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you can where shields on arrakis. even if it were on the icecaps.

althought it attracts worms. and they had shields around the "keep" or whatever it is called where Atreides lived.

Yes, you can have shields on rock syrface, but if you wear shields in the desert it is suicide.

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Too heavy and you'll not have enough oxygen...this will make you put down your shield more frequently, and thus more vurlunable. If you've read the "House Harkonnen" novel you'll know how tiring it would be.

And Usul I think shield does let oxygen in, only the rate is too slow compared to your intake rate.

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Sardaukar were unequaled so wouldn't need any protection except a holtzman shield, as they could outfight anybody in hand to hand combat. Armor was unnecessary for them. That was, until they stould against the fremen :)

pff piece of crap, if i had an armor that stops knives i would kill a sardaukar myself.. he may have the first strike but mine will hurt as well... and he won't even pierce my armor...

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