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(ooc: ex, stfu is a noob word.)

as the fleet came close enough to the diplomatic vessels, they stopped. hovering inches off the sea floor, (why wouldnt radar work? radar waves coming from surface beacons shouldnt be affected by water, and its more reliable than sonar) they all waited silently for stuff.


"sir, as expected, hikaru has fallen captive. we don't think they've found her mech yet..... the zephyr subs are in position 15 feet from the surface over the colony. they're using the hatchetfish technology, so they shouldn't be easy to find with surveilance equipment. what are your orders??"

the aid that had been talking to mr.tanaka looked nervously to his fgace for some sign. he continued to stare off into space, emotionless seriousness the only readable thing on his body.

"wait, keep monitoring hikaru's condition. if she falls into critical or they start getting information out of her, use the UV bolts to punch a hole in their shields and the wall, then have a few of the zephyrs swing in close and pull her out. set the mech to remote self destruct is 45 seconds, as much as i hate to see one of those go, it'll at least leave them in confusion and without any additional info..."


the sides slowly moved around the earth, silent in the massive vacuum of space. inside, people were living their normal lives on one, and running the world's largest military vehicle in the other. as it turned, it's dozens of UV turrets turned downwards.

"turrets in position! adapter set is 15 seconds!"

"target aqquired!!"


in an attempt to take attention away from the volsk fleet, the side 1 was firing its 'holy beam' weapon to create a huge cloud over the 3 mile radius of the diplomats, by firing at the sea floor.

as the white, pulsing surge of energy broke the surface, a massive steam cloud spewed all around the water. a bowl formed for a split second, due to the massive, super quick evaporation. it expanded downwards as it closed at the top, giving it the appearance of a massive, backwards moving bubble. when the beam hit the sea floor, the bubble expanded to a huge size, then collapsed. a massive whirlpool of sediment and sea floor materials kicked up, swirling visciously and expanding at an unreasonable rate. soon, a murky gray cloud of debris could be seen as a speck in the sea from the side 1.


manual rts control mode:

(let me explain something: a volsk class submarine is big. very big. 1 alone is an intimidating prescence. there are only so many fleets {alpha, beta, gamma right now} because of their sheer massiveness. they arent made for maneuverability much, but rather for the fact that their packed full of UV turrets and lance torpedoes.)

daisuke carrier moves off towards the volsk fleet alpha with new orders.

construct of volsk fleet zeta and omega begins. completion of fleets (10 ships each) predicted within 6 posts.

message sent to other countries:

boku wa atama ga ii, hidoi-sama!! anata tachi o'shiri no boku wa desu ka?

translation (not really, you guys dont know japanese anyway): we are indeed intelligent, mr.terribles!! your asses or ours?

message sent as joke by a leutenant, double encrypted with no intentions of ever being recieved.


side 1:charge @ 50% for spacefold, increasing 8% every post or so

side 2: sittin' there.

volsk fleet:attempting inconspicuousity, but apperantly we all have the power to change and ignore exactly what's been said about eachothers units respectively so that suddenly they AREN'T stealth after all!!

current status:inevitability of confined universal fate

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Those are the two ends of the light spectrum, and frequency is inversely

proportional(IIRC) to wavelength, so the lower the frequency, the larger

the wavelength. If you're talking about millimeter wavelengths, then

you're talking stuff like 2.4GHz radio, and at those frequencies water

sucks it up like lead plate. That's why radar doesn't work under water(in

fact, that's also why nuclear fuel rods are stored in deuterium oxide,

heavy water). That's also why the sky is blue, and the ocean is blue


The Agamimnon's deck guns fired a massive barrage towards the enemy ships in the distence. The thunderus boom was fallowed by the shriek of the sheels whisting threw the air. and the wosh of water near the enemy battle ships vaperizing in super heated steam. The enemy ships returned fire. Shrikes exploded over the head of the massive battleship A rain of shrapnel fell on the command towar blowing holes and shattering the windows.

The KYA ships returned fire. Letting lose a massive barrage on the enimies largest battleship.

survived the massive bombardment and shelled out another barrage. A destroyer near the agimimnon erupted in flames. Its crew neve having time to escape.

Commoradore Kuio pulled himself back to the command chair on the aggimomnon. A large gash on his forhead seeped blood stedily down his nose.

"Give me a firing salution on that ship. Fire the mac cannon. Full Charge!"

"Yes sir!" Screemed a near by ensighn

The entire ship shook as the weapon was being charged.

It suddenly stoped when the massive orange ball was launched from the side of the ship, racing towards the enemy vessel. You could trace its path with your eye through the water. It slammed into the center of the enemy battleship cutting it in half instantly. A massive balll of fire erupted into the air. Secondary explosions blossemed across the rest of the hull sending the large deck guns spinning in the air landing with a massive splash.

The ship begain to sink. Dead.

"Sir the rest of the enemy surface ships are begining to flee. 55% of there ships have been destroyed 32% of are surface ships have been."

"What about under the sea?" He asked

"Badly sir. we have lost nearly 2/3ds of are subs, there is just to many of them."

He thought for a moment considering his options.

"Order the fleets to retreat. We will regroup for another assult later on."

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Okay Gila, Ex, do not flame each other. Next to flame gets their post modified, courtesy of me.

As for STFU. During the Great Depression that was the acronym for the Southern Tenement Farmers Union. Now its an acronym for Shut The F*** Up. It is an acronym, not a word.

Thank you both for listening to my suggestion...as the modify button can be used to bring disaster upon whoever flames next.

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(OOC: Umm gila, did you attack me? If so, ignore the post below and I will rip you to shreds later.)

A message and a package is sent to kikai Command.


I am President Andrews of the New American Confederacy.

We are glad to make your aquantance! I hope diplomatic relations will improve!

Please consider any further diplomatic launches welcome, but, please, do not send them armed. Our security forces do not like that.

With this message you will fand a package containing your mech. The mech rider is still at the Confederate capital, asleep, but in perfect condition. She will probably contact you when she wakes.

Once again, I hope future diplomatic endevours will end in a most desirable fasion. Thanks for your attention.

Jackson Andrews.[/hide]

Meanwhile, Hikaru awakes on a smooth, comfortable mattress.

Rising and stretching, she looks around and finds a small dress and a PDA sitting on a table next to her bed.

In a room ajoining her own, there is a shower.

After taking her shower and dressing in new clothes, she sits down and reads a note.

"Hikaru - Thanks much for your assistance last night. You will find a key entry for your kikai command in the PDA we have provided. As a guest of the NCA, you have access to most areas here, and, if you wish, we will transport you to your home.

Once again, thanks for your assistance.


Assistance? Last night? Hikaru shakes her head to remove the cobwebs, and finds no memory past the corridor.

Project Alpha: 40%

Project Beta: Complete...Initiating systems...

Project Gamma: Complete...Initiating systems...

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(OOC: where is Vilgents fleet located, and who is attacking him?)

Primier Narasov smiled as he saw the first Kruschev class submarine leave the docks. A lumbering war machine, equiped with the most up to date systems in any field. It's twin plasma cannons could decimate lesser vessels within seconds, and its hull was composed of a secret alloid capable of absorbing considerable damage.

His personal advisor, Sergeij Zugij stould next to him.

"We should have brought a bottle of champaign."

"What for? And what is champaign anyway?

"It's an ancient tradition I read something about. On a ships maiden voyage, people would slam a bottle of champaign against the ships hull. Champaign is an alcoholic beverage."

"I never heard of such a thing. Sounds wasteful anyway, though I doubt that champaign tastes as good as Atlantian vodka."

"What is the ships first destination?"

"Border guard at the rim of the neutral zone. I'm loathe to send the pride of the fleet to such a trivial position, but our international situation has been rather quite since the KYA peace treaty anyway. By the way, I've taken your advice and ordered for a new construction in the artic zone. I've also send scout ships to charter the North American continent, though I doubt they'll find anyone there."

"Ah...the cold artic. But back to the new ship- how many do you intend to manufacture of them?"

"They're rather expensive to build, and they're not very mobile so I'll keep their numbers low. Since I intend on avoiding war during my term their only real function is detterence."

"It will perform that function quite nicely. I've never seen such a big ship in my life."

"It is the biggest ship in our navy, anyway. By the way, our first space module is nearly complete and will be launched in a few days."

"Space...the final frontier..." Zugij mumbled.



Southern Russia


New colony: Artic


Space station

First module 75 %

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And I'm happily pumping out oil for the Atlantians. Trade agreements going nicely, but we wish to explore. The rigs are no place for an entire life. In exchange for a small Atlantian ship or submarine which we can modify, we shall provide any passing Atlantian vessels with food for the next eighteen months. This will allow further journeys to be made, and the food is nutritious, if disgusting.

Or, should you provide us with materials, we can construct a small factory process aboard rig #2. This will enable us to provide fuel for the ships, rather than food. There is no time limit for this service, but due to storage problems, it must be taken off the rig a minimum of once every two months.

We stress that no weapons need be present on the ship, we have no want or need of them. Should you want a map of our planned excursions we shall provide them. We plan to explore first the widened Atlantic Ocean, followed by the Arctic, and Antarctic, and the Indian Ocean. This will of course take more than a year.

Awaiting your reply...

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very impressive, ex. unfortunately, you failed to notice that I am using surface beacons, not underwater beacons. true, the water would disrupt radar, but i dont think the air above the water has a beef with radar. i thought it was understood you were using ships, not subs. besides, i could scan for anomalistic contrail materials and find a fairly accurate, if not old, trail from your ships.

umm, i dont have a mouse, i cant read hidden text, butr i didnt attack you anyway, so.....

*edit* i didnt attack you, but something blew up in your hangar.


hikaru moaned as she realized what the hell was going on.

"holy sh1t..................... (sorry, thats just my anti swearing device, unless you'd rather have me swear) well, i don't have to worry about going home. if they know anything at all about kikai clan, then I'm pretty much dead back home. I must find this qyrgg or whatever..." hikaru realized that, automatically, she had changerd her clothes. she then realized al;so that she hated these clothes, and "modified" her stolen sailor outfit and dress into a skirt and sailor top. she sighed, and walked out of the room to seek whatshisface.


"sir, there's been a change in the situation; hikaru is now conscious, and she seems to be moving fine. we've checked, so far the optical override is a no go. it appears the signal that is normally sent to the nanotech in hikaru's body isnt responding properly for secondary functions. the subs above Conf territory have stopped their shots; luckily, none were fired before hikaru's status changed, so our prescence there is still gone unnoticed, on the most part. we're rerouting the volsk fleet into a position to backup the zephyr subs, and the carrier daisuke has been rerouted to support them."

mr. tanaka stared, tired of hikaru for the most part, just tired otherwise.

"that's quite a big prescence to be going unnoticed."

the aid seemed embarassed with his answer.

"well, sir, they're behind a natural rock shelf, and the ones that arent are close enough to the surface that, with their solar absorbtion system activated, the overall reflectiveness of the zephyr subs makes them indestinguishable with the surface disturbances."

mr. tanaka's expression remained the same, uncaring look he allways seemed to hold.

"ah. excellent. how are for the sides doing?"

the aide gave mr.tanaka a puzzled look.

"did you just say 'how are for'?"

mr tanaka stared.

"err.... the sides.... side 2 is nominal, side 1 is recharging after that diversionary tactic. it is expected to be fully charged again in 7 posts. sir, i wouldn't call that test a sucess... all the side did was fire each of its cannons at once, they should be able to fire simultaneously on lower power levels nonstop. i would suggest that for normal cannon useage, you have the energy source routed into secondary generators for running the weapons systems only."

mr.tanaka smiled slightly. not because of what the aide was saying, but because he knew where this was all going. he had this plan in his head, and though it was changing slightly, it was all flowing perfectly.

"have them do that, mr.yotonaze. also, have any generators and energy collectors not operating life support or the UV weapons routed into the spacefold drives. prep the mech's 13th division for launch. set coordinates for a drop on hawaii. i want to see if that area is still in operation, and if not, i want that area."


manual RTS mode:

volsk fleet alpha, formerly posted on surveillance, sends back its reconnaisance data to HQ in tokyo and heads out towards the volsk fleet via surface travel whilst charging via solar panels. the carrier daisuke, halfway between the volsk fleet and its launch point, redirects itself to support the volsk fleet @ the zephyr class site, aka Conf. territory currently unknown. production of second carrier, durian, in progress: 2 more zephyr class fleets ready in factory, 14th mech division operational as well. 2 modified volsk class subs, carrying a very large payload of torpedoes in replacement of UV turrets, launch from the loading facilities and head towards the surface, specifically above an area just 200 miles below the release of the holy beam, renamed divine light due to that being a cooler name.

aproposal of a construction of sides 3,4,5, and 6, all proposed to have a diameter of roughly 1.9 miles, is sent to HQ. response as of yet unknown, but all sides are colonies somewhat similar to malls with agriculture.


volsk class fleet alpha: repositioning for support

zephyr class fleet long: incognito

side 1: spacefold charge @ 72%, increase, err, increased to 12% via rerouting of power consuptional priorites

side 2: peachy

overall status: preparing for the inevitability that summons like a skull at the back of our necks and reminds us all of what this is for.

a.k.a. preparing for war.

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The Thunderus clasp was deafening to any one on the surface. The Massive KYA Launch pad.

The First KYA To launch into space. It was the size of a KYA coloney, it had taken nearly 3.5 million KYA to collect, build and ready the massive ship.

It had a crew of 25,000. The Station itself was almost completly self sufficant. Hydroponics bays coverd nearly all of the lower regions, Solar pannals were not needed as 3 fission reactors and thousands of hydrogen fuel cells would power it for millenia.

It was 2 miles long, and half a mile wide. It was thought that some of the other factions had already begain exploring space. It was armed with massive amounts of firepower.

10,000 of the crew were workers ready to begin construction of new ships in orbit.

It blasted off into orbit spending the last of its massive engines, it spit them into the sea near South Africa.

The ship itself looked like a massive sphere,

Apon reaching selected orbit.

It awoke.

its sides rolled out ot form massive wings that would later turn into construction centers.


if the KYA empire didnt grow broke first.

KYA had to scrap about a 1/4th of its fleet to help pay for the outpost. Setting up a deffesnive belt along its egytion boundries to fend off any atack from the mutants.

KYA Econemy was weak after the launch. it would take a while to recover.

i like how Kiaki has unlimited resources and man power ::)

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(OOC: Umm, ok.)

Q'uev turns and looks at Andrews and says, "They have recieved the message, but I fear they do not have the technology to decode it."

"Decode it?" says Andrews, with a raised eyebrow, "It's in Hidden Text, just highlight it."

"They...umm...Don't know how."

With a sharp chuckle, Andrews says, "Ok...Then make it open, there are no state secrets in there."

"Aye sir."

Message Re-Sent:

Package lost, due to mysterious explosion, Kikai Command recieving...


"I am President Andrews of the New American Confederacy.

"We are glad to make your aquantance! I hope diplomatic relations will improve!

"Please consider any further diplomatic launches welcome, but, please, do not send them armed. Our security forces do not like that.

"With this message you will fand a package containing your mech. The mech rider is still at the Confederate capital, asleep, but in perfect condition. She will probably contact you when she wakes.

"Once again, I hope future diplomatic endevours will end in a most desirable fasion. Thanks for your attention.

"Jackson Andrews."

"Oh yes," says Q'uev, blinking, "There is a report of a mysterious explosion, in the crate carrying the Kikai mech-- One hundred-fifty killed."

Andrews calls up the image in his mind, "Ahh yes, how fascinating-- Ahh, the investigation leads to a self-destructing device in the mech."

"Self-destructing device? How...quaint." a smile passes Q'uev's lips, "Ahh well, the men killed are being regenerated, and their memories are all stored. The cargo bay was nearly untouched by the explosion, it is being repaired as well."

Project Alpha: 40%

Project Beta: Complete.

Project Gamma: Complete.

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Ok I wanna clearify this....

My fleets world got destroyed by a unknown attacker

Grabbing the last people they fled and ended up in KYA Empire, getting no sanction they departed...

Now Dune Newt said he was sending a task force to me, and I made a post where they are surronding me....

So take it away Dune..

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Genereal Selim Stood on the observation deck of the Newly nammed Tycho Space Station.

A few Transport ships had already blasted off from the surface, brining much needed building material.

The first thing to be built was a Scanning satilte, the boys in Coloney Montreago had sent up the most advanced scanners, bugs, triskets, whatever they call them to be atached to a Satilte.

This wouldnt be that hard...but the satilite had to be built first.

The KYA empire was slowly starting to recover, they had found a massive iron ore sight off the slowly growing Egpytion Coloney, providing much needed jobs for the KYA people. Hydroponics domes were being set up under sea floor.

A Single was caught Tycho Space Stations long range sensors.

It was traced to a ship nearly on the other side of the planet.

A un armed shuttle was sent to make contact

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Q'uev looks at Andrews and says, "Now this is interesting, the KYA seems to have launched a space station into orbit."

"Groovey." comes the disinterested reply, the NCA already had it's holdings in that section of space.

"They seem to be sending a small craft to our Base, scans show it to be unarmed..."

Andrews turns and looks at Q'uev on that note, "Indeed."

Q'uev appears in the Base and walks to a communications console.

"Sir, the craft is almost here," says an aide.

"I know. Prepare the docking bay for guests."

Guests...Or intruders...?

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The Shuttle Aproched the ship cationusly.

Captin Sealio didnt want to risk a confrontation with a unknown people.

They seemed to have cleared there docking bay.

Cant be that bad...be thought to himself. The ship slowly glided into the docking bay.

he hit the brakes, slowing to a stop. A massive door closed behind his ship, effectivly traping him.

He Turned on The com System.

"Well howdy There Felllaws. We come from the KYA Empire, We would like to make contact with your people, clan,organization or whatever you call themselvs, and we also proposs peacefull trade and allience. Well thats for later. I dont know your peoples customs, But we got some 1,200 year old brandy on board. I wouldnt mind shareing some with ya as a peace offering. That is, if you would come out here and say hi.."

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As the captain was still completing the sentance, a stream of light focused, expanded, and Q'uev materialized with his arms crossed and a smile on his face behind the captain's chair. "1,200 year-old brandy, you say?"

His words catching in his throat, the captain rose to his feet, and nearly motioned for security.

Q'uev's smile becomes wider, "Are you suprised...Captain?", then, shrugging, Q'uev continues, "Welcome to the Confederate Base. We have had these holdings for some time, and are proud to welcome such a distinguished guest, as yourself."

The captain's mouth worked, but nothing came out.

"Now if you will follow me." says Q'uev, turning to the airlock. With a flash he decodes the keypad and opens the airlock from the inside, then walks out.

Finally finding his vocal cords, the captain mutters something inaudible and follows Q'uev into the launch bay.

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(OOC:perhaps, ex, i don't feel the need to site my resources every single post when it could be understood that i have them. my economy is based entirely on things i've allready stated as having naturally, and if i find a need for more resource i shall look for it. try to have fun, ex, don't take everything like such a surgical operation! hell, at least my post isnt simply, 'we now have 1,000 nuclear bombs that can all blow up the earth single handedly'.

and ex, noone appreciates it when you take control of their forces for the duration of your post and decide that '<insert integer here> enemy soldiers were killed and we won in 1 post, with <insert much smaler integer here> losses.')

(also OOC:dammit, don't make us sound like idiots, johnsonius! I. DONT. HAVE. A. MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

i cannot highlight things without a mouse!!!

it is impossible on such a setup!!)


the fleets moving out towards the confederacy territroy stopped, on suspension until furhter orders. inside the lead volsk sub, captain ikari scrathed his head and looked overall very confused.


mr. tanaka typed into the terminal using the nanobots that had been implanted into him upon his signing up into the military, which was manddatory for any leader of the kikai clan, as it was a militarily centred political faction.

he frustratingly typed his response to the Conf. as he mumbled to himself.

"he dare mock us, as if he were the omnipotent overseer and we were but his toys...!"

he turned towards the aide, one of wihich allways sat at his side.

"order all the fleets currently en route to hikaru's position to deploy 9 miles outside the established Conf. boundaries, and to enter in uniform formation with a standby hailing code. fire only with confirmation that you have been fired at by Confederate weapons."

to Conf. authorities;

the officer you currently hold in your possesion is listed as a POW, although her prescence at your facilities was an action taken by the officer without consultation or consultation by kikai HQ. we apologise for any problems caused by her prescence, and if relations between our colonies go smoothly you shall be reimbursed for damages caused to your facilities and crew. (ooc: that's another thing, ex. its spelled KIKAI, not kiaki. KIKAI!!)

you will return the officer known as hikaru upon reception of this message, otherwise kikai forces will have no other choice but to liberate said officer through 'forceful' means.

aside from this rather unfortunate revalation of our existance and overall unexpectedly intteruptive occourance, I do hope to establish a peaceful relationship with your nation, and I would propose you send a diplomatic vessel to neo-tokyo. If you choose to accept our offer, the coordinates of said city will be sent to your officials, provided you have not discovered them allready.

kikai clan leader,

mr.shinji tanaka


rts editing mode:

volsk fleet alpha status: engaging Conf. positions

zephyr fleet long status: engaging Conf. positions

mech carrier daisuke: assigned to fleet alpha

side 1: spacefold charge 84%, 2 posts to completeion

side 2: being a civilian colony, sitting there. hovering. having people, an' stuff.

proposal for sides 3,4,5, and 6; a 40 post plan has been accepted for sides 3,4, and 5. within 24 posts, side 3 is expected to be ready, provided new protoculture mines are excavated in preparation and reserved for said project. in otherwords, if we do do it, it ain't gonna be for a while.

overall status: negotiating, and preparing for the inevitable proverbial blue eyes blond dragon of arienity that pursues us like a duelist with an omniscient foresight: a.k.a., trying to keep someone as powerful as the confederacy and creepily perfect from war with us.

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(OOC: ROFL, sorry bud, I just couldn't resist ;) I'm in a good mood tonight.)

"Ahh, the Kikai want thier woman back." says Andrews to himself, "We'll have to see what we can do about that."

A message is sent to the lead Kikai command ship, "Hey there!" and the channel is closed with a somewhat shaken Hikaru materialized on board.

Andrews then contacts Kikai command directly, "Hey guys, you've probably just recieved the report of Hikaru's presence on board your command ship. Call down your guys. Have a nice day."

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*ooc What the hell are you talking about gila? i havent taken command of any ones forces in this....maybe you need to actully focus on writing, and maybe, just maaaaaaaybe. make your posts able to read... that would help everyone :)

The Captin fallowed the strange man down a long corridor, he had told his forces to stay behind in the shuttle. The door had slammed shut behind him. He didnt know how to open either. He had to trust the man, or die. and he was quite found of living.

The Satilite was nearly finished, 50% on the next post it should be done, and its high powerd imaging would be able to count the rings on a lobster.

Tactial Computer mode or TC

Incresed mutant activy was dected along the egytion boarder

Posiblity of small atack 48%

Possiblity of Hit and run atack 69%

Possibly of massive large scale movment 24.8%

Possibly of atack, 141%

Sugest Moving fleet groups 8-10 to reinforce the line.



Metle Suply

11,000 Growing at 13,000 Per post

Mineral Suply

8,000 growing at 420 per post

Food suply

16,0000 growing at 2,500 per post.

Oil Suply

34,000 Growing at 6,000 per Post + 15,000 Turkish Oil.


4.6 million

12 Fleet groups,

4 stationed along Iraq boarder

3 gaurding the Black sea, turkish, balkan front.

2 fleet groups stationed with defenses in egypt

1 fleet group exploring Afica

2 fleet groups heading to reinforce egytion coast. ETA 3 posts.

4 sub fleets

Classifed locations.

3 ship yards

8 military bases.


Resreaching Omega Partical 40% +5% per turn

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A few men exit through side doors, wearing simple robes and a welcoming smile.

Somehow, though, the captain couldn't help but think they looked more like guards than a welcoming party.

Without a word, the guards walk behind the captain, and they all move into a bar area.

"Scotch?" asks Q'uev.

"Umm...Yes, thanks." replies the captain, still somewhat unnerved.

Producing two glasses seemingly out of no-where, Q'uev places them on the table, and slides one down to the captain.

"So, what brings you out this far?"

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*ooc maybe you should read the rules gila.





NO "we built 600 batlteships"

there are no actual resources. but you are expected to mine for them...er...try to keep it realistic on that sort.....

IE we built 50 billion battleships...well whare did you get the stuff needed to build them?


He took a quick shot of the scotch, taking it in one gulp.

"Good Scotch. I was sent to make contact with the confederacy, propose trade,peace,trade, brotherly love and that sort. Give me another shot if ya would."

The man produced another shot of scotch from seemingly no whare.

He drank it quickly trying to losen up.

Satlite has finished constuction.

Begin Scanning.

Scan mode-

Scanning Former European Continent.

Scanning Mid east.

Scanning Far east.

Scanning South East Asia

Scanning Austrailan continent

Scanning Mid pacific.

Scanning South America

Scanning North America.

Scanning Remaing Surface Area on earth.

Scanning Orbit of earth

9,350 Non Identifiable Targets on Earth

3,210 Non Identifable Targets located in orbit

Tactical Computer Enganged

Adding New information to Data Base

possiblity of Mutant atack raised to 250% probebilty

Recomend Sending two aditional Fleet groups to aid in denfese of Egpytion wall.


Metel Suply

13,000 Growing at 13,000 Per post

Mineral Suply

4,220 growing at 420 per post

Food suply

18,500 growing at 2,500 per post.

Oil Suply

55,000 Growing at 6,000 per Post + 15,000 Turkish Oil.


4.7 million

12 Fleet groups,

4 stationed along Iraq boarder

3 gaurding the Black sea, turkish, balkan front.

2 fleet groups stationed with defenses in egypt

1 fleet group exploring Afica. Mineral Deposit Found In Fomer Eithiopia.

2 fleet groups heading to reinforce egytion coast. ETA 2 posts.

4 sub fleets

Classifed locations.

3 ship yards

8 military bases.


Resreaching Omega Partical 45% +5% per turn

Building Metle Refinary. Increeses Metle Output by 50%

Subtract 8,000 Metel

3,500 Mineral Time till finish 5 Turns

Building MAC Cannon Defesenive Turert In egption Coloney

Subtract 2,000 Metel

500 Mineral

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I am playing The Order of The Trifoil Cross. we are a secret society based on religious teachings of the long dead past. We have traveled far to hear if rumors about antartica are true. supposedly rich in oils. Though we are just starting, we hope to build defenses up to hold our own. We will ally with nations and groups we see fit to be friends with. Here it goes.

Captain Zarn looked out of his cabin window at the small steel fortress. It looked like an old oil mining platform of the 20th century.

"She isnt pretty at all... I was hoping for a town that would shine in the sunlight."

"Captain, that is impossible. We only had so many suppl -- "

Zarn cut him off before he could say anything more.

"I was just joking with you. This is heaven! we are our own masters now. We can walk, run, laugh, sing and make love on stable ground now. This is a great day for the Order. I must thank you Samuel. Without you I couldnt have coordinated all of this."

"Dont thank me, Thank the people who have worked so hard to mine the materials for this eden. Pretty soon we will build defensive vessels and A A missle stations."

They both looked out at the large steel island and smiled.

"Good work my boy. Just look at it. It may not be pretty but it sure is a blessing. The land deep under our waters is dense with useful ores. Just think of it. We control our own nation of sorts. The nation of The Brotherhood of The Trifoil Cross."

Zarn put a hand to the young man's shoulder and gave one of his old grins.

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(OOC: Trifoil eh? Sounds Klingon :) )

Q'uev grins vaguely, "Be careful, friend, this isn't synthehol." he says, producing another shot and sliding it down the table. "Well, now. Unless I am mistaken, we already have peace. Trade has some value, though. Tell me, what do you think of this?" Q'uev slides a small PDA-sized device with a Tri-Vee screen, displaying a small crystalline object.

"We found it on Asteroid 375-- Ehh, never mind the number, as you can see, it is indestructable, and in vast supply." Q'uev steps back, "It also has some...other uses. When pure sunlight is directed through it, it can lengthen life in a human being, with the right frequency--" Q'uev presses a few buttons, "a beam of light can be forced through as a laser, but much more powerful."

"I...see. What do you call it?"

"It's scientifically called Gem 1104, but I named it synbilinoid."


Project Alpha: 50%

Project Beta: Complete.

Project Gamma: Complete.

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