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Jim Raynor put his feet on his desk as his aide came in.

"What've we got?"He asked his aide.

"Uh...."His aide flipped through the report.

"Our some of our sharks were shot down,probably by an underwater defence turret.Don't know how it could still be active,though."

"What are it's coordinates?"


"Send 2 RedRovers."



Jim sighed and leaned back.Another war.Bloody hell.

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Within a few days of the announcement, the colonies had been founded in both Iraq and southern Russia. Engineers worked hard everyday to get the new oil extraction sites up and running. The citicens of Atlantis, who had spent decades within the walls of the old city, were exhilerated by the thought of exploring the surface of the earth, and many devoted civilians volunteered for colony projects.

In his modest office, with lights off despite the darkness of the depths premier Alexander Morosov looked out of the window to the oceanic depths wich once were city blocks of Moscow. Some ruins could still be distinguished as the remains of tall buildings, others had collapsed centuries ago and been overgrown with plant life. A graveyard...

Somebody knocked on the door.

"Come in"

The person stepped in. Alexander did not need to turn around to see who it was- he recognised him by his pace. It was Siergiej Zugij, a trusted advisor who was like a brother to him.

"Alex, why don't you turn on the light? It's not going to kill you, you know."

"It helps me thinking. But feel free to turn on the light if you wish."

Zugij switched the light on.

"What news do you bring me, Siergiej?"

"Geologists report from Iraq that they have uncovered rich deposits of oil, enough to cater our needs for the next century at least."

"But that's not why you've come."

"No. Alex, we should send out scouts to look for other survivors."

Alexander turned around.

"You know as well as I do that there are no other survivors. All nations were devastated before the flood, no other nation could have mustered the recources to build underwater cities. Even we barely managed to do that. We have 3 million people and that's all what remains of mankind."

"Never underestimate human recourcefullness. I am convinced that there are other cities like Atlantis."

"I think it is a ridiculous idea, but I can't ignore the possibility. Send out some scouting vessels to all former land masses, and have them report any contacts with human activity."

"Well, iff you insist, sir." said Zugij, and left the room.




Iraq colony


Southern Russia colony


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Captin Jusa of the Kal Si ma Class submarine looked out at the passing ship with a sence of awe.

"Have you tried to contact them?" He asked his second in command.

"Yes we hailed them, no responce we think that the thick deposits of tridium in the region are interfering with are comunication.

However sir. Long range scans have dected..." He paused for a minute.

"Long range scans dected what we think is a coloney in eastern Iraq sir, which is technicly are territory. Should we inform the President?" He asked

"Yes I will. What about that ship, do they have weapons?"

"No sir, it apears to be cargo ship carying a cargo of Oil. Its heading north sir."

Captin Jusa left the bridge and enterd the comunications sector of the ship.

"Open a line to president autherintation beta, alpha zulu tango. Captin Jusa. Narrow beam transmision, that should take care of the static."

The com officer turned. "Sir you know its 4 A:m in Julius sir."

"Yes I know, but it through."

"Yes sir."

Captin Jusa staried directly into the video screen.

A very tried and angry looking President Staried back at him.

"President O'Ryan I am sorry to wake you, but i belive we have found other survivers."

"Other survivers...Who?"

"We dont know sir, but are scans decected a ship heading due north. We atempted to hail it, but think amounts of tridium have disrupted short range transmisions. On longer scans we have dected what we belive to be a coloney in the former eastern provinces of iraq. That we suspect are harvest oil that is our property, the ship was scanned and is belived to be carrying oil. What is your advice sir?"

The president looked stern.then said with certinty. "Head full speed to there coloney, Hail them there, do whatever you can to set up good relations, but i sure as hell dont like them harvesting are god damn oil. If you run into any problems, you have full permission to blow the living hell out of everything. We are sending a carrior group and its escourts along with 2 more Kal Si ma's to reinforce are eastern turkish coloney. Dont start the fight, we dont need to be fighting a war right now, hell are econemy is weak as it is...Do your best to negiote... Dont worry captin, if all goes to hell. You can alwas swim.

The moniter clicked off.

He hurided back to the main bridge.

"Helm set course for 25.5 mark 5.2 Full spead ahead." He said sitting down.

"Eta 45 minutes sir." He replyed.

Jusa could feel the ship move, the awsome power of it. Its glowing blue radience in the mid day sun, how it could level whole moutains. He smiled. A perfect ship to make first contact. They will probly think all of are ships are this powerfull... and peace will result.

Nothing much happend in the next 25 minutes. Scanning incressed on the thought to be coloney. Massive oil rigs were dected, as well with civilan and few defensives.

"Captin. Whats that on the sea floor?" Liutenet Halls asked near the front of the bridge.

"Whats what?"

"That sir, on the sea floor, its turning towards us."

"What? Bringe it up."

The image zoomed in a little closer towards the sea floor. Something was rising from the sea floor. it was turning towards them.

"What in the name of america is that? Some sort of animal?"

"Scanning sir." said major Fisher

"I don't think so sir... I am decting rising power signitures sir."

"Could it be a old south african trap? Something they left behind?"

"I dont know sir....SIR WERE BEING TARGETED!"

"WHAT!? HARD TO PORT HARD TO PORT!" The massive ship turned slowly away.


The missle missed the main hall of the ship it passed just above the aft bow, it detenated as if it were eqiped with a proximity fuse.

The ship shook with termendous force. Councles exploded, Crewman Dinez was flung from his station onto the floor.

The captin dug his nails into the chair. Screeming "DAMAGE REPORT, I WANT A DAMANGE REPORT NOW. DAMAGE REPORT!"

The ruckas of the explosion died down.

Jusa looked at crewman Dinez, he had hit his head on a suport bar, he was bleeding profusly.

"Coreman to the bridge, i repeat coreman to the bridge." He said useing the ships intercom.

"Sir were taking water in decks 12, and 14. torpedos were nocked off in section 12 of deck 11 sir. the shockwave was massive sir. if this was any other ship that alone would have sank us. the explosion was a highly complex array of explosives sir, it will take awhile to sort it all out. if it would have hit us dead on sir, we would be all dead sir." Fisher stated.

"What about all other weapons?"

"Fully operational sir." Said the weapons officer Wenger.

"Blow that thing to hell solder."

"Yes sir!" he replyed sadisitcly.

Explosions ripped out of the ships guns, wave after wave of torpedos launched towards it. The nearly dark sea had turned into a brillitant red and orange night fight.

The First wave of shells and torpedos impacted the torpedo. it vaperized under the massive barrage of firepower. The ground looked as if little domes of fire had suddenly been erected. the second wave turned the area around it into a vally, literly sinking the ground 15 meters into the sea.

"Did you get a positive read out on that turret?" he asked Fisher.

"Yes sir."

"Dose it match with that of the coloney or the oil ship?"

"I dont know sir we need to be much more closer for that kind of scan."

"Full ahead. They hurt my ship. If its them who did it, they will pay.


The dull pulsing of the emergency lights was repelaced by the quick beats of the battle stations alert and the high pitched repeating whine. that lasted for several seconds before silencing itself.

He looked at Hall. "You know what to do."

"Aye aye sir." Hall said smiling

The beutiful Anthem of the KYA empire(the one that use to be long to the ancient nation know as the soviet union) blared over the loud speakers encouraging them to sail on.

i know its big... but i like it....

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"Who the fuck is hitting us?!?!" Terronius ran threw the dome as the walls shook around him, the intercom screamed orders and crys for help.


The intercom voice died out in one foul swope as the commander ran towards the hanger to get in a sub and join the front line, they were under attack by someone, or something, the Atretus fleet ships had been suddenly surprised and many had been anhilated before proper defensive manuevers could be placed.

Finally reaching the end of the hallway he slid his card threw the door, didn't open, again and it did the same. Getting impatient the commander took out three grenades out of his belt and threw them at the door making it blow up in a tremendous burst of fire.

Running threw he looked upon the circular dome, ontop were see-through windows and on the floor was a holding bay for sixteen submarines, 14 which had already departed. Looking at the two remaining subs he went towards the blue oval shaped one, it had six torpedo tobes on the front and two in the back with missle launchers on the side, running up he got on the bridge and started making his way towards the port hole. A man opened the door and looked at him oddly.

"Who are you and what access do you have here?"

Getting angry and more impatient Terronius screamed over the niose of the other subs departure.

"I'm commander Terronius of the Atretus forces you fool, and I'm taking command now move out of the way and let me in!"

A silent Oh formed on the soldiers mouth as he let him in. Running past the pipes and computers he made his way into the command room. It was a long, box like room with computers on each side and the command chair in the middle with a old fashioned pariscope in front of it though computers had really replaced these. Another blast shook the hanger as rubble started to fall down onto the submarine making the soldiers rush in even more panic.

A man wearing a Submarine commander suit came up and bowed before his superior.

"What do I have this pleasure for sir?"

Terronius jumped in the command seat before the Sub commander had a chance to respond.

"Williams right?" Terronius said getting ready to depart, the man simply nodded.

Another blast shook and more rubble began to fall.

"Dive dive dive!" Screamed Terronius as the questioning men and women looked up at him until Williams nodded and they followed the orders.

"Williams, I respect you, but this is time for me to take over, I simply have more experience then you in combat though you have a considerable amount."

Williams grinned and bowed once more.

"It is a honor for you to take control, and maybe I can learn some new tricks eh?"

Terronius glared over and chuckeled at his less superiod officer.

"Maybe Williams, maybe"

And with that the ship headed towards the battle field.

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The Rovers came back with dents in their armor,but with a small video-recording of the assault.The intercom clicked on in Raynor's office.

"What is it?"

"Sir,the Rovers' are back,and have the videotape with them."

"Upload it STAT."


For a few seconds there was a fuzzy image,then a hologram started projecting.First there was blue and coral reefs,then something silver came into view.The Rovers approached,and as they did,two racks of torpedoes turned towards them.The Rovers quickly assumed the situation,and let off a few torpedoes at the silver turret.They impacted and exploded,but didn't quite destroy the turret yet.Then something caught Raynor's eye.

"Computer,rotate 90 degrees clockwise."

"Zoom in."

"Again."There seemed to be a thick layer of plexi-glass seperating the water from the inside of the turret."The goddamn thing is manned...."Raynor breathed.

"Computer,zoom out x2."

"Now rotate 90 degrees counter-clockwise."

It showed the contiuing battle.Finally,2 lasers shot out from each of the 2 Rovers,1 impacting the torpedo rack.It all blew up in a glittering mess.

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"I think it's unavoidable sir." Captain Smith said sympathetically, "We must be alone."

"No replies at all?" Viscount Isen looked heartbroken, "But...but there MUST be!" He cried, "We can't be the only people left in the world! This colony survived by a miricle only! Other people kept special bunkers! Underground cities! Our ancestors saw their construction! I know they exist!"

"I'm afraid we have to face facts, sir." The Captain said, "We are almost certainkly the only human beings left on earth. Either that or every single colony on the planet has lost their radios."

"Couldn't we try some other method of communication?"

"None from here sir. But the dolphins have volunteered to carry messages afar."

"No. No others know their code, and I won't risk letting them out of our sight. They're too valuble."

"We could send out a boat..."

"No we couldn't." Nobody here can sail one, or navigate."

"You mean to say we're stuck here with no hope of leaving? Ever?"

"Unless someone else appears out of the blue, yes."

"Why don't people reply?!"

"There must not be any people." The captain paused. The Viscount sighed miserabley.

"Alright," he said, "Send out a dolphin patrol. They aren't to attempt communication, just find settlements and report back."

The dolphins left that night.

And, just out curiosity, why are all my messages being ignored?

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The Factory nears completion.

Giant Seaweed farmns have been established to provide food.

They also provide protection against Submarines

The Harrier pilots returned from Turkey.

They told of an advanced colony which attacked them and took down three of their Squadron

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A small patrol submarine sailed through European waters, until he received an incoming transmission...it came from the depths of the North Sea. Quickly, the officer of the scout ship, leutenant Vorchov, send a transmission to Atlantis.

Have received a radiotransmission originating fron the North Sea. It is clearly not from one of our scout ships. Will investigate further.

Leutenant Vorchov out.

Then, he send out a transmission to the North Sea on the frequency of the transmission.

Freja Caledonia, are you there? I am leutenant Vorchov. This is a most interesting meeting.

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"Draw the subs back to lines 47A of our defense!" Terronius grabbed a pole as the sub shook from side to side, the unknown enemys were far greater in numbers and the battle was not turning out to the Atretus advantage.

The sub reversed along with others as they fired torpedos, all of them missed but ont came streaking into a sub by Terroniuses making it blow up in a sudden flare of lights.

A message came threw the ships communications radio

"Sir Terronius, do you want the new fleets ships to deploy into the battle?"

Terronius gave a long glare at the computer as if the sender of the message was the dumbest human left on the face of the Earth.

Grabbing a communications radio he yelled.


"Yes Sir" and the voice faded off, anotehr torpedo shook the ship as it impacted coral reef below the submarine.

"Williams, this is our darkest hour, get a communications out to be broadcasted world wide."

The man nodded, and taking a video recorder he turned it on facing Williams.

Message To All:

"Humans of earth, we have been seperated for to long, the world falls apart and unknown hate begins. Today the Atretus Empire, a vastly populated area was attacked by a unknown force and we are currently losing the battle against this enemy, if there is anyone left, please send reinforcments, for today must be the day where we as humans join together again, the reuniting of humanity must cominice, LET THERE BE PEACE!" And with that the communixation died out as a torpedo hit Terronius's sub..

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A group of Trident Class Submarines were scouting the former Themes Estuary when they intercepted two ships' transmissions which were crearly not their own.

Could it be those cowardly Scots...?

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What was left of the ships fell back to the colonys, the last laser defenses iniated the enemies. Terronius, the leader of the remaining fleet looked out at the battle grimly from his sub, a few men were actually crying, for there brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and cousins had been killed in the choas.

"Williams......." The man look up at his superior questionatly.

"Williams.....Have we gotton any responses?" The man just shook his head and Terronius grew even grimmer.

"Tell whats left of the colony to evacuate and take there own ways in the remaining fleet ships, we die here."

Williams opened his mouth but slowly closed it as the relization of the situation came to him, victory wasn't coming, death was near.

The remaining fleet ships held off the enemies as the escape pods and other ships flew out of the colony buildings. Sighing looking at the picture Terronius gripped his command chair, until suddenly another image came up, it was a man with brown hair and a eagle looking face with signs of a war-feeling man.

"Terronius get the remaining ships out of here, I will hold the enemys off."

Terronius's face didn't change the slightest "solder its no use, we're dead, just hold them off and let the coloy people escape."

The man laughed lightly and yelled undistinquisable commands.

"Terronius, I'm arming all my missles and running into them, take or leave this advtage, its no matter to me now."

And with that the communication ended and a sub zipped by heading right towards the enemy, muttering a few curses under his breath Terronius grabbed the situation.


And with that the sub crushed into the enemy fleet setting off a large distracting explosion and the remaining fleet slipped through the cracks....

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Governor Josef Naraski was told that something serious was going on, and he made his way to the science station.

"I hope this is important. I'm a busy man, you know."

"It's important allright. Look at these readings."

The officer brought up some sonar readings on the display.

"Yes, and? It all looks like gibberish."

The officer sighed.

"This object indicated might be a large vessel- it could also be a whale of some sort, but I don't think so, as they haven't been spotted here."

"That...is rather serious. Is it only one ship?"

"Apperently so..."

The governer made a call to the defense minister of the colony. There were some old submarines stationed at the colony, as a precaution for this kind of scenario. Naraski never thought they'd actually become necessary.

"Mr. Federov of defense? We may have an inbound vessel, potentially hostile. I want you to prepare our submarines for battle. The foreign ship will be here in..." he looked at the officer.

"Roughly an hour, sir."

"...in an hour. Naraski out."

He immediately went to his office, and notified Atlantis.

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The fleet is now at the rear of the whale...

"Target detected!"

"All crews report to battlstation! Proceed with the plan!"

Torpedos are fired from the Typhoon Subs. The torpedo speeds towards the whale, and grew into a sphere of light at impact. This had done only minor damage to the whale, and had angered it. It now starts to turn over and destory the fleet.

However, there are no signs of the fleet pulling back. The whale is now closing the Typhoon subs...

"300 meters till impact! 200 meters...100 meters...Admiral!!"


Torpedos are launched again. This time they're manually contolled. The volley of torpedos entered into the whale, and lifted it's head up. The torpedos blasted through the mouth and into the brain of the whale. A red mist of blood and brain tissue gushed out.

"Now our job to tug it back home...attach convoyer cables!"

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Thankyou Earthnuker.

"Viscount, Viscount!" The Captain called as he knocked furiously on the door, "I've got good news!"

The door was flung open and the captain dragged inside.

"What? A reply? Who from?" The Viscount's eyes shimmered.

"Two! Well, one reply and one message!" The Captain handed over the slates (paper? you must be joking!). The Viscount grinned as he read the first, and though his face fell at the second, he still treated it as good news.

"Reply at once!" He shouted, "Dictating message..."

(The messages have as yet no method of being coded, so all groups can intercept them)

To Leutenant Vorchov;

Extremely pleased to have recieved contact at last. We are unable to travel ourselves so unfortunately we must ask you to meet us. Co-ordinates to follow. You must inform us of the world! Does the war rage on? Who remains? We have much to discuss indeed.

We are alone, and are nothing but ourselves. Do you represent an organisation, Leutenant? Or are you on your own? We ask purely because a valuble contract could be drawn up either way. We look forward to hearing from you,

Sincerely Viscount Isen, crew of the Freja Caledonia , and the dolphins.

Message to Atreus colony/ies;

We regret that we can do nothing to help. We have to weaponry, and if we did then we still have no method of transporting it. Should you reach us, however, we should be glad to help you in any way we can. Specifically oil, we can offer you large ammounts of that in exchange for, other services. Soon we hope to ally with others more able than ourselves, possibly you. In the interim, we can do no more. We are sorry.

Sincerely Viscount Isen, crew of the Freja Caledonia , and the dolphins.

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"Premier we've intercepted somthing on our radio!"

The officer then hands over a paper, with the mesage written on it.

"Freja Caledonia...Atreus colonies? So we're not alone...Do we know the coordinates of these two forces?"

"I afraid not."

"Continue intercepting the messages! I want more information on them!"

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"Cordinates 45,46 repear cordinates 45,46 repeat 45,46" a mans voice echoed throughout the ship as screams of death radiated throughout the radio. Terronius sat grimmly as the ship continued to move on with the persuers behind them.

Terronius looked, Williams dead body lay on the floor, he was shot point blank by some pscho crewman. Terronius remembered the situation, as they had just began to run away a man grabbed Williams with a gun to his face.

"Go to the colony that offered us sanctuary or he dies"

Terronius gave a long glare towards the man and began to talk calmly.

"Theres no way to reach them without our friends behind us meeting up."

"DO IT NOW!" Screaming the man got closer to pulling the triggers, then in a flash of movement Williams elbow went into his stomach and the man crummbeled. Slowly walking over Williams kicked the man making him slid across the floor, he raised the gun and let out a clip, Williams still stood.

Walking over he grabbed the man by the next and squeshed until the seaman took one last breath and fell dead, Williams grinned and turning around muttered his last words.

"Get them to safty Terronius, humanity depends on it, good luck my friend." And with that his body fell down dead along with the crewman.

"Cordinates 45,46" echoed the voice once more, Terronius knew it, his death would be soon...

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(OOC: Thanks for bringing this back Ex, I can't resist playing a minor role in the game, though that's probably all it will be for a while.)

President Jackson Andrews sits alone in his office. A simple man, the simple ruler of a simple nation, all that is left of the Confederacy of Southern States.

Simple, for now.

For even now, a message and a culture is racing towards the Underwater Earth's destiny, bringing both back, and forward the memories of a timeless, deathless faction.

For now, however, the New American Confederacy, based in the highest peaks of what was once the Rocky Mountains of the southern United States, is small and inconsequencial.

Hearing both radio messages, and deciding to maintain radio silence, the NAC is quite antisocial, knowing all too well the consequences of inter-factional relations.

Right now they are quite content with continuing research into what they are beginning to call MoJo area, building stationary defenses, and mining the Moutains for mineral and energetic recourses.

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Jusa sat in in the commanders chair. His teeth clentched. Finger nails dug into the chair. Eyes set on the main screen.

"Sir it has been confirmed theire energy signitures match, and well sir it apears that 4 submarines are heading towards us. I dont recognize there class sir." Hall stated.

"Are they in weapons range?" Jusa asked.

"Will be in three minutes sir. They are in missle range however sir, do you wish me to launch one?"

"Not yet." Hail them..

"Aye aye sir."

The messege sent to the subs was relayed to the bridge.

"This is the Blue. We seak to make contact and peace full negotioations. You have fired on are vessel. We need to know why."

The messege repeated several times over.

"They havnt replyed yet sir. They may be trying to despihre are lanauge sir."

"Well then." Hall said with firm determination. "Open gun Show them that we mean bussiness."

"Aye aye sir. Gun ports open."

"Sir, all weapons are in range."

"SIR! Incoming we have incoming torpedos!"

"What!" Jusa said nearly leaping out of his chair in suprise. Red alert! Hard to starboard!"

The ship slowly begain turning. two of the torpedos missed. The other two were bad aim.

The first impacted In the rear of the ship. The ship shook with turmendous force. Throwing Jusa out of his chair. His arm hooked around a suport railing, while the rest of his body flew foward. nearly ripping it out of the socket.

The second impacted at the nose of the ship. taking out the main reactor. Darkness blossed across the ship for a few moments before the back up reactor kicked in.

Jusa was looked around him. He had been one of the lucky ones. Hall had been thrown from his floor towards the hall, his head impacted a small section of it, which now resided in his head.

Fish was nocked out, blood ran down his face. His station exploded in the impact.

Jusa rolled over on his back. He couldnt move his right arm at all. he raised himself to a elbow. Holding back a screem he raised himself from the suport railing. He limped back to his command chair. his left arm holding his right shoulder in a vain effort to stop the pain. He sat down, pressed the emergency control system. Giving him full control of the ship. The rest of the bridge crew was either nocked out or dead.

"Systems report." He asked the on board computer.

"Rear torpedo tubes down, rear 19" turret down. Front torpedo tubes down. Main reactor off line. flooding in sections 15, 17, 18, 19."

"Sons of fucking bitchs." He said to himself. "Send all records of the atack in a narror beam transmission to the president." A few seconds of each camera apeared on the main screen.

Camera 19. A dozen sailors floating around the cabbin eyes closed... all dead.

Camera 21. The image of a torpedo incinerating 25 sailors.

Camera 25. The image of a large group of sailors floating out to sea.

He had seen enough. These basterds had to pay. We offerd peace. We showed them are gun ports to warn them of are firepower. and they open fire. They will be pushished. Every last one of them would acount for the dead KYA sailors.

"Lock onto ship three with lower front deck guns."

"Locked on." the computer replyed.


Three small thuds erupted from the turret. Streaking black projectiles impacted the sub. the first nocked the sub into a crazy spin, gaining water very quickly, it spun out of control. and exploded as it impacted

"Computer lock on main tubes to three remaining subs. Fire!"

The subs had fired torpedos by then racing towards the Blue.


The ships engies reacted imiditly. The balast shoving all the water out of the tanks.

Jusa's ears popped as the presure rapidly changed.

The Sub burst out of the water like a leaping wail. its damaged tip shooting nearly 25 feet into the air, before slamming down.

"Computer whats the enemy subs current status?"

"All destroyed. Minus 1 limping back to port with severe damage."

To bad for him, Jusa thought. there wount be a port when he gets back.

"Set course for there coloney. full speed."

He activated ships audio system.

"Coremen to the bridge, i repeat coremen to the bridge."

In the heat of battle he had nearly forgotten about the rest of his 4,000 crew.

well 3,050.

Withen 30 seconds a dozen coremen rushed into the bridge. helping the wounded.

"We have reached the coloney." The computer stated.


the ballast tanks filled with water and the sub rapidly sank.

The sea was well lighted around the coloney.

"We are being hailed." the computer stated with its monotone voice."Messege losly translated. 'we surender allow us to evacuate.'

"They didnt give us the chance they killed 950 of are crew. They commited a act of war. and they will pay the price for it."

"Lock on all weapons."


A stream of torpedos raced out towards the coloney, shell after shell fired at it and its suport and mining stations. Missels raced from the sub and sped towards the coloney.

The colonies main dome exploded as the first weapons impacted it. a massive wave of water rushed in. Secondary explosions bristled across the massive station.

The other shells impacted the minind stations. sending them drifiting off into the sea. there pumps stil working. Spewing oil into the sea, quickly putting up a smoke screen around the coloney.

Jusa couldnt watch the rest of the missels and torpedos impact. nor view the shockwave that raced out of colapsing structures.

"Enemy coloney at 84% destroyed."

"thats enough set course for turkish base. fast as you can."

"The ship turned and left."

Vengence had been surved....but the KYA empire may have just been gripped in a long and bloodly war.

Blue casulites were counted as 1,150. barely enough to get back to port.

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Grrr, what's up with this? I never attacked you!

Premier Alexander Morosov overlooked the message, and slammed his fist on the table. The bastards had destroyed their colony in Iraq.

"We will not let this deed go unpunished!" he yelled, and all advisors and ministers in the room were afraid to speak. Finally, the minister of recource management spoke.

"Sir, with the loss of the oil in Iraq we should look to establish a new extraction site elsewhere. We have detected a sizable amount of oil in former China, and I think that our new colony should be there."

"Very well. Kurchatov?"

Ivan Kirov, the minister of defense, walked forward and spoke.

"We were unprepared for hostile encounters with anyone, as we always assumed we were alone. As a precaution, however, we did maintain a fleet of submarines and regurally upgraded their systems. I have already ordered my staff to get them operational, and they will be tomorrow morning. I suggest, however, that you allocate more funds to R&D for we will need more complicated weapons in the long term, should we go to war."

Kirov thought. Of course, there was no getting around it. This would mean war. The raiders had killed 30,000 innocent civilians, and they had to pay.

"I will follow your suggestion, mr. Kirov. I also want you to have scout ships look for the enemy in the middle east, and asses their defense capabilities."

"Yes, sir."

"I also want our oil mine in southern Russia to increase their production capacity. Until the new colony in China is constructed we will need to take maximum advantage of what we got."



Southern Russia


New colony in China

0 % complete, rising 25 % each post

Military research project

0 % complete, rising 25 % each post

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The modification of the Stingray fighters is already halfway through, and are drafted into patrol squads. Each patrol squads consist of 30 such fighters.

"Commander! Unknown vessels detected at vector 210!"

"Had they detected us?"

"No sir!"

"This is Ray 1 to all rays! Surround the unknown vessels, unlock FCS but hold your fire!"

Message to the Atlantis construction ships:

"This is Commander Luster of the Shin'gen Empire. You're now in the terrority of the Empire. Identify yourselves and you purpose of being in the region. Do not try to play any tricks. You have 3 mintues to respond, else prepare to be destoryed."

Meanwhile, the research bereau is researching the "whale" they've caught. It would complete in 2 posts.

Stingray Multirole Fighters 150/300(customing, would complete in 3 posts)

Typhoon Class Submarines 18/200(only 18 is functional currently)

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OOC: sorry Explug, I forgot you were in China.

The leader of the construction ships. captain Stachrov, was surprised to say the least. He had been told China was unpopulated. He send a transmission on the same frequency as the one he received.

"This is captain Stachrov of the Atlantian construction fleet. We are here to establish a new colony for the Atlantian empire. We thought this area was unpopulated. We apologize for violating our territory, we had no harmful intent."

Message to the Freja Caledonia

We are also pleased to meet you, however, nor I nor any of my crew is authorised to engage in any diplomatic activity. I have received a message from Atlantis that a diplomatic vessel is on the way, transporting our ambassador Igor Pawloski. He should arrive at your location within approximately 2 hours.


Leutenant Vorchov

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"Lord Andrews, the probes have been launched." came the message from Sciences.

Andrews, once known as President Jackson Andrews, of the NAC-- three thousand years ago, leans back in his chair and awaits the inevitable.

As the probes implode in 4th dimension space, Andrews, along with the rest of the space-faring race slowly disappears.

The final collective thought: Now and forever. Never again!

Meanwhile, back in the early 30th century, reports are coming in from all news networks of teporal detonations in surrounding galaxies, and one major explosion less than three hundred lightyears from Sol.

Both the news crew and the faction leaders are sure on *one* thing.

Something is coming.

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The factory is completed and work begins on 3 subs all equiped with Tomahawk IV ICBM's.

The Trident Subs approach the ship, which was a Diplomatic ship according to their intelligence, and surrounded it.

Message to Ship

People of Atlantis, we will not hurt you if you don't open fire. We know nothing of you - this is why we have blockaded you. We simply want to learn more about you and perhaps, if your intentions are good, ally with you. We also want to know more about your destination

End Message

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Captin Jusa sat before the KYA Jihso. The high jury. His courtmarshal.

"So let me get this straight Captin. You expected them to understand are launage right away. you expected them not to react to the openings of your ships gun ports. They are not responsible for atacking you. they acted in defense. they had a right to fire. you made a terrible ploy. and it back fired. You are responsible for the loss of your crew. and you are responsible for the possible resault that can come from this." The judge stated.

Jusa sat behind the metel desk. His head resting on the shoulders. Tears silently running down his cheek.

A sudden rage came over him. Why did they think this? he had done his duty!

"I didnt kill my men!" he said screeming at the judge. " They did. I got revenge for it! i took the fight to them!"

"Settle down or i will find you in contempt." the judge screemed.

"Contempt! you already found me guilty of treason! you know what the penilty for that is! fuck contempt! i didnt do anything you arrogent son of a bitch. you have never been on the battlefield! you have to make disisions fast! I DID THE RIGHT THING. YOU HEAR ME! I DID THE RIGHT THING YOU SON OF A BITCH. I DID THE RIGHT THING!" He said leeping over the table. he lunged at the judge. his hands gripped the judges throat. Balifs rushed over and pulled em off. dragging him to jail

"I DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRONG. I DID MY DUTY!" He screemed as he was dragged away.

Goaso Jusa. Was Exacuted by a firing sqaud two hours later. Still screeming that he did his duty.

"He made one hell of a mess. The first other humans we find. and we blow them to hell becouse of a misunderstanding." Preident O'ryan stated.

"Yes he did. i dont know how were going to clean this one up." General Dugaul stated.

"I have a idea." Sectretary of state Kio stated. "Send a ship. North. Falowing the route of there oil convoy. carrying are best diplomats. try to regain peacefull relatiions. Have it carrying no escourts. I hope we can control this mess that happend. the best way is to apologize. and do are best to open trade agreemnets."

"I agree. send the ship ASAp."

The ship sent off north from eastern turkey. with peacefull intentions.

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