies;

We are alone. Our food is disgusting but nutritious and plentiful, we also have reason to believe than in our waters lies a substantial ammount of oil. We are prepared to trade this in exchange for protection and the ability to build more rigs and colonies. We are not hostile.

Crew of the Freja Caledonia.

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The remenants of the Royal Navy were afloat in the English channel. They had been joined by the French Navy aswell. They had many supply ships filled with stockpiled food which would last them a long time.

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A third coloney was established off in western turkey only a few miles south from the other coloney. Defesnive turrets and preperations were set up sourounding the colonies.

Drilling had begain in the newest Coloney for oil.

A massive military base was also set up near the colonies to provide suport from other powers.

2 Ka Si ma class submarines were patroling the area.

three sullyman class battleships also patroll the kya empire.

Secret project....


growing at 20% per post

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You dont have to qoute the entire thing!

2 more fleet groups were produced to patrol the KYA empire.

1. Ka Si ma fleet, 6 submarines and smaller escourt subs.

and one Carrior group on the surface.

secret project 50%

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~SNN News~

"The northern fish farms have sustained heavy damage. According to the officals, the damage is caused by explosion of geothermal plant 15. As the accident took place during 0300 hrs, there is no causalties. Estimated loss is about $250M..."


Premier Deng flips through a file. The file is on the accident of the northern fish farms. Normally this shouldn't bother a Premier, but...

"Now what the hell is this!?" said Premier Deng, holding up a photo. It shows the head of some creature, a whale...but what was difference was the "whale" is covered in spiked carapace, and have razor-sharp teeth...

"This seems to be a whale, premier."

"Damn! If this's one I won't ask you! I'm asking why the hell would there be such a thing!!"

Nobody dared to answer. The meeting was in silence until a man in his 50s raises his hand.


"Premier, from the photos, I'm sure that this is a whale."

"What the-"

"Please calm down, I still go something to say. Our knowledge of the earth is only limited to 600 years ago. During the 600 years, no one knows what that radiation had done. In my opinion, the effects of the radiation had totally screwed up the ecosystem, and most creatures have mutated to become viscious carnivores. I also estimated this is not the only creature, and we would find more in the future."

Murmerings could be heard across the room. Everyone is stunned by the prediction. "We would find more in the future"...The murmerings continued until the Premier slams the table. The meeting returned to silence.

"So...wait, your name?"

"Dr. Pashen, genetic engineering, currently under the weapon development bereau."

"Dr. Pashen, so what do you suggest us to do?"

"Follow what our ancestors did. Tame it, use it to kill. Or extinct it before it kills us."

"......Dr, I now appoint you as the chief of the bereau. I want you to capture one of these stuff, and draft them into the army. You may use all resources avilable."

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"Work! Work Work!" Yelled one of the boss's as the men struggled with all the heavy labor, machines could only do so much thus leaving a lot of work for manpower.

The first month had gone well and with the mines things speeded up quickly, just the first they had accomplished construction on:

13 Class A Submarines

24 Battle Cruisers

12 Destroyers

34 PT ships

And the air division was just starting to open, the air smelled of pre-war, the time for the empire to arise had begun.

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Things start to look promising. The bereau had succeeded in converting air force fighters into amphibious air/underwater fighters, the project is underway and soon they would have a formidable combat force. The uranium mine near the border had also started production, shipments would arrive very soon.

The bereau had also sent the submarine fleet to search for the "whale", but so far it is yet to be seen.

Stingray Multirole Fighters 50/300(customing, would complete in 6 posts)

Typhoon Class Submarines 18/200(only 18 is functional currently)

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Still alone, in the wilderness of the North Sea, and with an oil rig unable to travel (It's legs are permenently jammed and rusted to the seabed after so many years). The people on board still hope for an alliance with a stronger nation who will protect them...

But the rig was closer to the surface than most other shelters, and thus the people inside have undergone slight mutation as well. They have enhanced eyesight to see in the dark, and are pale from lack of sunlight. Most are short, due to living underground, but occasionally an extremely tall person will emerge due to living also in the old pipes.

These people have seen and captured some mutated animals, but have not mentioned it to any outside forces. They have a tank containing selectively bred stingrays, torpedo rays, and a seperate tank for the dolphins.

There are two Stingray trainers, only one Torpedo ray trainer, and the dolphins speak for themselves (literally).

Second message;

We fear that the war may still continue. Lack of space has given rise to a breed of human beings with little or no strength. We desperately need assistance. In return we would gladly grant exclusive, contractable access to our oil supplies. The dolphins tell us that underwater life has evolved dramatically. We have seen this for ourselves, as several sharks and other marine life have appeared to us considerabley warped from what they should be. Even the dolphins tell us they have mutated, that they never used to be able to communicate with us, though none in living memory remember it.

Our rig has become a research station, we have compiled detailed analysis of the new flora and fauna, you are welcome to it in exchange for assistance.

Crew of the Freja Caledonia. + Dolphins.

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