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  1. Unit production is faster as you build mroe of the structures required to produce the unit... is there a point where doing this becomes ineffective?
  2. The guild are supposed to be the neutral mediators of warfare in the duniverse, to ally with one house or another would be too risky a move to make until they were certain that total power was within their grasp (as in last mission + Tleilaxu, hehe not certain enough!! ;D )
  3. Like Earthnuker I really enjoyed Earth2150, I wish there'd been more publicity for the expansion pack as I probably would've rushed out to buy it. :-/ It's ashame Topware didn't do much in the way of FMV (the newscasts were cool but short and not very high quality), but everything else about it was great. Sadly, the game's community was fast to disappear - a huge shame considering the multiplayer support for the game, Topware threw in just about every multiplayer connection type you could possibly want (unlike certain Westwood Games). Ah well, I guess we'll see 8)
  4. Erm, am i wrong to believe that westwood contradict themselves in regards to House Ordos: "House Ordos has no identifiable leader. Even the citizens on this ice-covered, remote planet have little grasp on who controls their fate. " Yet couldn't the executrix easily be considered an 'identifiable leader'?
  5. You're right, initial impact is nothing to boast about, but the radiation will go on to cause more damage. Ultimately, not a massive blow to the worm, but it helps if you're having difficulties finishing it off with your air-force. Like I said, it helps - but that's as far as it goes.
  6. Who here uses the buzz-saw's spice destruction ability in their multiplayer games ??? Or do you find your time and money better spent doing other things?
  7. 14+ gunships should do the trick :-) + death hand helps speed up the process, rinse and repeat as necessary :-) Just make sure your projectors (if you're using Ix) are pumping out the devestators for base protections...their firepower is a welcome addition to your real Devs
  8. You can take advantage of the fact they can't hurt friendly fremen - check out my new post :)
  9. I think poor aa defense like aa mines are a small price to pay for EITS :)
  10. I've had some really hilarious moments with Ordos armies. I've deviated a harky flame tank sitting next to a large group of infantry and watched it turn on them! ;D This is also a clever little trick you can use with chaos lightning... I discovered it by first attacking the enemy base with EITS but not succeeding in annihilating the enemy constuction yard. However, some of the saboteour explosions revealed the location of a group of about 6 Feydakin right outside his crippled cyard.... I proceeded to chaos lightning the group of now cloaked feydakin, hoping they were still in that position... they were! Now because friendly feydakin cannot hurt each other with their weirding modules, in their berserk state they turned on surrounding structures! Bye bye Cyard! ;D Anyone else got any Ordos funny stuff they wanna share?
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