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This is an RPG. You begin by choosing wich nation you belong too and then create a character, a secret agent. Post some details about it. I will represent a highly organised maffia network. I'll also throw in some random events if I feel I need to intervene (I hope I won't have to do this often, it's just for the sake of the thread). I will start the story as soon as the first person enters.

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Hee hee... Although our country probably has the tactical and spying skills of a bright pink giraffe on stilts I will choose to represent an unofficial Scottish agency created to deal with internal and external threats outside the power of the government. However, most of the agency has fallen into corruption, and now, outside even government power, they deal in arms, drugs, and weapons (You thought I meant weapons by arms didn't you?). Only a few factions remain loyal to the original purpose, but they are in hiding.

Choose a character? K then; Her name is Vivian Frey, codename Lilith Parker. Her dpeartment deals in toxic substances, exporting and importing chemical warheads, poisons, venoms, and cures to almost all of these. Although she is in charge of her own department, she has ensured that her department consists of herself and her laptop, plus several offices all over the world for storage. She carrys no guns, that would give her away. She uses her products to remove competition, often with a small crossbow.

She sees herself as neutral. For although she kills many indirectly by exporting toxics, she also exports cures to hospitals and research laboratories as well, if only to make more money. She is filthy rich, but spends all her time on the move, staying in one place too long is dangerous.

Current position: Paris, waiting for a contact to show up.

(Is that alright? If not I'll delete her...)

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(it's okay, just don't set up another maffia if that's what you intended ;) )

Leonid Kruchkov exited the subway. His contact with the Scottish secret service should be around here somewhere- no matter, she'll find him. The boss said Vivian Frey was her name. He was to negotiate a major deal in illegal weaponry.

He wondered though, how reliable this Scot really is. Both sides agreed to show up unarmed- he didn't believe they would actually try to kill him, but he decided to use extra caution nonetheless.

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i'll be the general or something of a highly elite, very well trained squad offically recognized by the U.N. under the code name: Night Force. sort of an anti-terrorism task force. (sound familiar to something? *cough*Rainbow Six*cough*) a total of 6 soldiers, each highly schooled in all methods of attack, espionage(lol), and sabotage, etc. etc. I'll give myself a name too (and its not mine for the record). I am General Ding F. Chavez of the Night Force. (yet again, another reference to rogue spear) I am fluent in 6 languages including English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic. i give orders from the frontline instead of being behind some desk. I'm 32, graduated from Westpoint with honors. I was the second in my class. (hey, i'm not perfect ;))

right now i'm just sitting on my ass at my desk in a US embassy somewhere in Europe(hey, you know i can't divulge secret info like that. so that's as far as i can tell you right now.)

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I'll be Blond.... Rene Blond

I'm a dutch secret agent and i'm part of the IBD (International Blond Department).

Rene Blond is on a luxe party with a lot of important people.

then a gorgeous woman come to him and says: Hello, i'm Angela Goldnose.

Rene Blond: "So i see."

Angela Goldnose: "Shall i get you something to drink? A Scotch perhaps?

Rene Blond: "Yes please, sturbed, but don't shake it too much will ya?"

The pretty lady walks away and Rene Blond silently waits. Suddenly he hears gunshots, and they're coming from the bathroom. Rene Blond quickly runs towards the bathroom to find out what has happened, and he soon finds out. Bob Blowfinger also known as Big Bob was shot three times in the chest.

The person who shot him already fled though and it seems he left no traces.

30 minutes later the party had ended and the building was totally empty.

Angela Goldnose: "I'm sorry that i can't give you the drink anymore, how can i repay you?"

Rene Blond: "hmmm well, i can think of numerous things...."

Angela Goldnose smiles and says: "can i sleep at your place tonight? I don't realy feel safe since this attack"

Rene Blond: "sure, but i have only one bed so you will have to sleep on the ground"

Angela Goldnose didn't realy expect this but still accepts the offer.

*prt 2 will follow soon*

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Ardheal High, walked back to the DoHl (Defenders of Holy Light) safehouse in (H)Amstedam. She glad to have done her duty to the holy light, and it was good to get rid of Bob Blowfinger, he had done much harm to mankind and the planet. she turned round the cornor and began walking down a dark street. suddenly she was blocked by a gang of somekind, tehir leader spepped forward "what have we here" he said "c'mon boss, she ins't worth it, look at her, she's tall, skinny, totaly pale and she have no tits" another gang member said. "you competely right" Ardheal said whle the drew her UZI, "I'm not worth the efforet, now beat it." at the sight of ther UZI the gangmembers tunred and ran, and Ardheal found the safehouse and walked in.

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(Not a maffia, civilised government agents gone bad).

Vivian lay back in her chair outside a subway station near the Eiffel Tower. A public place had been chosen to keep the violence to a minimum. She sipped her red wine and felt the rough scrape of wood against her wrist as her hidden one-shot crossbow, a tiny contraption, slid against her wrist. The poisoned bolt, was of course, sheathed until fired. Unusually for the hot weather, Vivian was dressed in a long-sleeved sweater. This was to conceal the weapon, which was silent enough to be unnoticed long enough for her to get away, but she hated it. Vivian always went for the classy look when she could, usually a black or red evening dress with sunglasses to contrast against her blonde hair. She fingered the catch on her 'modified' laptop, that when released in the right way, would reveal the hidden drawer containing enough genetically engineered Bubonic Plague samples to wipe out Paris fifty times. She smiled pleasently, drawing the attention of several nearby men, who scuttled off like bugs at the sight of the man meeting her. The two stood face to face, stiffly,

"Vivian Frey?" He asked, in a foreign accent but perfect French.

"There is no Vivian Frey." Vivan replied, my name is Lilith Parker, I have the samples."

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I'll be Raziel Mortimis, an English secret agent, but spending most of his time in France. He serves the order called the Peacekeepers. They are trained to prevent the use of weapons of mass destruction.

Raziel is a specialist in chemical and biological agents.

He is 6'3'', has brown hair and always carries an assault rifle.

He has just arrived in Paris in pursuit of a woman called Vivian, who, as his bosses say, might possess some dangerous substances.

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(I intended it to be about a deal in convential guns, but skip that, I'll go for the plague)

Leonid observed the woman. She weared a sweather, a warm one. In this kind of weather? She was concealing a weapon! Leonid thought about turning back and walk away, but this deal was to important.

"Let's get down to business, miss Parker. We offer 50 million american dollars, for an amount of this melange of yours sufficient to treat 20 million people. I shall want to take a sample to my associates to confirm the melange is genuine."

(ooc: I use words like "melange" and "treat" to conceal the true meaning- this is a public place and all.)

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Vivian considers the deal offered to her by this stranger. She noticed his eyes flash when he saw her attire, he will have spotted the crossbow. Well, it wasn't like a warm sweater was a good disguise... but maybe these people were smarter than they seemed. Her superiors, and she only uses the word because they help with her decisions, had ordered her to accept cash only ('Well duh' she thinks) and no less than 30 million pounds Sterling (

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My secret organization is a super secret group called the W.U.N.F....

The W.U.N.F's main goal is to elimenate terrorism and to do so they intend to completely revelutionize what is though of as inventional conventional strategy which is usually 1 third strategy, 1 third espionage and 1 third force.... the W.U.N.F intend to rely soley on strategy and espionage.

The W.U.N.F are using the U.N as a base to start on and work off, which explains the U.N in their name

Most of their men are currently in training and most of their leaders are carefully plotting as they have been doing for many years... they are very careful but clearly under the circumstances are not at all paranoid, similarly they are extremely exact and precise in their actions...

The reason for their creation was as a response to the immense terrorist fighting machine which is marching accross a large portion of Asia, rapidly conquering the countries around afghanistan and a few other major terrorism hot beds that has been made possible by the extremely charisma terrorist leaders and their propoganda resulting in them being able too send almost the entire populations of the countries under their rule to join their zealous army

My character is Carlos De Franca, the best assasin in the world (first name comes from real life no1.... not sure of his second name though:D). He does not work for the W.U.N.F nor has he even been approached by them but were still getting to that:D

Meanwhile in Afghanistan, the W.U.N.F were beggining operations such as this one...

The situation was set... when the local terrorist boss arrived he would meet a fiery end...

The sabotuer got up and looked behind him... a woman stood there, her mouth gaping...

suddenly a bullet flew clean through her head. red blood spurted out the side of her head along with the bullet like alchol leaving a barrel with the popping cork flying with it. As her body descended to the floor, john (an local citizen) rolled behind some cover out of instinct and wondered what the hell just happened...

''I disliked doing that...'' Said the sniper packing his gun and preparing to leave

''It was neccesary... we couldn't have called of such an important operation... the U.N want results, if they don't get them they might drop us'' replied his spotter

''Yeah, but still... killing innocents is isn't what I sighned up for'' replied the sniper

''When you sighned up you knew you'd have to be prepared for this kind of thing'' replied the spotter

''She was just in the wrong place in the wrong time, she was guilty of nothing but being unlucky'' said the sniper

''Like I said, when you sighned up you knew you were going to have be prepared for this kind of thing... besides, sometimes you must weigh up the good parts of you're actions to the bad... if you hadn't taken that shot, the leader would know something to be wrong when he arrived and would of course live, resulting in many dying from his actions rather than one'' the spotter replied

''Yeah, guess that makes sense... guess I just wanted to hear it'' the sniper said disheartened...

Jhon stood up from his cover and took a peek... suddenly the woman and her blood were nowhere to be seen... her body carried off and her blood covered by a heavy wooden block... he ran off rapidly in the opposite direction

Shortly after the terrosit leader arrived to visit his oil well... a few step in the door and a few rather more rapid step out the door as he emerged on fire after which he fell to the ground dead...

The spotter turned to peer at the flaming oil well through his binoculars...

''Well, the U.N are going to have their results'' he said, putting down his binoculars and proceeding through the mountains to his hide out

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Raziel Mortimis ran towards the spot where the mysterious woman named Lilith was noted by the schoolboy. He saw a woman that fit the description.

There! There she was! She has just been talking to some strange man and now was walking away.

Raziel followed her, drawing his 9mm. An assault rifle would be too noticeble by the people in the crowd.

She started to walk faster, as if seeing him.

Raziel aimed at her, but suddenly she dissappeared behind a corner of a building. Raziel ran behind the corner and started shooting.

She wasn't there.

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some bagrund info about the defenders of holy light.

Objective: to ensure mankinds futurte growth and eliminate injustice

History: DoHL is no more than 700 hundreds years old it was founded to fight curruption in the chruch, after the reformation their main objective shifetet form combating corruption to safeguard mankinds intrerests.

other info: the members of DoHL is requred to mentain utmost sececy of there orginaztion, to ensure that all members cut all contact whit their fammily. some of the current members are born as defenders, but the vast majoretiy have joined later.

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Vivian smiled as she silently rolled up her sleeve to reveal the tiny one-shot. Her laptop was on a strap around her back. The phial she had thrown had smashed, she wondered if her contact was panicking yet. He had little need to, it was only water. But before leaving she had called a time and place, and given him a real sample. The Eiffel Tower, midnight. 'How romantic.' She thought, aiming the crossbow from halfway up a drainpipe. Her ears picked up a tiny *tick* noise... The drainpipe snapped! She fell forward in a jangling, tumbling mess of tumbling metal, in confusion she released her crossbow. She landed badly, but rolled well to avoid the pipe falling around her. She felt a pain in her wrist, she had been scratched! By her own crossbow bolt! At once she removed her laptop from the strap with one quick motion and opened the drawer, forgetting about her hunter at the entrance to the allyway.

For himself, he had used up all but two of his bullets, but was now preoccupied by the tiny bolt that had stuck in his foot. He began to feel ill, and his vision blurred. He saw the woman crouched in front of him, shaking vilently as she prepared a syringe. But as she was just about to inject herself, she collapsed, dying. Raziel staggered forward, that must be the antidote! But only she knew how much to give! She had prepared the place on her arm... Wobbling now, Raziel picked up the syringe and peered at it through bleary eyes...

Will he inject himself? If so, will he get the right ammount? Too much will kill him, too little and the venom will. Will he inject her in the hope that she will save him? She's helpless now.

And in case you're wondering why he isn't unconcious yet, he was hit in the foot through a shoe, she through the arm, it takes longer to work. Also, she went through more physical activity, and thus her blood flow increased.

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As he awoke he listened as he always did to the sounds around himself. He could hear the ceiling fan slowly rotating and the cool circulation of the the air, the sounds of the street below as a transit bus passed by, the closing of the stairwell door and then at that moment his pager that was lying on the nightstand beside the bed flashed and vibrated. He reached for the pager and saw that it was a text message.

"Office party this evening, cleaning job afterwards, this afternoon at 3:00 pm will send directions to location."

He looked at the clock it was 6:45 am. He looked over at the female figure laying beside him and leaned over to gently kiss her. She awoke and rubbed her hands throught his hair and caressed his 3 o'clock shadow.

"You have work to do I know." she said. She got out of bed and went to the shower. At the door she stopped turned her body inwards towards the door frame and told him "Come let me wash your back" then she smiled and disappered and the sounds of her starting the shower could be heard. He lifted himself off the bed and proceeded to the shower where is was met by a shapely figure in the shower.

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Darius told the young woman that he would see her later but his thoughts were maybe he would see her later. As if reading his mind she replied "If you have alot to do just give a call later. I have to take my car to the BMW dealership for manitence and I am going to be late, I also have several other errands that I need to do. You know Darius days off are suppose to be enjoyable but it seems I still always have work to do." Darius smiled and nodded his head in agreeance with her. "If I get busy I will call you and let you know" Darious said smiling. She kissed him on his lips and walked toward the front door. "Talk to you later Darius" as she opened the door locking the bottom lock and closing the door. She walked down the building hallway toward the parking garage. She reached for her celluar and placed a call to the dealership "Hello I have an appointment for a regular scheduled maintence check up on my car I am suppose to already be there....."

Darius grabbed himself a powerbar and his keys and motorcycle helmet along with various needed items. He flips open his cell/palm device and makes a memo for himself. In the parking garage the motorcycle roars to life spitting out heat from the exhuast pipe and the loud throttle of the 4 stroke engine, he does a quick inspection of the machine. Snaking down through the parking garage toward the exit/entrance he taps a button to make a call to Nigel about some cleaning equiptment. He has modified his helmet to hold a celluar ear bud to make and recieve calls. Exiting the garage light from the sun bounces off the silver and blue metal demon as it emerges from the dim light of the parking garage. Darius mergers with the traffic and heads toward the interstate. A black SUV casually follows unnoticed.

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The SUV has dark tinted windows and three armed occupants. The occupant in the backseat is typing information into a laptop. The passenger side occupant makes a call on his cellular.

"We are traveling north on the interstate following the target just passing exit 34-B." speaks the passenger side occupant into a ear bud mic. "If target stays on present course we should come to the bridge which is check point marked Alpha what is your present position?"

"We are at the designated location near check point Alpha" replies the voice at the other end of the connection.

As passenger speaks into earbud mic, "Good target should be in view in about 15 minutes with us close behind. Remember target is not to know we are following is that understood?"

"Yes that is understood" answers the voice.

The passenger side driver disconnects the call and nods his head toward the backseat driver. The backseat driver answers the nod with a hand gesture then types some information into the computer then shuts the computer down disgarding it to his side. The backseat driver reaches for his weapon from the floor of the vehicle and loads it.

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Raziel could not calm himself. He was failing the mission - the woman, Vivian, was dead and now he had no idea where the bacteriological phial was. No idea that is except he remembered the face of her contact. He will find that man, even if it means turning the whole town inside out. The search has began.

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