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Julia cursed as she brought her hand up in a high arc and threw the shotgun out of reach. It clattered on a roof somewhere. Raziel fired. Julia fell to the ground just in time and swept her foot around to bring Raziel to the ground with a kick to his ankle. He kept hold of his rifle as he fell, and in seconds was back up. But Julia had disappeared. He turned around in a cirle, trying to locate her.

"Don't bother, whoever you are!" Her voice floated down from a rooftop, but which one? He couldn;'t see her, and her voice could have come from anywhere! "The deal has already been made! The melange has already been transfered! You have failed!"

Raziel spotted a movement. He fired! There was a scream, a thump, and the body of a pigeon flopped to the ground.

"Nice try." Julia's dry voice teased him, "You should, by the way, know that your arm is infected. Now a great agent like you will know that there are thousands of infections in the world, bacterial, fungal, viruses are my personal favourite. But you do not know what it is, and you will have noticed already the symptoms. Your muscles have started to lock, that's how I avoided your gun, you were just that little bit slower. Soon it will get worse, you will be unable to move and terrified of water. That wound will-" There was a pause in her teasing as Raziel released another shot into the blackness. There was a scraping sound as Julia retrieved her shotgun.

"Only I know what it is. Only I have the cure. Without me, you will be dead in less than twenty four hours. Be sensible. Are you going to kill the only person who can save you from a painful and agonising death? .... Again?"

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Raziel laughed like a madman. He opened his jacket and took out a flare. The launched flare lightened the sky and for a brief moment, he could see her. There! There she was on that rooftop! Raziel gripped his rifle and started after Julia, who tried to escape him. Julia fired her shotgun. She missed. Raziel laughed and raised the rifle. He began firing a long barrage of bullets. Julia tried to run, but one of the bullets wounded her ankle.

Raziel laughed again "Do you really think that I would seek help from a criminal? You must be insane. He jumped on the rooftop where Julia tried to get up with her wounded ankle. Raziel pointed his rifle at her and fired, but it clicked and no bullet came out. He threw the rifle away in a fit of rage.

Julia turned around and he saw a shotgun flash in her hand. She fired. The shells hit Raziel in both legs. He fell to the ground, grinning. Struggling, he took out a 9mm and raised it, but Julia fired again. This time the shells wounded him in the arm and the gun dropped from his hand. Raziel smiled and fell to the ground. Julia walked over to him to see if he was dead. Raziel's eyes were closed. Julia kicked him in the leg. No response. She kneeled over him.

He opened his eyes and grinned again. He reached out with his healthy hand and grabbed Julia's hair. Julia yelled in surprise, but then pointed the shotgun in his face.

He looked so happy for someone who was about to die.

She frowned and said "This is for my dead sister, you bastard!"

Swiftly, he grabbed her harder by the hair and with the last strength took out a grenade out of his pocket with his wounded arm. There was no pin.

He smiled like someone who accomplished all his goals in life and said, "FOR THE PEACE".

There was an explosion on the roof.

OOC - Dust, you can roleplay the results of the explosion.

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Leonid sat next to Alex in the plane. They had succesfully bypassed the customs gates and now headed to Amsterdam, carrying the biological weapon in a suitcase. Alex had it on its lap.

"Leonid," Alex said. "I know your part of the deal was just to collect the melange, but there were complications."

Leonid was all ears.

"What do you mean?"

"Our man in Amsterdam is dead. The information we managed to get regarding the incident tells us that he was killed in a firefight. The police doesn't know who did it, it was possibly an agent of some European organisation."

"Now what?"

"I am afraid you will have to act as courier for the melange. When we land, I will provide you with maps so you can find your way to the local establishment of our organisation."

Leonid sighed. He was looking forward for a short vacation. Why did he not become a lawyer, like his father wanted?

"Come on, Leonid. You only have to deliver the case to HQ in the Netherlands and fill them in on the events in Paris. No big deal. You will get a long vacation after this, I promise. Besides, you're the only one of us who speaks Dutch."

"Alex, I know I am not supposed to ask this, but what do you intend to do with the melange?"

"You indeed are not supposed to ask that."

"Sorry, I know. I just had to try."

Alex smiled.

"You already know quite a bit, so I'll tell you a thing or two. I trust you won't tell anybody how much you know. After the melange is secure in the Netherlands, we will send a message to all the European countries that we demand a sum of money. If they do not comply, we will release the melange on two major European cities."

"I thought it was something like that."

"We're about to land. I've bribed local customs personel, so we won't have to worry about getting caught at the airport. When we're at the hotel I'll give you a more detailed briefing."

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Just before the explosion, Raziel managed to press a button on his transmittor, informing the Peacekeepers that he was about to die. A new agent was sent out.

He was already in Paris for some time, watching how the events played out. He saw the struggle between Raziel and Julia and the explosion on roof, but he had not idea if they were dead or not. He walked calmly down the street, always holding an assault rifle under his jacket. That weapons was his favorite.

He walked over and entered the store where he was supposed to meet with a contact. He saw the contact, he was a burly man in his middle ages, who had red hair and smelled like a drunkard.

The agent stopped and introduced himself to the burly man,

"Hello, my name is Raziel. Raziel Mortimis"

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Julia lay on the roof. She groaned, and tried to sit up. Not a good idea. She fell back with a scream of pain as her back arched in protest. She couldn't move, she hurt all over, her weapons were gone and she didn't know whether her potential killer was dead or not... She looked up at the sky, just breaking dawn, and stifled another scream as she tried to move her arm.

"You really fell for it that time didn't you?" A voice above said. Julia tensed, then fell back again, the pain even worse. She tried to ask who it was, but all that came from her aching jaw was,

"Ooh, r gh?"

"You need to see a doctor." The gentle voice said, "Fortunately, I'm the best." Julia felt a needle slide into her skin, her vision started to blur even more.

"Ht goh don?" She managed.

"Hush." The voice replied, "You'll wake up in a few days." And with that, Julia Frey slid into unconciousness. Her last thought before she blacked out was, 'Well if he survived, he's dead soon anyway.'

She didn't feel it as she was picked up and carried from rooftop to rooftop to reach a small suburban house, no different from any other. Nor when she was laid in a bed and administered to. She slept.

Raziel did not groan. His self-control didn't let him. It was midday now, and getting hot. Both of his legs were useless, and without them he couldn't get down from the roof. His face was torn by a large chunk of grenade which had lodged there, making crying for help impossible. He was dehydrated, losing too much blood, and on the roof. He lay there.

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Raziel II has found out where the explosion happened. It only took him 15 minutes to get there. Getting on the roof was easy, all it took was a piece of rope. There on one of the roofs layed the wounded agent, but no other body. So, Julia was also alive. Raziel II picked up the mutilated body of Raziel and carried him down the roof. Putting the body in the back, he drove him to the nearest hospital, where the wounded agent was admitted.

Raziel was in bad shape - a chunk of his face was missing, both his legs and one arm were pierced by bullets and an unknown virus was detected in his blood. He died in 2 hours.

Raziel II collected all the stuff that the previous agent had with him and left. "There is a man named Leonid out there, who was going to spread the virus. I have evidence that he is flying to Amsterdam" - last entry in the dead Raziel's diary.

Raziel contemplated. Finding this man will not be an easy task, but he'll manage. And then there is also that woman.

Raziel drove to the airport. There in the corner, stood the Peacekeeper plane. informing the police of the woman Julia, he loaded his stuff on the plane and left for Amsterdam.

The terrorists must not get the chance to spread the disease.

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*part 2*

Rene Blond rides in his bentley towards home... constantly thinking about the murder on the party that night.... Big Bob was was an important person in the world... he had a big company and he was very rich... also he had many friends on high positions... the IBD suspects him from criminal stuff though since about 3 years now. They once send out a secret agent to find out what Big Bob was doing but he never came back.

They fear he's dead. All these thought fly through Rene Blond's mind. He then comes to the conclusion that it doesn't make sense. Why would anyone kill him? He didn't actually to have any enemies... and still he was killed this night.....

Next morning Rene Blond is called by the IBD headquarters. He walks through the welcome hall and sees that Madam Lethal, better known as Madam L, head of the IBD department walks toward him.

Aaah Rene, i'm glad you're here. Did you hear about the murder on Bob Blowfinger last night?

Yes, i was actually there.

Madam L speeks again: Good... because we don't thrust this, i want you to investigate this. But you're not going alone... I arranged a partner for you, her name is Angela Goldnose..... Come in dear!

Angela Goldnose: Aaah mister blond. What a pleasant surprise.

Madam L: You know each other?

Angela Goldnose: Yes, i met him last night at the party.

Madam L: Good, that should speeden up your work i hope. But if you don't mind, i have work to do.

Rene Blond and Angela Goldnose leave the office and Rene Blond invites Angela for a drink.

Angela Goldnose: Sooo, what a coincidence that we meet again... and what a surprise that you are a secret agent as well.

Rene Blond: Yes, most fortunate yes.

Angela Goldnose: Do you have an idea where we'd best start?

Rene Blond nods and says: I suggest that we look at his house first.... to find out more about him... I don't thrust this murder... we know too little about him... The problem however is that he lives in a giant villa on an island and it is very heavily guarded, i'm sure that they are not realy fond of people sniffing around.

Angela Goldnose: Ok, so how do we get there unnoticed?

Rene Blond: Well, perhaps our secret weapons department has a nice sollution to this... let's find out

Our two spies pay for the drink and leave... they then walk straightly towards the IBD secret weapons department.

Mister X (he got the nickname because they also call him Mister eXperimental) walks towards the couple and greets them.

Mister X: Ah Blond number 7. How are you doing? And who is this lovely lady?

Rene Blond: I'm fine, and this is Angela Goldnose... my collegue for the coming investigation. But to come to the point... I need a way to come on the island of Big Bob..... unnoticed.

Mister X: Aaah then i have just what you need... follow me.

During their walk they encounter numerous strange weapons like guns firing bullets that come out on the other side of the gun. Pencils that fires acid, a mobile phone that can fire small, but lethal discs.

Finally Mister X stops at a strange vehicle...

Mister X: This! mister Blond is what we call the GEM, the Go Everywhere Mobile... it can fly, ride, and go through water... submerged... and it is totally silent... not even Sonar pics this up. This is what you need to infiltrate that house.

*part 3 will follow soon*

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btw, the stuff that poisoned Raziel and the stuff that was given to Leonid are different.

Julia woke up. That sounds sudden, it actually took her a good quarter hour to do so. She tried to move, but found herself tightly bound in several plaster casts, her ankle, neck, and left arm were all imobile. She cursed to herself, and wondered why she was so hungry. A voice from outside the door,

"She's awake now, shall we go in?"

"Yes." Another voice said, the same one that had spokeon to her on the roof Julia realised, "We need to leave as soon as possible." The door opened, and Julia was wide awake at once. She stared, she blinked, her jaw dropped.

"Oh don't do that." Vivian said, "It makes you look like a fish." Julia's jaw snapped shut with an audible click. "Wwuw?" She mumbled, and realised that her jaw was numb.

"You can't speak yet," Vivian sounded sympathetic, "Your jaw took quite a bashing, and it isn't healed yet."

"Aren't you going to say hello then?" The other person asked, and Julia's jaw dropped again. This exercise caused a spurt of pain to run down her face, and she closed it carefully while making urgent eye messages at her sister. Alexei Frey smiled.

"Really Julia," He said, "Do you honestly think I'm here to do any harm?" He cackled.

"Alexei is here to assist me." Vivian said, "We're leaving for the airport soon, I've hired someone VERY loyal to take care of you." Julia continued staring.

"Oh yes, you'll want to know..." Vivian said as though she had forgotten. "Well, I'm not dead, thank my immune system for that, I was unconcious in an ally for a day or so though. I heard about you and followed you to the station. I was too late to help though, so I took you back here after making sure that my virus worked. I contacted Alexei earlier today and he got here in less than four hours." She indicated her brother, "He's promised not to shoot at us again."

"We're going after whoever shot you." Alexei said, "I'll get the car started." He left. Vivian looked at her sister again,

"I know it's brief," She appologised, "But we really must go now. See you soon. Don't worry, I'll watch him." And with that she was gone.

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Peacekeeper HQ, Britain

The HQ of this secret organization was located in an undeground military base. It served not only as the living quarters of the Peacekeepers but also as a research and storage facility for modern weapons technology.

The entrance was very hard to notice, for it looked like an abandoned shaft. Inside, was a door guarded by two machine gun posts. There, was the door. To enter it you needed to take a handprint and an eyeprint.

The office of Number One, was locked for inside, a metting took place. Number One decided that more agents were needed to take part in this. Raziel II will go to Amsterdam, he will get supported by a second agent, while another agent will be sent to Paris to deal with the Julia Frey.


Raziel's plane which left from Charles De Gaule airport arrive in Amsterdam. Raziel exited the plane and entered the Amsterdam airport. He walked up to a customs officer and asked for the list of arriving passengers on Leonid's flight to Amsterdam. When the officer refused, Raziel showed him a fake Holland police badge.

Raziel scanned through the list. There was Leonid and it seemed that next to him sat some guy name Alex. Hmm... might be a second agent. The flight will arrive in 2 hours, till then , he will wait here.

Suddenly a man walked up to Raziel and spoke, "The Silence has been broken"

Raziel remembered this, "And now it is time for the storm"

The man smiled, "Hello, you must be Raziel. My name is Michael. May the Peace be restored".

Raziel grinned, "May it be so".


A man, dressed in black walked down the streets of Paris. He has just arrived here with the purpose of finding the agent Julia Frey and her relatives and eliminate them. This guy was the hitman of the Peacekeepers. He was respected and feared by all. His appearance in a place, usually symbolized somebody's name in the next morning's obituaries. His code name was Azazel.

He has found out the address of Julia Frey and that her sister, Vivian, reported dead by Raziel I, has been seen with Julia recently.

Azazel headed for her apartment.

Azazel headed for Julia

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Alex and Leonid sat next to a swimming pool, adjecent to a gorgeous villa, on a villa somewhere in the Netherlands.

"Leonid, first you should know, our agent that was killed...well, he was the one that shot "Big Bill" yesterday.

Leonid was surprised, even a bit shocked.

"Big Bill? How is he involved in all this?"

Alex put his sigar in the ashtray.

"He got hands on details he shouldn't be knowing of. Namely, this particular deal. The agents name, whos name was Hans Westerveld by the way, was our local agent for this project. So we told him to kill Bill. He was sucessful, but Bills men found him only 2 hours later and killed him."

Leonid was calm again.

"What should I do?"

"Not much really. You must establish contact with a particuar guy in the city The Hague (Den Haag). His name is Kees Hogendorp, a.k.a. Speedy Kees."

"Why? I he quick or anything?"

"No, he's addicted to speed. You will hand him this letter, and tell him the password I will give you, so he knows you are one of us. He is the main guy of the team that will prepare the melange for the operation."

"What's the password?"

Alex bowed over to Leonid and whispered it into his ears.

Leonid began to speak again.

"Why do you let me do this, and not someone else? Being a courier is hardly a difficult job."

Alex smiled.

"Because the IBD is on the job. We believe they dispatched one of their top agents to investigate the Big Bill case. We need you to safely guide the melange to our man in The Hague and help them protect the preparations of the operation."

Leonid sighed.

"All right then. Shall I leave for The Hague now?"

"That would be wise. Speedy Kees may be found in a bar called "The bridge". You obviously need your gun for this job. Kees has additional weapons should you need them."

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Raziel followed the tracks of the two criminals from the Amsterdam airport. He followed them right to this villa. Raziel hid behind the bushes and listened to them speak. He did not hear much, but he did hear some key names like Hague and Speedy Kees. It seemed like the two guys decided to split.

Michael came up to Raziel from behind. [changed] Michael did not see any guards. It was time to take them by surprise.

Michael took out a sniper rifle and took a position in the bushes. From this point he could shoot them easily, but that would be unwise, because they may not even have the virus.

Raziel readied his assault rifle and jumped out of the bushes. He pointed the gun at Alex and Leonid and immitated a cop, "Put your hands up, this is the Amsterdam police! You have the right to remain silent, everything you say will be used against you in the court of law!"

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OOC: what you're doing no is God modding. Alex did have several bodyguards as I mentioned somewhere in this thread.

A guard jumped behind Raziel and pointed a Colt .45 at Raziels head.

"Don't move."

Alex smiled.

"Did you really expect a figure like me to go anywhere without bodyguards?"

Raziel estimated the situation, and dropped a coin on the floor. The guard looked down, and Raziel quickly turned around and shot the guard. Leonid quickly jumped forward and kicked the gun out of Raziels hand.

A brief fight occured between Raziel and Leonid and Alex. They tied Raziel up. Alex began to speak.

"We don't know how much this man knows. He's not just an ordinary cop. I think it wise to keep him tied up in the basement for now. I'll have him guarded 24 hours a day. Now, Leonid, you must leave. Take your gun- no wait, take two guns and deliver the melange to our man. Be carefull for IBD agents. I'll interogate this man.

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OOC - oh, he did? Sorry, I didn't notice that part - well I guess we can say that Michael was wrong. Anyway, I corrected it. BTW, what does IBD stand for?


Leonid left and Raziel was lying tied up in the basement guarded by two guards and Alex.

Michael saw what happened, but decided for it to play itself out. After some thinking, Michael decided to follow Leonid and the "melange" since the mission is always above all. He dissassembled his sniper rifle and swiftly left the villa unnoticed. He got back to his car and followed Leonid. He made sure that no one would notice him, by always ataying a long way apart from Leonid's car.

Michael took out his reciever and spoke, "This is Keeper3, Keeper2 captured, repeat, Keeper2 captured. Requesting rescue team".

"Acknowledged, Keeper3", answered the voice in the transmittor.

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Raziel's hands and legs were tied to a chair. The situation seemed hopeless - outside were two guards and Alex.

Raziel knew the Peacekeeper code - mission above friendship and so he knew that Michael won't rescue him. It was all up to Raziel.

Raziel contemplated on his plight for several minutes and then found the perfect solution. There was a tablesaw in the corner of the basement. Now, only if he could get to it. He hopped with his chair, and with every movement he got several inches closer to the desired goal.

Several more minutes passed and at last, Raziel got to the tablesaw. Slowly and carefully, he began to rub the rope which tied his hands on the sharp teetch of the saw.

He was free! It took him only a few seconds to untie his legs.

Suddenly someone opened the door - it was one of the guards, deciding to check up on the prisoner.

Raziel jumped to the side and hid in the shadows among the woodcutting equipment.

The guard was coming closer to the empty chair...

Raziel searched in the dark and picked up the first sharp object that he found. It was an axe. Raziel remembered all those star throwing exercises he did when he was in the Academy, well throwing an axe won't be that much more difficult.

Raziel grabbed the axe hard by the handle and threw it at the guard with his whole strength. It hit the jackpot, the guard fell to the ground without even making a noise, an axe stuck in his brain.

Raziel smiled, it is moments like these that remind him of how much he really likes his job. He searched the guard for weapons. All he had was a .45 colt and a dagger. Oh well, this will suffice.

Raziel gathered the ammo for the colt and thought, "Now, only to get out of this place". Holding the gun in one hand, he opened the basement door. Getting out will be much harder than getting in.

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Vivian and Alexei Frey stood at the doors to the airport and finished their enquiries. They walked over to a bench and sat down. The guards had been unusually restrictive in their answers, apparently they had been questioned recently by someone else.

"Raziel was here." Vivian said, "He was seen."

"He was also reported dead in the hospital." Alexei reminded his sister.

"Could he have faked it to put us off the scent?" Vivian asked.

"No. I examined the autopsy records myself."

"You didn't tell me."

"You didn't ask." They both sat in silence for a minute.

"Can we assume someone took his name?" Vivian asked.

"More likely it's a codename for all agents like that." Alexei said.

"He headed for Amsterdam," Vivian checked the paper in front of her, "and we don't know why."

"He tried to kill you because of the deal with the plague." Alexei said while Vivian looked around to see if anyone had heard him, "So maybe he's following Leonid."

"We don't know where Leonid is." Vivian said.

"Ask." Alexei pointed at Vivian's mobile phone. She sighed and dialled the number of the contact Alex.

"This is Lilith Parker, although by now you almost certainly know I am Vivian Frey." She said, "If you are in Holland I have evidence that suggests the precence of the man who tried to kill me or one of his companions close to you. His intentions are probably to kill you and retrieve the...substances," She glared at Alexei, who grinned, "and bring them to his superiors. Be careful, the last one was a fanatic, and we all know how dangerous they are." She hung up.

"Answering machine?" Alexei asked.

"Answering machine." She said. "I hope you're packed, we're off to Holland."

"Yay, clog country."

Julia Frey lay in her bed and pondered just after Vivian had left with Alexei. She had thought herself the only memeber of her family left alive after Vivian's death, but with the return of Vivian and Alexei, her thoughts wandered to each of the others. They had been a family group, five of them. Vivian the master planner, Jared the beurocratic genius, Alexei the fighting champion; and traitor, Elisa the spy, and herself. The quiet one. But one by one they had died. First Jared, when he was discovered embezzling funds for the family from a Mafia boss' personal account. Then Elisa, who was too good to be caught, and had been betrayed by Alexei. Shot in cold blood. Vivian had hunted down her brother for that, or at least she had tried, but he always escaped. Until he was supposed to have died in a car accident. But now two of them were back from the dead, and the sixth brother, Ben, the one who had never committed a crime in his life, has been contacted for the first time in a decade and was looking after her. All six, she thought, no more...just six. She realised that her mind was wandering, and called Ben to help her exercise.

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The sedan and the SUV are together thought Darius to himself, and if that is the case how many others on the interstate were with them?

The driver of the SUV creep closer through the traffic of the interstate being careful not to get too close to it's target. Darius checked his rearview mirrors the SUV was still in sight about six car lenghts behind him it had just switched lanes from the left to the right lane but what about the sedan where was it? The sedan would not be in sight of course but Darius knew he needed to have an idea of where it was it could cost him his life not knowing.

The sedan followed the SUV staying behind keeping the SUV in sight. The sedan driver had orders not to apporach until told to do so. The backseat driver of the SUV spoke into the mic of the two-way celluar "Make it quick and clean remember that target is to be eliminated is that understood?"

"Yes" replies the voice on the other end of the connection "let us know when we are to engage the target."

"Wait for my signal" speaks the backseat driver into the device. Dividing his attention the backseat driver starts talking to the occupants of the SUV "We will drop back and let the sedan pass us everyone be aware the plan is going into motion."

The SUV passenger unlocks his safety on his weapon. The SUV driver cracks his neck and looks into the rearview mirror at the backseat driver. Over the top of his glasses the backseatdriver peers at the eyes in the rearview mirror and he nods his head. The SUV driver starts to fall back. The backseat driver gives the signal to the sedan by using the alert feature on the two-way celluar.

"That's the signal start to make the approach" says the front passenger of the sedan. The sedan starts to apporach Darius like a sidewinder crossing the desert sands. Cold flases over Darius as he looks into the rearview mirrors he sees the SUV falling out of sight their making their move Darius thinks to himself he relaxes himself and let's his mind go blank. The sedan comes into view and slowly gains on it's target.

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Raziel was going up the basement stairs, careful not to make even the slightest noise. The colt was in his hand. He opened the door and rolled out. No one was there. It seemed that Alex has left somewhere, but left the guards to watch him.

The second guard was standing outside the front door. "How foolish", Raziel thought, "who trained these bozos?".

Raziel kicked the front door and it hit the back of the bodyguard's head. Raziel decided to let him live. He picked up the guard's weapon - an AK47. This was an improvement over the clumsy colt.

Raziel was free and now his mission was to back up Michael in finding Leonid.

A copter buzzed above Raziel's head. It a Peacekeeper private helicopter. It landed next to Raziel. Out came two agents - Gabriel and Azrael (OOC - all the codenames are either that of demon or angel).

They grinned, "This always happens. Once again, no work for us to do here".

Raziel smiled in response, "Oh there is work, we have a country to save. The Breaker of Peace is in Hague. Let's go"

"Sure, hop in".

The three agents entered the copter and left in the direction of Hague, Netherlands.


Michael was still following Leonid's car. So far no one has noticed him. This will be a long drive.


Azazel, saw two people leave from the building where Julia was supposed to be, but payed no attention to them for the time being. First of all, the one who killed Raziel had to be terminated and only then her family.

Azazel went up to Julia's floor and checked if he was in the right place. Yes, the same room number. Azazel took out a two Uzis and fitted them with mufflers.

Holding the Uzis on fromt of him, he kicked the lock of the door and jumped inside.

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Leonid walked into the bar "The Bridge". Alex mentioned something about a bald guy with a really freaky tattoo. He recognised Kees immediately. He had tattood eye sockets around his eyes. That, and the pale skin made him look like a skeleton. He walked towards him, and stood in front of him.

"Speedy Kees?"

the guy looked up to him.


Leonid bowed forward and whispered the password.

Kees looked him into the eyes.

"Do you have the letter?"

Leonid handed over the letter from Alex. Kees examined it closely. Then he said:

"And the melange?"

"In this suitcase. We must leave now. We got some foreign agency on our tails."

Kees pulled a cigaret out of his pocket, lighted it and began to speak again.

"All right then. We'd better hurry then. My car is outside. I'll take a few detours to throw off any followers. You're armed, right?"

Leonid pulled his jacket aside, showing a glimpse of the two Berettas in his pocket.

"Okay then. Let's move."

After driving half an hour, Kees begins to talk about the operation.

"The place we're heading is a small laboratory. We will split the melange in 2 portions. They will be carried to their destinations by seperate teams. Your boss, Alex, told us to get the melange portions in place in 2 days time."

"What cities are the targets?"

"I can't tell you that. You should know better then to ask that. Anyway, the day after we place it we will send a message to the governments of all the European countries and tell them our demands. I suppose I can tell you what the demands are. We demand 20 billion british pounds."

Leonid gasped for breath.

"Jesus Christ!"

"That's a lot of dough, huh?"

Leonid calmed down again.

"How do those guys know we're not kidding?"

"We prepared a minor demonstration to show how serious we are. Nothing big, but impressive. We're almost at the lab."

The car pulled up on a parking lot in an industrial area. Leonid started speaking again.

"I have a feeling some other agent will turn up soon. I will return to the bar and look for any nosy agent that followed our tracks."

"All right. We'll be fine. We've got 15 guards here ourselves. We probably won't be needing them, since the lab is known as an innocent industrial development centre."

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Michael saw Leonid park his car and walk inside a bar. The agent took several seconds to puncture the tires of Leonid's car with his knife. He waited outside and saw Leonid walk out the bar with osme other guy and decided to follow them. The attempts to throw him offcourse failed. He was still following Speedy's car, Leonid's contact. The car parked in an industrial area and then took off.

Michael hid his car behind some bushes and watched Leonid go into some research center. The name stated that it was some kind of an industrial development center.

Michael saw Leonid's briefcase and grinned. "So that is where the virus is".

There were three guards standing at the front door alone. This place was somehow very important. Too important.

Michael turned on his locator to inform other agents of his whereabouts.


There was a beep in the Peacekeeper copter. It was Michael's locaters going off.

Raziel grabbed his transmittor and messaged Michael: "Have you found something?"

Michael answered quetly, "Shhh or someone will notice me. I am outside some industrial research facility. I just saw Leonid walk in their carrying his brieface. The security in this place is tight, I will need backup, how long will you take you three to get here?"

Raziel responded, "About ten minutes"

Michael: "Acknowledged, over".

Raziel grinned. It was time for some action. This copter here was equipped with the latest models of rocket lunchers and machine guns and covered with explosion withstanding armor. And with the team's best copter pilot on his team - Azrael, this will be a fun party.

The copter changed its course and set out for the research center. Azrael was at the controls, readying the missiles and the machine guns for battle.


Azazel entered the room and saw Julia lying on her bed and another man sitting next to her. Azazel raised his two muffled Uzis, pointing them at Julia and the man.

They looked terrified.

"Don't move or I will shoot. I am Azazel, and I have some questions to ask you," he pointed one of his Uzis towards Julia, "several questions". "Answer them quickly and truthfully and I might spare your lives. First of all, why did you sell the melange, do you not know of the consequences of your actions? Secondly, what is the name of the virus or bacteria in the sample which you sold? And thirdly, who hired you?"

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Darius had an idea he sped up and changed lanes from the left to the right lane following behind a eighteen wheel transport truck. He positioned himself so that the sedan had to be in the inside lane and himself on the outside lane near the shoulder. Darius hoped he had not let on that he knew he was being pursued. He followed behind the hugh truck watched in the rearview mirrors and waited until the right moment.

"He's speeding up again" the front seat passenger of the sedan said with question in his voice.

"Yeah I see that he only sped up to change lanes" the sedan driver remarks "he's behind that transport truck on your side."

"Good we'll have a good shot at him" the front passenger says with hint of a laugh in his voice.

The sedan driver increased his speed to pass the other cars on the interstate, the sedan was three car lenghts away from the motorcycle target. The truck driver was listening to a classic rock station on the radio he had noticed the motorcycle when it changed lanes and was following behind him.

"Damn motorcycle riders I hate them you can never see them once they are behind you" the truck driver mumbled to himself. He paid no attention to the metal demon and it's rider he turned the volume up on his radio they were playing a caller request Jimi Hendrix's I Don't Live Today.

"Will I live tomorrow?

Well, I just can't say

Will I live tomorrow?

Well, I just can't say

But I know for sure

I don't live today

No sun comin' through my windows

Feel like I'm livin' at the bottom of a grave

No-ho sun comin' through my windows

Feel like I'm livin' at the bottom of a grave

I wish you'd hurry up and rescue me

So I can be on my miserable way........"

The sedan was almost on top of it's target two more car lenghts and the hunters woulds have their prize victory was almost theirs another mark for their scorecards. Darius checked his rearview mirrors the sheep were coming to the wolf and did not even know it.

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OOC: Sure, go ahead.

Note to Vigil: come on dude. You can't do that. I must have tried half a dozen times to shake you off and every time you post something like "he tracked them down anyway". It's no fun this way. Your character is not all knowing. Consider your moves more carefully.

Speedy Kees thought he heard something. It sounded like a chopper in the distance. Quickly he grabbed his night vision binoculars and went to the roof.

There, he saw a combat helicopter of sorts.

"Sh1t" he thought. But he knew how to deal with this. He told his team to get into anti contamination suits used for experiments. When they all got dressed, he grabbed a lead pipe and smashed a container with chemicals, wich quickly formed a huge smoke screen in the room, and then outside the building. The chopper wouldn't be able to see a thing.

"We'll walk a few blocks away from here. The smoke screen will provide us cover. Then we'll dump these suits and go each seperate ways. The rest will go as planned. You take the two portions of melange to the destinations. Go immediately, and plant the melange as fast as you can. You must be done tomorrow evening, then Alex will send the message to the EU countries. Now, move!"

Kees and the others walked through the smoke screen to a thick urban area. When they were downtown they stopped.

"Dump the suits in the garbage can of this sotre. Then split. See you guys later."

The guys ran off in different directions in the cover of night. The chopper wasn't heard off that night.

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