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What game is everyone waiting for?


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With a lineup of blockbuster titles on the horizon I am curious to know which games all you guys are dying to get your hands on...

1. Warcraft 3

2. C & C Generals

3. Soldier Of Fortune 2

4. Unreal Tournament 2003

5. Unreal II

6. Tom Clancy's Raven Shield

7. Doom III

*feel free to add any titles I may have forgotten that you just have to mention here!

I personallu am waiting for C & C Generals as far RTS games go, and the UT lineup looks quite impressive too....mmmm so many games....so little money....such a mediocre computer, if only i could afford a geforce 4 *sigh*

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Well that's your opinion (and mine is that your's is kind of irrogant and mindless...)

A lot of people cheat on every game, no big deal. Playability? Please, it oozes of it! Something tells me you played the demo and didn't like it... ::)

But anyways, Generals looks promising as well, I've always wondered what it would look like to the soldiers.

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Ignorant? No sorry it seems "you" are the one who is being ignorant and low classed.

What has facts to do with ignorance? Alot of people cheats with games, Rainbow six happens to be one of the most popular hacked games.

Just like counterstrike and Quake 3, but the reason why they get hacked so easily is.

" The network code is very basic and easily manipulated.


P.S: Make up better insults, your not doing a  good job.

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My next RTS will be Warcraft III because it comes out at the end of next month.  If it lives up to its billing, Emp will indeed die a pitiful death (I say "death" meaning that it won't be on the shelves hardly anywhere, and all but those few who wait until games hit the clearance rack will be gone).  Of course, if it doesn't live up to its billing, I'll be back several times a week for my Emperor fix.  As for Generals, there is not even a target release date yet.  The next FPS game I will buy--assuming something great that I haven't heard of doesn't come out first--is No One Lives Forever 2.  If you haven't played NOLF, I highly recommend it.  You won't find a better, more entertaining stealth shooter out there--it's got all the action you need, a fun story, a great sense of humor, and great characters, incluiding a hot babe heroine in a tight outfit.  You ride snowmobiles, motorcycles, airplanes (you even jump out of one without a parachute--one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in a PC game), you scuba dive, you ride a gondola--it's simply amazing.  I finished it and lusted for more.

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Warcraft III (definetly)

Stronghold: Crusades

Age of Mythology

C&C 2


Lords of the Realm 3

Star Wars Galaxies (ooh yeah baby)

Star Wars Galactic battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns

AvP2 expansion

Homeworld 2

And btw, Acriku and Ordos-Suspero stop insulting... it's just an opinion ok?

nuff said

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Hey Terror do you play Stronghold as well  :)?

-Earth 2160

The Earth 2150 series were truly magnificent games. But the company (Topware) that developped it was bought by another company (Zuxxez). I'll just wait and see.

-Stronghold Crusades (never heard of it before but I expect it will good)

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Like Earthnuker I really enjoyed Earth2150, I wish there'd been more publicity for the expansion pack as I probably would've rushed out to buy it.   :-/  It's ashame Topware didn't do much in the way of FMV (the newscasts were cool but short and not very high quality), but everything else about it was great.  Sadly, the game's community was fast to disappear - a huge shame considering the multiplayer support for the game, Topware threw in just about every multiplayer connection type you could possibly want (unlike certain Westwood Games).  Ah well, I guess we'll see   8)

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earth 2150.. i believe i've seen it once... it's an RTS with pretty 3d graphix right? and you could develop your own units. But what i can remember was that it was a bit too much like Red Alert.

Another game which may be cool are Knights of the Old Republic, Elite Force 2 and a dozen others...

When it comes to MMORPG i'm wondering which i will play.. it will either be SW Galaxies or World of Warcraft... dunno yet

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I thought they weren't going to make Tiberian Twilight. That game is now on my list as well.

As for Earth 2150, it's different from Red Alert. The graphics are still quite good. It has a lot of strategical aspects that WW games do not have (such as research and designing your own units).

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hahah.. "this pot is giving me blisters"

"moat diggin!"

"archers ready!"

i know.... the game's great... i love to build up a town and see all those people working, getting drunk (hehe) and children playing.... it looks so causy (or hower you spell that!)

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