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(Dust, you can't make me involved in the plague stealing, that's GM).

Except I'm not altering the situation am I? Just inventing a history. And there are other ways to stop it then the (rather clumsy) "No I didn't." You could have said, "Yes, but I realised how silly it was and disposed of it." Or, "I gave it to some scientist guys so that they could find a cure, they didn't." Or something like that. Nonetheless, I expected a denial, so...

Alexei sent his last message, then turned to his sister.

"We're leaving, now." He said.

"Why?" Vivian asked, getting up from the chair she had been sitting on.

"Michael wants nothing to do with me, and since Leonid most likely has no time for this we're leaving and letting them blow up a country or two."

They left.

Alexei's message:

Too bad. I thought you peace-loving lot would be the first to try to stop a country or three being destroyed. Think of all the innocent lives. Still, if that's how you feel, fine. I'll be hidden in no time, and I'll watch the fireworks from afar. Give my pity to the rest of you,


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Message from Belziel to Alexei:

Ah, my old fellow Keeper, how long has it been? And you haven't changed a bit. How pitiful. You think that you can hide? You cannot hide from us. If the terrorists do not agree to our terms, the Apocalypse will begin. Do you think those countries will not retaliate? Fool. It will be nuclear war. And then you shall pay for your crimes against peace. And I, Belziel the PeaceMaker, shall be the victor, and it will be me who will laugh over your burned corpse.

The terrorists have 2 hours left.

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OOC: This thread is going into the wrong direction. It was supposed to be a story in espionage theme and Vigil comes in and brings in nukes and some weird cultist guys. Sheesh.

And Vigil, you don't know where my characters are. I'm warning you.

The boss, of wich few know his name, sat down on the coach. He sighed.

"Alex." he began.

"Yes boss?"

"A few minutes ago I had this message sent to the EU governments."

To the prime minister of...

You have failed to keep your end of the bargain. You send agents after us who now believe they can blackmail us trhough our concience by theatening to kill more millions then we would if we don't obey. They're wrong. They have planted nukes in different locatitions, of wich we don't know where. I suggets you try to stop them.

Anyway, to show we are not to be trifled with, the first bio container will be opened after I sent this message. If you wish to avoid further deads you will pay the money or we will release the second container.

Alex was shocked.

"You're really going to...."

"Indeed I am. Watch me."

The boss looked at a man behind another computer and he nodded. The man then smashed a small glass seal covering a red button and pushed it.

30 minutes later the disease had infected almost all citizens of Rome, who died by the end of the day.

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OOC - I think this is great. I've created a new image for the good guys ;)

Belziel smiled. He has just found out that Dr. Arden has just found an antibiotic that will work against the plague. But, this didn't mean that the Apocalypse wouldn't happen. On the contrary, Belziel recieved news od an outbreak of the deadly bacteria in Rome, resulting in 3 million deaths.

All Keepers and Eliminators returned back to base, which was then sealed off. No one will be getting in or out.

Now it was time to take action.

The countdown has begun.

10 minutes...

Message from Belziel to terrorists:

This is your final warning! Give up and you will not die. Do not try to hide, because after the initial blast, nuclear war will follow. And then, when the Earth is cleansed from the plague of humanity, Peace shall prevail!

(You can see this guy has lost the last drop of sanity, can't you ;))

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5... 4... 3... 2... 1... BOOM!!!

The thermonuclear bombs exploded in a blast of ultimate power. Three of them, one in Amsterdam, Hague and Paris.

The initial blasts took out a circular area of 200 miles around each one of those cities.

Clouds gathered above, raining radioactive waste on the European soil. Gamma radiation rays penetrated the deepest hideouts of the ground and condemned them to long and excruciating death of radiation poisoning.

European news report:

"Three thermonuclear bombs exploded today in the countries of Netherlands and France. This is the long awaited Apocalypse. So far, 50 million people are estimated dead and 70 million more dying. It is suspected that the bombs came from those very same terrorists that spread the Septimatic plague in Rome several days ago. I..."

The reporter went into fits and had to be removed from the office by men in radioactive suits.

Belziel smiled as he watched the news report. Now, all he had to do, is tell the governments of the suffering countries in which country the terrorists were hiding and there will be nothing left of them.

Belziel picked up the phone. "Ah yes, is this the governmental office of France? Yes, I have an idea of where the terrorists are hiding. I think that one of them is in Russia, while the others are in the US. Message this to Holland too".

Belziel laughed. In a few days, this planet will be cleansed of all war and the peace will forever remain undisturbed.

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Julia, Vivian, Alexei, and Ben sat around the TV screen, showing the destruction in Europe. Vivian looked interested, Julia looked sick, Alexei was facinated; Ben had thrown up twice already.

"Do they really expect us to come out?" Vivian asked scornfully.

"We have enough canned food down here to last a hundred people for fifty years." Alexei replied, not taking his eyes from the screen. "We don't need to."

"And there's the training room." Vivian said,

"And the database."

"The contacts outside."

"The library."

"We are unfindable."



"Invincible." There was a pause.

"Do you feel guilty?" Julia asked.

Vivian thought, before replying, "No. Just embarrased that I made such a silly mistake."

"I'm not." Alexei smiled, "This has turned out...very interesting..."

The red-haired woman with thick glasses entered the room.

"You wanted to see me sir?" She asked. The figure in the shadows nodded. She had never seen his face, it was always hidden in the darkness.

"You are to go out." He said, "I am releasing you from your previous contract. You are to find Alexei Frey and his siblings. And destroy them. Do not fail me." The last sentance carried the weight of death upon it. The woman shivered, and nodded. At once the figure blurred, and a knife flew from the left! The woman ducked at once and rolled to catch the knife before it even landed.

"Impressive." The figure said, "I see my training procedures have turned even you into some kind of fighting force. Go now."

The woman bowed, and left.

She hurried along the corridor, uncaring of the CCTV cameras. She entered her laboratory and grabbed the biggest bag she could find. She filled it hurridly with as much stuff as possible, then dashed to her quarters and packed her personal items. By this time her hurry was noticed, and her fellow Peacekeepers were giving her odd looks. One tried to stop her in the corridor. She knocked him unconcious, but not before he had numbed her right leg to the point of uslessness. She was on the roof sooner than expected. Taking a last look at the building she had been imprisoned in for years, Elisa Frey entered her peacecopter and took to the skies.

Belziel sat at his desk and smiled to himself. He spoke to the three people now in front of him, who were watching the peacecopter by radar display.

"Follow her." Belziel said.

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The governments of Netherlands and France were furious after Belziel's call. They messaged the governements of Russia and US and demanded the turnover of the terrorists, but recieved a "We don't know where they are" in response. Vowing to seek revenge on whoever did this to them, the Presidents of those countries pressed the red button, launching the nukes, and putting a beginning to the nuclear war.

In response, both Russia and US launched their nukes.

This was truly the Apocalypse.

T - 200 until ICBMs reach country borders.

England decided to remain neutral in the conflict, watching it from afar. Belziel's contacts with the Parliament has payed off.

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Hmmm... I think he's right, nuclear war wasn't the point of this thread, and it really spoils it a bit. However, I'll stay. Although it will be most annoying to work with an ally. Won't you reconsider please Earthnuker?

Unknown to all those in the English parliment, there was in fact a minor sub-section of the House of Commons that actually worked honestly. It was headed by a man right now running away from London as fast as he could. He had grabbed everything he could, emptied his large bank account into a location he could pick it up from, and made for the hills. He was afraid that Britain would be next; terrified. He made his way to his estate in the country by bus, then sent it into lockdown mode. The windows were barred, the doors locked and bolted, the gates shut and the barbed wire raised. High-tech systems protected the mansion as he left in a helicopter (one of the few items he had gained ilegally) and headed North.

A peacecopter without a pilot crashed in the wilderness of the Arctic circle that night. But what with the rest of the chaos, nobody noticed, except the Peacekeepers themselves. Jared and Elisa Frey flew on.

"We have recieved orders." Vivian read the message to the others, "We are to send a copter to Edinburgh to pick up the upper council and Magus."

"They really like their Heirachy don't they?" Alexei grinned. "They're on their own now. We don't need them and it's far too dangerous to fly now."

"We refuse then." Vivian headed back to the communications room.

Message from upper council to Belziel (untracable);

We offer the positions of rogue agents Vivian Frey and family. Respond.

Message sent from Vivian to Alex (If you decide to stay, Earthnuker) (again, untracable);

[hide] Times are dangerous. We offer you sanctuary provided that we work together.


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