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  1. Hmmmm.... intresting topic... first terrorists, then arguing and now magic time... anyone else confused???
  2. I noticed it said PS2 not just PS..... DAM!
  3. Baron_carl


    Well it maybe that I use XP to link servers together and keep a network going in which it is v unrealiable.
  4. Baron_carl

    Oh my God

    And that was supposed to mean.......what? ???
  5. At least 'unintelligent' animals don't start a war over different religions and cultures :)
  6. Baron_carl

    Oh my God

    Hey some of us have monarchies and love our queen v much (even though I agree that they don't have real power especially in Britain where I am)
  7. Not really if you think of the benefits and lives it will save in the future.
  8. No matter how hard the law tries to aim for world peace others will try to ruin it just as certain memebers have tried to ruin our wonderful message board. Like I said before we're too smart, too ignorant......
  9. I believe medical cloning is good as if we didn't do it many people needing limbs would die (i guess)
  10. Baron_carl


    My advice......stick to Dune! ;D
  11. LOL I was trying to make an example! (just not a very good one) :-[
  12. And that is what starts war ::) I would say christian, someone else would say catholic and so on.
  13. like we didn't know that........ ::)
  14. Baron_carl

    Oh my God

    I would like to now what that meant in English or if that was just an imature statment ::)
  15. You are proving my point exactly. Humans are unable to talk without fighting or arguing. Like I said before humans are too intelligent, too dangerous. you don't see the slugs or frogs at war because they don't have religious beliefs or racisim. For that reason there will always be war where there are humans.
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