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OOC - well I am supposed to stop the contamination somehow. I was just roleplaying as if it is very hard to shake off my agents because of their good training.

"Damnit!" - cried out Raziel, "they managed to get away!"

Gabriel watched calmly as the smoke spread and hid the criminals from the helicopter view. "I have contacted the local police, and they promised to surround this place. They won't get away that easy".


Michael was still sitting in his car. He didn't know what that smoke was made off and didn't want to find out without proper equipment. He put on his gas mask and walked out of his car.

The smoke began to clear a little bit, but now the place seemed to be deserted.

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Julia lay on her bed and felt fury like she hadn't since Alexei betrayed them. She was helpless! Utterly helpless! And she HATED it!

"We sold it for money." She said proudly and spitefully, "We sold it because that's our business. The substance is a genetically modified version of Septimatic (spelling?) Plague. It spreads like wildfire, kills in hours, and is extremely painful. There has never been, and is no cure. As for who hired us..." She smiled, "This is a family branch of an organisation. We aren't common crooks for hire!" She flushed hotly as the man with the uzis sneered down at her. "And we do what we do because we are good at it! Because there will always be someone to pay! And because..." She paused, "Because revenge is so sweet."

"Quite finished?" Azazel asked.

Julia sighed and looked over at her brother. He started to inch away.

"Don't move!" Azazel growled, pointing both uzis in his direction. At once Julia made her move. She flung out her hand to the window, smashing it and slashing her hand. She snatched one of the jagged shards from the air and threw it overarm into her attacker. It punctured his coat, but went no further. He laughed as he drew it out.

"Do you really think I'd come here unprepared?" He said mockingly, "How thick do you think I am?" There was an explosion.

Azazel froze, then looked slowly around. The other one! He had moved! And was standing there...with...a...He collapsed, gurgling to the floor. And Ben dropped the shotgun. He stepped over Azazel and sat back on the bed, and started to cry.

"I didn't want to do it." He sobbed, "You know that!" Julia reached forward and hugged him.

"Shh, shhh." She said, "Come on, we both knew you had to."

"But to take away a life..."

"He isn't dead." At once Ben drew back to look at Azazel on the floor,

"He isn't?" He asked.

"No. But his back is broken." Julia replied. ""See that spot just below his shoulder blades? Right there." Ben sobbed again,

"Worse than death..." He murmured.

"It would be a mercy to kill him." Julia said. Ben got up, and slowly walked over to the prone form. He raised his foot above the breakage. There was a long pause.

"No." He said eventually, lowering his foot to the floor, "I can't do it."

Julia smiled at her brother, he always had been the sweet, gentle one.

"Patch me up then." She said, "We can call a taxi and send him to the hospital."

The taxi driver was extremely surprised at his passenger, even more so when his friends gave him the money for the hospital beforehand. He admitted Azazel with a feeling of relief.

Later that day, only an ally cat saw the two figures leave the house, and make for a secret location.

Vivian scowled as she sat on a chair in the villa. It had been deserted apart from one unconcious guard when they had arrived. She had been so pissed off that she had woken him up and then killed him.

"We have no clues." She said, "No possible clues as to where they went."

"Try the phone again?" Alexei smiled as he sipped the wine he had found.

"Alex won't help us any more, he's either escaped or dead." Vivian scowled. "And he was never free with his advice either." She sighed. "Oh well, might as well try." She dialled the number.

"Alex. Yes this is Vivian. You are being followed, we know that. I want to kill these people, help me out here." She listened to the reply.

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"We sold it for money. The substance is a genetically modified version of Septimatic plague. It spreads like wildfire, kills in hours and is extremely painful. There has never been and is no cure..."

So spoke the direct transmittor, right before Azazel's defeat. Number One smiled. At least now they knew the name of the stuff. He called the main office, "Hello, this is Number One, requesting the medical lab. Yes. Hello, doctor Arden? Yes, this is Number One, requesting all available treatments and vaccines for Septimatic plague. Ah, no data? Get on it right away, find out which antibiotic can destroy it. Also, requesting The Horsemen ready in two hours".

Number One grinned, "Even if it works, they shall never get the money. It will be my duty to destroy them all, ALL using any means necessary. We shall fight terror with terror". He laughed madly. Belziel (Number One) has been known to have an nstable personality and it seemed like this may end badly for the countries of Europe.


The Peace copter landed near Michael. The smog has cleared, but it seemed like Leonid and Kees were gone.

Michael got on the copter. He looked mad, "Why is the police not here yet?! Those lousy cops can't ever get anywhere on time when they are needed!"

Raziel grinned, "Heh, incompetents. Now, let us proceed with the search. I have informed the Dutch government of the threat of terror, but I doubt that they believed me. It seems we'll have to do this all by ourselves".

The copter lifted off to search the nearby territory for signs of the contaminators.


Azazel lay in the hospital bed. His eyes were open. He was grinning. Thanks to the armored vest around his body, his back was not broken - Julia has mistaken his half-shattered vest for the breakage of the spine. Azazel stood up, it hurt to walk - a close-range blast of a shotgun in the back can do that to you.

Those pitiful fools didn't finish him off - too bad for them. It was time to get to the nearby weapons shop, because his weapons were gone.

Azazel exited the hospital and headed for the nearest weapon shop.

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OOC - hehe, I'll make things a little bit more interesting. Hehe

The Horsemen were ready to depart. They loaded several large metal boxes into the helicopter and then set out.

All four of the Horsemen wore radiation-contamination suits and mask of black color. Each one of the suits had a nametag, different from each other:





The helicopter made its way to Paris, France and no one except Belziel knew what they were up to.

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Once a smaller part of the CIA dealing with assignations or anything else needed to help the American goverment, the group broke off and found funding from billionares across the world in exchange for favors. The group is fairly large now, and very secret with many, many past sucesses they look for any chance to have better weapons, vechicles and men. They still fundimentally serve the Allied nations, Britan, America, France, Russia etc... But will do whatever needed for anyone.

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The Horsemen landed in Paris in an abandoned neighborhood. They walked out of the chopper, carrying on of the humongous metallic boxes with them. The box was hid in the basement of a dilapidated old house.

The Horsemen wanted to make sure that no one saw them do this.

War saw a boy starting to run, scared of them.

He took out a paralizer gun. One shot and the kid was down on the ground.

The Horsemen brought the shild onboard the chopper and headed for Hague, Netherlands.

One their way, the kid was dropped from the height on the ground, smashing a car window.


The Keepers in Hague were still searching for the criminals


Azazel, who has just purchased a new weapon for himself - a german submachine gun made his way to the nearby telephone.

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The three black clothed men crept silently in the night, all that was heard was the wind blowing and the crunch of their feet against the snow as they made their way to their destination. Many tall trees covered the area, it was a small forest and the three hid behind the tall oak trees. Taking out binoculers they looked upon their destination. A small Russian outpost, it had four wooden tours with spotlights and machine guns in them accompined by two men operating the equitment, also it had chain fence all around it except for one opening where their was a wooden box with a gate keeper and a gate operating it. Inside the base were six long rectangualer brown barracks where the gaurds slept. But their was one other building, a rectanguler structer like the rest of the barracks but it was larger, this is where they wanted to get into. Taking out their handguns they put their hoods over their faces, screwed silencers onto their handguns and moved out into the harsh winter night.

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Alex sat besides the swimming pool, next to a fancy house- even bigger then his own in the Netherlands. His boss sat next to him.

The boss drank his martini and spoke, with a voice burdened by age.

"As for business, Alex, is everything set on schedule?"

"Yes, sir. The portions melange have been set at targets 1 and 2. We're positive that those pesky agents didn't track them."

"Good. Then I shall inform the authorities this evening of the ultimatum. I have prepared a demonstration to show we are not to be trifled with."

"I'm curious about this demonstration...but don't tell me, I like to be surprised."

The boss smiled.

"I think you will be. The shock factor will be quite high, as you will see. Anyway, where is what's his name..eeeeh..."

"Leonid Kruchkov?"

"Yes. Where is he?"

"I don't know. I instructed him to lay low. I suppose he must be enjoying the vacation I promised him."

"Good. I don't want him to take part in the operation any longer. He seems to...attract attention. He didn't succeed in shaking off those agents."

"I'm sure that was not his fault, sir."

"I think you let your friendship get in the way of your judgement."

"I doubt it. Leonid is the most competent man under my command. Bad luck can happen to everyone, but that doesn't undermine my trust in his capabilities."

"If you say so. I know better then to ignore your judgement."

That evening, at 22:00 an e-mail is sent to each government in Europe, from an unidentified computer, containing the following:

To the prime minister of...

Today, two containers of a modified septimatic strain bacteria have been deployed in 2 major cities somewhere in the European Union. There is no cure for desease or any hope for survival once the desease has been contracted. We will unlock the seal on wednesday 27 november, unless you meet the following demands.

Tomorrow at 9:55 you will disable the Big Ben in London and keep it non functioning all day, pretending it is a mechanical malfunction. Doing this will declare your willingness to meet the next demand. Otherwise the bacteria will be released that day.

This demand requires you to supply us with 40 billion British pounds worth in gold bullion. Tuesday at 23:00 hours you will receive the instructions of where to drop off the gold, wich will be somewhere around Berlin. At 0:00 you will drop off the gold in 3 different cargo trucks, where they will be collected by representatives of ours. Do not follow him, or wire any of the gold supplies or the trucks. The consequences are obvious. If you fail to comply with this demand the bacteria will be released that day.

To show we are not joking, we prepared a minor demonstration. 5 minutes after this message is sent an incident will occur in Paris.

5 minutes later a bomb exploded in the headquarters of a major French insurance company. Because the building was almost empty at that time few casualties were made, but the damage to building and its vicinity was catastrophic.

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Michael smiled, "I see someone suspicious. This might be one of them".

Raziel was grim as he looked down on the four man on the ground in black suits and murmured, "No! Has the Leader gone insane?! Those are the Horsemen!!"

Gabriel, Michael and Azrael were shocked. "You don't mean that...?" - Michael mumbled.

Raziel answered, "I'm not sure. Let's go down".

Azrael smiled, "Of course". The smiled vanished from his face when he saw the Horsemen unload their second box into some crack in an apartment building.

Gabriel looked scared, "Let's get out of here. I don't want to have anything to do with those freaks".

Raziel grinned, "What? Scared?"

Gabriel frowned, "No, no, of course not. Me? Scared? Never! I laugh in the face of danger. Hahahha, ha... ha".

The Peacecopter landed next to the Horsemen copter.

Raziel spoke to the Horsemen, who were already planning to leave, "What has brought the riders to this place?"


Azazel used the phonebooth to call Julia. He was the master of voices.

Azazel (In Vivian's voice): Hey, Jules. I'm in a tight spot and in need of your help. Please, send Donnie to help me out, I am in Amsterdam.

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The tree walked away from the outpost, one took out a radio and whispered "Target confirmed Omega 9 0 1 0 roger." A small silence and then a response "Affirmitive charlie team, there is a convey truck coming up any minute, you know what to do." "Roger" whispered one of the agents and he put the radio away. The wind is all that was heard until a small rumble echoed throughout the hills. The group looked and saw a green convoy truck, they hid behind a tree until it passed them a littlw, then they jumped into the back of it. Two Russian gaurds got starteled and awoke but before they could do anything 10 silenced bullets sliced through them.

Two of the men got into the Russian infantrys outfits, while the other pounded on the back of the cargo hold, the truck stopped and the drivver got out and started mummbling "Whats wrong comrade" in Russian. He looked around the truck and two silenced shots hit him in the face. The last member zipped up in the Russian outfit, they all dragged the bodys and hid them in the forest. One of the three got in the drivvers seat, started the truck and headed towards the base.

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As the sedan creep toward it's prey the electric windows lowered and the rushing air filled the vehicle. The yellow center lines on the asphalt blur into one continuious line. The moment had come for the metal demon rider.

"(Well), I don't

Live today

Maybe tomorrow, I just can't say, but, uh

I don't

Live today

It's such a shame to waste your time away like this


Well, uh-I don't

Live today

Maybe tomorrow, I just can't tell you baby, but, uh

Oh, I don't

Live today...."

Darius hits the throttle and the metal demon accelerates lunging forward as if all around it were standing still. Just as the angels of death in the sedan fire spitting a hail of bullets, Darius speeds to the right shoulder around the back of the trailer of the truck racing with the devil to pass the transport truck. Bullets ricocheted off the back of the truck trailer.

"WTF?!" the truckdriver looking into his leftside rearview mirror seeing only the sedan. He does not notice the speeding metal machine racing on his right coming from the shoulder.

"Son of a bitch" yells the front passenger "speed up and catch him!"

The sedan driver putting his foot into the accelerator petal of the vehicle, "I am on it damn it!"

The sedan engine responds and accelerates to an imaginery finish line that only the driver knows.

"It's such a shame to waste your time away like this


Well, uh-I don't

Live today

Maybe tomorrow, I just can't tell you baby, but, uh

Oh, I don't

Live today..."

The metal demon is racing from the right shoulder along side the hugh truck headed toward the cab. The truckdriver still has not noticed the motorcycle and it's rider his attention has been focused on the sedan that is now speeding in the lane on his left.

"Fucking crazy drivers and their road rage. I don't know who you guys are but if you want to start some trouble I have something for you!" as the truck driver opens his arm rest where he keeps his weapon.

The sedan is speeding trying to make it's way up the lenght of the trailer. Darius is passing the cab of the truck. The truck driver at the last moment sees the blur of the metal demon. Darius cuts across in front of the truck in a game of death on hells wings. The truck driver swirves hard to the left to avoid the motorcycle crossing his path at the last moment into the path of the sedan. The sedan is also speeding to the meeting point of the death. The truckdriver sees the speeding sedan and slams on his brakes hard causing the semi to jack knife. The sedan doesn't respond in time to the actions of the semi-truck. The sedan slams into the bottom of the trailer ripping the top of the vehicle away from the body in a college of metal, glass and human flesh. The front occupants die instantly as their upper bodies are severed. The passenger in the back seat falls to the back seat floor board escaping only until the back wheels of the tractor trailer coming crushing down on the remains of the vehicle. Darius speeds down the interstate leaving the carnage behind him. As traffic on the interstate comes to a near halt at the scene of the accident. Who were these people and why do they have such an affection for him, what agency had sent them? Darius thought to himself as the metal demon races along the interstate.

"Its such a shame to spend the time

Away like this





Oh, no


Oh, there ain't no life no where....."

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Death decided to respond, his voice was coarse because of the radiation mask. "We are here by the command of Belziel. He has thought of a plan that will put an end to this nonsense without losing any more Keepers".

Raziel grinned, "And what might that be? Blowing everything up?", he said sarcastically.

Pestilence laughed, "Yes, yes, exactly. Except we only blow everything up if the disease spreads. Otherwise - the threat of total destruction will be enticement enough to these lowlifes. They aren't suicide bombers - they care for their own skins".

The Keepers stared disbelievingly at the Horsemen.

Raziel growled, "You better tell me what is in that box that you just hid!"

"Certainly," - Pestilence answered - "A 75 megaton thermonuclear warhead that is set to go off in 24 hours unless the terrorist give up".

Raziel raised his assault rifle and started firing in the air in his madness. "A Nuke??!! You better disarm it this instant before I blow your head off".

War snickered, "Common reaction, but there is no possible way anyone can disarm it except for Belziel himself. So, unless the terrorists give up their plans and give themselves up - the cities of Amsterdam, Hague and Paris will go up in smoke".

Raziel and the rest decided to go back to the headquarters and stop Belziel's madness.

They loaded on the chopper and left.

So did the Horsemen. But before they did, they sent a message to every terrorist member - Leonid, Vivian, Julia, Speedy Kees and Alex's apartments and informed them about this.

The terrorists will never get their money.

If they refuse, then they with the rest will be blasted from the face of the Earth and recieve the blame for it - for they were already known to the police.

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The truck rumbeled across the open road until it finally made its way to the base. It stopped at the gate and the spy was talking fluent Russian to the gate keeper. The two were getting nervous at the time it was taking and finally the Russian said one last word and opened the gate. The truck drove into the base, and the two in the back of the truck got out and went to the drivers door, the window rolled down and the spy talked to the others "Alright, I got the guy believing something, no time to tell ya what it is now, go in, plant it, get the documents and lets get out of here, hurry we have 5 minutes!" the two obeyed and ran to the larger building. They walked up the stone steps that were covered with snow and entered the doors. It was a long room with four gaurds with machine guns and a table at the end of it plus some grey file cabnits. The two walked past the guards and suddenly one of them reached for the light swicth turning the lights off. The Russians yelled in panic and the spys turned on their night vision, opening fire with their silenced hand guns killing the four guards. Turning the lights back on they ran to the end of the building and opened the file cabnit. They despretly searched through until they found the three files and briefcase they were looking for. Grabbing them they ran to the door and one threw a 4 by 4 foot package back in the room. They jumped on the truck and the drivver drove out of the gates. The Russians learned what happened and started firing at the now fast moving truck. But it was to late as one of the spies took out a control panel and pressing a few buttons detonated the bomb, taking the whole outpost and men out. A Average mission for SD9K. One of the spies flipped through one of the files and said "Ah the plague....Thats what this is all about...."

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The SUV slowly drives pass the scene of the accident at the speed of a funeral procession. Observing the vehicle wreakage and the mangled metal coffin that rests on the grassy median of the interstate.

"The target has evaded capture negative three" backseat driver speaking into his ear mic, "we will continue pursuit request another un---"

A voice at the other end of the connect interrupts the backseat driver in mid sentence.

"No request denined you will back off we can track the target by other means your mission is finished go and wait for further orders" the voice says in an cold emotional manner.

The voice continues talking "You have drawn attention to yoursevles disapper out of sight until we make contact with you again. Is that understood?"

"Understood" the backseat driver replies.

The SUV continues north on the interstate blending into the traffic until it exits and disappers.

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Julia put the phone down. Dammit, she knew she needed another number. She smashed the phone with her fist, her private number was known only to her sister. She slmost smiled, had the implication of the call not been so terrible she would have done. "Jules." She said quietly. "JULES?!" Her brother entered from the next room,

"What's up?" He asked, drying a dish.

"I just got a call, it sounded exactly like Vivian."

"How do you know it wasn't?"

"The idiot called me JULES for crying out loud! I mean the fake voice was five star quality but JULES?" She snorted in contempt and hurled the knife she kept with her at all times now overarm to land on the bullseye in the dartboard opposite. "I'd have fallen for it too..." She murmured, "I really would have...Right. If anyone calls ask them a question about our childhood, who used to like Lego, who broke their arm twice, that sort of thing. We can't afford any risks."

"We are several feet underground and surrounded by concrete." Ben pointed out, but looking worried.

"And we left Paris as well. We have to lie low. REALLY low, until I can fight again."

"And me?" Ben looked slightly pleading.

"I'm sorry." Julia sympathised, "I'm so sorry."

"I can never go back...back to normal life..."

"You'd be killed if you did." Julia pointed out.

"Yes, I know."

"Do oyu hate us for this?" Julia asked.

"For what?"

"Dragging you out of your quiet, perfect life and forcing you to be a fugative, probably forever." Julia said bluntly.

"No." Ben replied, "Anything for family." He retrieved her knife for her before returning to the kitchen.

'He's the best one of us.' Julia thought, and eased herself in her chair.

Vivian raised her eyebrows.

"What is it?" Alexei asked, leaning over his sister's shoulder to peer at her laptop screen.

"The mail," she answered, "Read it." Alexei did so. He raised his eyebrows too.

"So that's what they were going to do with it." He said. "Should we stop them?"

"It's none of our business." Vivian answered, exiting the hacked e-mail account. "We have a Vendetta, remember?" She went on to hack into international police records and wipe them clean of her family.

"We kill your killer and whoever told him to kill you." Alexei smiled. "I have a surprise for you there." He smiled. "I think I know who they are."


"The threat they sent." Alexei replied. "Only one person would do that. Belziel."


"I used to work for him."


"I was a Keeper."

"Why didn't you say?"

"You didn't ask." Alexei smiled. Vivian seethed. "I know some of the people there." Alexei continued, "And I think we can avert this tragedy and get revenge at the same time. I have a friend there, his name is Michael. He wouldn't have authorised this and knowing him is trying to stop it."

"How does this help us?"

"I get us in, through him. We kill everyone, and try to stop the bombs."

"And if we can't?"

"Too bad." Alexei said. Vivian frowned.

"Risky. Very risky."

record of a phone call made to Michael;

Michael? Hi, this is Alexei. Remember? Yes, the weird one. Anyway, I need a favour, but it requires effort on both sides. You know my sister is Vivian Frey? You didn't? No need to be so rude, but she is. I propose a temporary alliance. We work together to stop the nutter, then you stop trying to kill us, and we stop trying to kill you. We can go our seperate ways. How about it?

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The Peacecopter was headed for the base, followed by the Horsemen.

Michael was checking his phone for messages and has come across one message of interesting content. It was from his former Keeper partner Alexei - or Alexeus, which was his code name.

Raziel looked at Michael and grinned, "Anything important?"

Michael smiled, "Yes, a message from my fromer peace partner Alexeus. He wants to help us stop Belziel".

Raziel frowned angrily at Michael, "To work with a traitor?? Have you lost your mind?"

"Of course not. I will not work with him to destroy everything I swore to protect. If he wants to stop Belziel, he will have to liquidate the plague" - he answered.

Raziel smiled afirmatively, "Good. After all, if someone spreads the plgue he will die as well as from the nukes".

Michael pushed the callback button and recorded his answer:

"Liquidate the plague and the madness will cease. Otherwise, I can't help you".


Azazel boarded his copter and left back to base. He has recieved the message informing him of the bombs. Julia will die anyway.

Paris, Amsterdam and Hague and their surroundings had only 12 hours left.

It was now all up to the bioterrorists.

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Alexis seethed. His reply;

The plague is in Leonid's hands, or at least his superiors. I can't do anything about it. But you of all people should be trying to stop the use of the Horsemen!

btw, Julia is no longer in Paris. She left for a secret bunker somewhere. SECRET.

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"Are you sure?" asked one of the black robed figures "Yes I am sure, Belziel will want our assitence." The other one nodded and the message was left on Belziels answering machine:

Belziel PeaceMaster:

We have learned of the plague, our agents from SD9K will assist you, you will be contacted later with further informatoin, good bye.

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Michael's reply to Alexis:

"One of your kin sold the plague, so it is your responsibility to stop it! Stop the plague, and the PeaceMaster will stop the destruction".

Belziel to SD9K:

"Yes, I would appreciate your assistance. You still have 12 hours before Operation Apocalypse begin, retrieve the plague before that and the operation will be cancelled".

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Belziel grinned. His obsession with peace has grown even more. Nothing in this world now satisfied him more than killing the ones who destroyed it. "Soon, it will be a new age! An age of Peace! An age when all who act against it will be long dead and only the ones who join my goal for human happiness will sirvive. I thank those terrorists for promoting my ambition farther than it has ever gone before". He laughed in mad fits of darkness.

Message to Belziel PeaceMaster to all terrorists: You now have 6 hours to give up. If you do not, you, with the rest of France and Holland, will die!"

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Alexis sighed as he sent his reply;

I'm afraid you don't understand. The original plague was stolen years ago by the TWO OF US. Remember? When destroying a secret biological weapons silo in Florida, we both took samples. I don't know what you did with yours, mine went into the family cultures and has been grown ever since. We still have it. Only a few samples were given over. Therefore, you are just as responsible as I am for this plague. And blowing up cities makes you terrorists too, doesn't the old nutcase realise that? No, of course not, he always was mad.

Still, it won't be any big deal to me if a country goes bye bye. The governments will be furious of course... But I'll be on another continent by the time it runs out. If you don't want our help, very well. I'll save my own skin. Unless you accept, last chance Michael.

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Darius needed information but who do you trust in times like theses? Had the messagae from earlier today been a fake and if so is that is why these assassins had been set to elimanate him? If he had been targeted for retirement who was giving the orders. Darius could find the leads or what he hoped would be useful information at http://chappie.stanford.edu/~gcon/espionage/. The motorcycle sped along toward destination unknown.

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