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Our World: Command & Conquer?


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By now most of you have heard about the terrorist attack in Indonesia which killed about 200 people, most of them australian tourists. You've probably also heard about the suicide attack in Finland which killed a little under 10 people, wounding over 100 others. And both happened under 24 hours. This actually goes paralell with the story of the first Command & Conquer game, but not exactly. In the CnC universe, a meteor carrying the substance Tiberium, crashed near the Tiber River in Italy in 1995. The tiberium is a mineral, a living source, that drain the recourses in its way. Also, before the Red Alert series changed the way we saw at CnC, the UN formed a global union of protection, GDI (Global Defence Initiative), to keep the biggest terrorist faction, the Brotherhood of Nod, at bay. As the tiberium grew, Nod got its recources, so that they could build bases, tanks, and supply their troopers. They became a superpower without a country. GDI had serious problems. But before Nod became such a big force to be reckoned with, they were terrorists, and VERY much like bin Laden and his al Quaeda. GDI, or UN at that time, tought they were some small force, scattered around the globe. They were prooven wrong after the tiberium showed up. Why? Because Nod were build of people from the third world, poor people, homeless people, everyone that hated the U.S. and it's allies.

Now, we have seen how such a "small" group has the power to kill more than 1000 people. Still, we can't find them. We don't even have the information where they are! Okay, so maybe bin Laden is dead, or maybe he lives, but we still haven't found everything. So, how much terrorists can there be? 100? No, more than that. I would honestly say about a half a million. Now, imagine if those got some form of recourse, like tiberium. Actually, it wouldn't surprise me if the UN formed some kind of GDI, or Deus Ex's UNATCO (United Nations Anti Terrorist Coalition).

No, I am not saying that I believe that CnC could happen, but still, imagine...




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Damn, another child with a filled up brain of childish insults.

Applause.... *clap clap* ::)

And second, you didn't spelled my name right, so think before you type.

Okay? Thanks.

it doesnt type out phoenetically correct if i type sardu.

i like childish insults. im a child. so sue me.

besides, since when are super saiyans and bad sarcasm adult?

ah hell, im getting caught up in these forums again.

goodbye, people.

---"so saying, gila then went on to forums where free will is not discouraged."

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What I meant was that if you give the real terrorists (her in this world, in this time) recources, like some form of tiberium, they would become very powerful. Remember, tiberium is like all minerals in one mineral, which makes the whole thing much easier, instead of building oil platforms, mines and all the other risky stuff. But of course, tiberium is dangerous too, if you try to pick it with your hands lol...

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No. At first sight, people living at the first crash site tought tiberium had a healing effect. But later it prooved that it was actually consuming the earth, and killing or mutating the envivornment. Later, in Tiberian Sun: Firestorm (2030 somewhere there), tiberium infected the oceans. Earth had come to a critical stage.

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