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  1. Hi guys, Probably there is a bug in R16 rool. How to reproduse: 1. Open data.R16 in tool and go to 2453 (Ordos tank grahpic) 2. Export sprite an export mask images of 2453 3. Replace 2453 sprite. Result: The mask of 2453 replaced sprite is not correct, but I don't making any changes (just export sprite and replaced same). Screanshot: http://prntscr.com/9w8qe1 "ffffff" white colour not eplemented for mask after replacing the sprite. In original (before raplacing) "ffffff" colour exist also and mask is correct. Maybe the bug when importing sprites? For other sprites the same troble, but in different colours reproducing.
  2. Hi guys, I wan't to create hot keys for building units in multiplayer. For example when pressing "Q" build one trooper, "T" - combat tank, etc... Is it possible in this tool? Need one example, please. Thank you.
  3. Thank you. Couple years ago I was trying to use this RA rocks with classic dune rocks in one tileset and see in game, but doesn't like it (too much differents styles).
  4. Dato, give me link to archive with all your new tilesets, please. I'll see what I can do. Also in archive need valid TILEATRx.BIN.
  5. While I was writing, you've already said it all)) Few spice - more rocks and oter attributes.Much free space, more spice - few space on continents. Symetrical maps more popular because they are easier to understand (faster). If two people will play on some simple map 3 months, then they will want to update this map (add more rocks, tactical hard positions etc.). As a result of it - will be two versions of map. 2 yars ago my friend told me that he hates hard maps where narrow passages and few spice. Then I created big maps with much spice and a lot of free space, but after 1 yer he told that need difficult maps )) Only one condition has not changed - random design continents (but not to much random). I trying to say that peaople need many any ...king maps ))) 1. version of new map with basic tactical options.2. version of the same map with more hard (not obvious) options and with it we get more design goodies. By the way, people like simple, but always want more exclusive. Give them only exclusive and their skill will faster increase. I is my view. Offer: to create topic "Searching pro tileset designers" or find them on freelance and pay 2 cents (conditionally) from all of us. After 2-3 months will get 5-10 completely good tile sets - ice, volcanoes, mars, moon, flowers ... )) For now, I will create many basic complete maps, then people can modding them and be happy for a short time.
  6. For dune 2000 easy to crate 100% geometric accuracy maps too, but i's more boring i think. If people want to get it, so be it )) I don't test in multiplayer, because not play in classic dune. You can edit maps as you think right and then try to get feedback from players. I'll try to help with editing if required, Dato. I'll create more maps in the coming days (so far only BGBS or give me the link to normal tileset, please). Thanks. P.S. 8 min no rush don't even want to discuss )) It will not help to win the bad players.
  7. Certainly you right, Dato )) My English is very bad. I meant that I used many tiles from standart BLOXBGBS exept dunes. These maps were created for BLOXBGBS and I don't now what tiles can I add with standart BLOXBGBS. I can add more ground if don't need many spice. Like this: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3sIFwvou1uQS3V6bEdyWGQ0TEk The ground not for deploy MCV or many dunes or more stones, but in BGBS not much cool sand stones. If need many other tiles, then need new tileset with new graphic or compile 1 tileset from others. Need really cool tileset with cool decorations tiles that we will be able to connect in different ways (repeat boring). If someone have really cool tileset, than we can use it. I created some tilesets, but it is steel not good and need pixel art desgner. Tiles from Red Allert or just repainted too bad for dune2k conception. If the your soul needs new decorations, please give any tileset with it. For that maps I can change terrain structure for tactics primarily and then we will se how best to decorate without breaking map balance. Those maps are playable in multiplayer? ))) Maybe there are serious mistakes in the map balance? Almost any maps we can alter to many tilesets. For example, we can create 50 Habbanya Ergs in random colours and different decorations, but the main - is the Habbanya Erg will be cool multiplayer map whatever. So, what need to fix in that maps, guys, or that concepts not valid for good multiplayer game (with map size condition)?
  8. Other terrain between the spice area like what? In BGBS tileset not much tiles for it - only stones in the sand. If you have an example, please, give me screanshot. I removed the video because it contains obscene language in Russian and I did not know it )) (my friend was recording). My computer don't want to record in 8bit. Unfortunately, now I have a temporary computer and a lot of problems with the settings to create record in 8bit mode (even dxwn does't help). The mod is not completed, a lot of work to do. I don't want to publish in open access not ready mod, but I can give you link to download if you write a personal message (without manual at now). I make a video when the main computer'll fix.
  9. Good day! Mini map pak1 contains 4 finished maps with screanshots. Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3sIFwvou1uQNmdrcnQ0SHJPNUk/view Stilgar_2vs2_(70x128).MAP Spacing_Guild_airstrip_2vs2_(80x90) Ginaz _crossroads_2vs2_(128x128).MAP Prelude_to_Dune_3vs3_(64x80).MAP Of course, you can rename or edit maps if needed. I'd like to watch a couple of games as observer if someone will play on Ginaz _crossroads_2vs2_(128x128) :) The remaining cards will be later.
  10. I will test )) In the future I will finish modify and want to add this mod into CnC (if possible with all mod changes). For example I don't know how to add autorepair buildings for CnC, because in my mod I have modified "dune2000.exe" for this feature.
  11. dune2000-spawn.exe not modifed and in dune 2000 directory. File "Data.R8" contain many changes for buildings and units graphics and offsets parameters in my mod. I have no data R16 redactor - that is the reason why I'm using 8 bit (((. MVI's redactor can't modify data.R16 offsets and I'm using R8 another program to changing data.R8 offsets and graphic. For example, I did wind trap for 1 сell instead of 6 cells (changed templates.bin and graphic in data.r8 for it).Example2 : did special unit for ordos and other houses (changed 32 picture and offsets in data.r8). In data.R16 no changes and need to play in 8 bit (( "Do you mind telling us what is the mod about? What's changed etc.": Now i almost finished changing balance for skirmish/lan and going to create single missions, changing AI for this mod. 1. added new special units for 3 houses (ordos, hark, atr)2. added units for all houses: emperial cannon, flame unit 3. added new buildings (super wind trap, super emperor cannon) 4. changed buld order for all houses 5. changed balance for special weapons (dead hand, orny, sab) - sab can shot now, dead hand range and fire power much greater. 6. added new tile set and many maps for skitmish/lan 7. some new sounds for new units. 8. Changed BLOXBGBS - added new tiles and changing some tileatrs. 9. Changing weapons visual and balance (added new weapons from old weapons) 10. All 3 houses have difference weapons for gun towers (visual, sound and balance) 11. Dune2000.exe modifed for autorepair buildings and add maps for new tilesets (I didn't know how to do it differently...) A lot of changes in the balance (need full manual for it with build orders) Here is the complete list of changed files (for not CnC version): folder "Bin": ARMOUR.BIN, BUILEXP.BIN, SPEED.BIN, Templates.bin, TILEATR3.BIN + added TILEATR8.BIN and TILEATR9.BIN for BloxHardCore1, BloxHardCore2 (R8, R16). For example, many additional warheads for all weapons. folder "GAMESFX": SOUND.RS file contain new sounds for additional weapons. folder "maps": contain a lot of new maps and other PRAC.MIS folder "UI_DATA": text.uib - added name for new units and buildings and maps for skirmish/lan I can create all graphics for r16 if you have program for editing DATA.R16 and offssets. Otherwise 8bit mode only is now available for this mod. We spam this topic other information)). Maybe we should move this discussion to another topic? Tomorrow I will publish 5 completed maps for previously published concepts.
  12. Thank you, but I can't play mod with cnc because it doesn't support 8bit graphic. My mod using 8bit graphic for additional units and buildings. Downloaded CnC and when I run dune2000-spawn.exe the graphic in game other than I expect ( in CnC config set 8bit per pixel). That is because mod using Data.R8? If there is a solution, please give a link to the topic.
  13. Hi! I was busy and created only 8 concepts. 3 maps almost done. Link for view jpeg concepts: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B3sIFwvou1uQVkNhT2FiNmpDUkk&usp=sharing Link for download archive with maps, full sise sreanshots, shematic sreanshots: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3sIFwvou1uQWENXTmhaMFZZcjg/view?usp=sharing You can test this almost ready maps: 2vs2_(80x90)_1.MAP 2vs2_(128x128)_1.MAP 3vs3_(64x80)_1.MAP I was join to cnc lobby 3 times, but there were few players (4-5). How to write all offline players? Give the link to guys in lobby, please. Unfortunately, I don't play in the classic dune 2000, long ago. Playing with friends my mod. I'd like to optimize mod for CnC, but don't know whow ))In CnC many cool thigs, but classic balance not interesting for me.
  14. Thanks, I using this program for AI - very helpful. There are some unknown bytes there. Need manual for some oter, if it is. For example, what for: "MaxBaseStrength", "SquishInfantry", "HPWeight" (many), "SpeedWeight" (many)?
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