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[RELEASE] Dune 2000 Resource Editor


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Introducing the Dune 2000 Resource Editor


The Resource Editor supports loading both .R8 and .R16 resource files of all formats (normal, UILANG and UIBB), exporting sprites to .PNG, replacing sprites from a .PNG (converting to the native colour format of the original sprite) and saving the modified resource files to be used in game.


This is an Alpha release, bugs are highly likely. Backup all relevant files first. The feature set is pretty barebones at the moment, see the future work section for planned improvements.




Example changes (credit to D2k Sardaukar for the repair pad):








0.2 Introduces:


Support editing of sprite attributes such as X Offset, Image Handle, Frame Width (early stages)

Untested support of editing custom sized UIBB files


Known issues:


DATA.R8 shroud images 40-101 are incorrectly displayed


Future work:


Support overwriting an embedded palette sprite with a palette that better fits the new image (either a external palette supplied by the user or automatically quantize a 15/24 bit image into a new palette.)

Support changing the format of a sprite (e.g. change a 8 bit reference to 8 bit embedded, change an 8 bit sprite to 15 bit)

Support editing of UIENG (UILANG) control positions.

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Great!!! I waited for it 2 years ))). I have many graph in R8, but there is no edit.
How about edit option for atributes:

X Offset
Y Offset
Frame Heght
Frame With

without editing of these parameters I can't replace graphics - shift of shots in game won't be correct.

For R8 new graphs usnits i did this in other editor (magic team). I can test completely your R16 editor. But, sorry, i don't uderstand how to change atributes. Try to insert new value, but nothing.
Awesome !!! Only need edit enable.

I'm sorry, didn't see "Future work:" ...

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Uploaded 0.2, note that 0.2 is a very rough release, I wanted to get attribute editing in for people to use, but it's not very use friendly currently. Be careful when editing attribute values and make sure to make regular backups, since it's easy to break the resource files with attribute editing. This should mean that you can now make new units and buildings and get the offsets right.


Also added some untested support for editing UIBBs that are custom resolutions, so that may work (or it may not). I didn't really have time to test the feature, so let me know if it doesn't work.



Download 0.2 Preview

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- After replacing a sprite, the source sprite is not closed. The file cannot be adjusted until the resource editor is closed.

- A list of previous opened resource files would be nice. Drag and drop perhaps also? Just something to make the process of previous used sprites/locations faster.

- House mask is not exportable and/or editable?

- The replace sprite preview window confuses me. It shows unclear (zoomed in) images and no real differences between the last two.

- What does the 'Alignment' value stand for?

- What does the frame height/width? How is this used in the game? I don't see any change. With entry 19 (in DATA.R16) the shown frame does not correspond with the image, but do have the same size. Also changing the frame size has only visible effect in the editor after going to a different entry.

- What does 'First Value' do? Changing first value makes re-opening the .R16 file impossible.

- What is the palette handle good for? Changing it does no good.

- For example entry 27 in DATA.R16 says embedded palette, yet the same kinda images (entries 28 and so) show referenced palette. Is that correct?

- How can I know and/or link the animations (like building lights blinking or fire when damaged) with the correct building? Also, what determines what image goes over which one? Like bottom and top of factory?

- Exporting a sprite, doing nothing and importing/replacing the same sprite messes up the house colours (house mask). Example of entry 2767 of DATA.R16 (note the Smugglers brown colour is not even):



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Frame width/height and alignment mean that the game can, for example, treat a 30x30 image as a 40x40 image by drawing it starting from the point at coordinates X=5, Y=5. This is standard in Tiberian Sun graphics too, where the graphics are cropped as much as possible, and the file just saves where it should be positioned in a larger frame.

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D2K Sardaukar said: "- Exporting a sprite, doing nothing and importing/replacing the same sprite messes up the house colours (house mask). Example of entry 2767 of DATA.R16 (note the Smugglers brown colour is not even): "


the sprites must have Ixian colours (where you want to see house colour)

the game will change the Ix colour to the house colour.


so....you must export it with that colour :)

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Hi guys,

Probably there is a bug in R16 rool.

How to reproduse:

1. Open data.R16 in tool and go to 2453 (Ordos tank grahpic)
2. Export sprite an export mask images of 2453
3. Replace 2453 sprite.


The mask of 2453 replaced sprite is not correct, but I don't making any changes (just export sprite and replaced same).
Screanshot: http://prntscr.com/9w8qe1

"ffffff" white colour not eplemented for mask after replacing the sprite. In original (before raplacing) "ffffff" colour exist also and mask is correct.

Maybe the bug when importing sprites? For other sprites the same troble, but in different colours reproducing.

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2 hours ago, D2k Sardaukar said:

You're fantastic, man. Thanks so much!

I've been working on some custom spritework for my mod over in the second smugglers campaign thread. The new building looks great since I could adjust sprite offsets with tibed data editing, which I was doing already, but the new vehicle was screwed up.

I wanted to overwrite one of the tank bodies and condense all three Combat Tanks into one body (I'd add more faction color to the bodies to compensate), but the sprite was grayed out. It has blue conduits that generate the lightning it attacks with. Only sprites with that sort of blue in them (like Trikes) could be overwritten successfully, and then I had nowhere to put the Trike bodies. And, the sprite offsets are screwy too and couldn't be adjusted in v0.1, so I had to make the new vehicle sprites fit into the sprites of vehicles I wanted to overwrite... it was a mess. So, I turned the new vehicle into a Raider variant instead of the hovering vehicle I originally intended. 'Shock Raider,' for now.

Here's some spritework and stuff, if you want to put an image to all that up there:
Storm Lasher firing on targets: https://prnt.sc/l44lv2
Damaged Storm Lasher: https://prnt.sc/l44x62
Striped Combat Tanks: https://prnt.sc/l6197k
'Spark Darter' prototype LAVs; striped CTs at more angles: https://prnt.sc/l6jm6y

I haven't finished the work on the vehicles since I haven't had a need to, but I may just go ahead and do that now. Right after my next ambition, a Heighliner tileset... oh, and if you want to see the fully-implemented Storm Lashers in action, S15V1 is out in said campaign thread. The sprites are considered entirely done and anyone has my permission to re-use them as desired. :)

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19 hours ago, Plamz DooM said:

Does anyone have a working link? Every link i've come across is dead and i can't seem to find any working one anywhere. Would very much appreciate it, and sorry for necro-ing the thread, there's no where else to ask.

Ayy mate.

Here's my resource editor. Just move the colours.bin / palette.bin from your D2k directory's data > bin folder to the same folder as the resource editor, and it'll load everything properly.

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