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:( >:( :O ???

Well I now know what has been stopping me finishing my mod (6 versions?) over the last 2-3 years - there are file limits within EBFD!!!

I have approximately 1200-1250 texture files including icons. The icons have now suddenly become corrupted (as I have completed rules file work - which usually was still developing when the "bugs" stopped it working).

If I delete a few textures I can add an icon that previously was "corrupted"

I then decided to make all ADP's non-buildable - the rules change meant that suddenly some icons that just worked - didnt!

So to the crunch - I can not finish EDFD as I cannot delete enough textures to make room for all the icons needed. :-[

This is probably the last straw - I could revert to Atreides + a bit of Ix. I could then kill off a lot of Ix buildings and texture files BUT I would then have to re-work Corrino that uses a number of ATR buildings (ConYard, Outpost, Starport) plus change around units, mission files etc...

...I will think it over before i decide definitely if EBFD is dead or not.

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I only have 128 and 64 bit files as all textures are high res. However even tweaking a few out here and there is complicated in that to get better damage models a high number of H1 and H2 building files are xbf edited H0 models thus the _D_128 files also include D128 files...

I have also increased textures to compensate for visual glitches with new corrino/ix textures on original HK/ATR buildings.

I am presently exporting 3DDATA00001.rfd to edit out unwanted files, re-import the thinned down file and then see if EBFD will recognise all my new textures (first pass at this the system fell over finding a rogue texture file from somewhere within 3DDATA00001.rfd).

I am not optimistic, but if it works I must then work out how to save amy users original 3dDATA0001.rfd somewhere safe, then copy on my modded one and then swap back at un-install...

At present I think this mod is going to fall at the last hurdle due to over confidence in changing nearly all three sides!

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Well it's June 2007, C&C 3 launch has come and gone, StarCraft 2 has been announced and still we wait for a good old-fashioned Dune 3D RTS.

;) ;) ;) :D :D :D

Well it is nearly here - YES! after 3 years modding I have nearly finished Conflict of the Landsraad mod for Emperor Battle for Dune.

Three sides: Landsraad (weak), Corrino (Very Strong) and the Ix + Mercenary Alliance (sneaky Ix stealth bombs, shielded hovers and some good old Harkonnen units).

I have been testing side balances, checking textures, icons, new units, new buildings, and rewritten missions. Just the Corrino missions to test (done rewrites). The Landsraad are tough to play as only the supertank (LR Missile Tank) has any real impact, but at least they have the DeathHand missile to sort out the enemy!

I expect to complete testing by the end of this month and then I will work out how to package up all the files for download here!

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Well it is mid-July and I am almost finished the mod.

I am trying to increase the difficulty of the arrakis base and homeworld missions for each side by adding in an ally for the enemy (House Ordos) allowing Ordos tanks to be built along with the enemy tanks. Plus I am looking at additional turrets on incidental buildings (for example Corrino have no AA turret so I am adding a CHOAM turret which is a version of the Guild Beam turret.)

This means that roll out will not be before August now...when I am very busy at work and on hols

...so latest date will be September roll-out

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Well I am almost finished the mod. Cant seem to get the AI to use more than the odd Ordos Dustscout from the last few mission maps and Ixian Arrakis Base map wont load the Ordos Factory as it is too large for the incidental building position. Just need to test it appears on Ixian Homeworld and I should be done.

In the meantime I have gone through the units one last time and tidied things up, the result is that the Landsraad are even weaker than before but cost less and build quicker, also reinforcements count less. Still their superweapon is the only one to kill a conyard in one shot.

I will be attaching the Buildings and Unit descriptions that will be included in the mod. I would like to take this time to thank everyone at this site NOW and in the PAST for help in the design and development of this mod.

I just hope when you try it out you like it. Oh and after use you will need to re-instal EBFD to remove all the odd files that the mod installs all over the place.

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Hurry up and get it uploaded!

Gob must be away as he has not replied to my IM.

The file exceeds the upload limits on this site and is an .EXE so I must wait until Gob tells me how to FTP him (or something)...

As for screen shots I will post a few shots of the three sides in the first mission, but I am now focussed on C&C 3 and its impending MOD SDK...

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I am trying to sort out with Gob how to get the file uploaded, it may be that I will be able to upload to a Mod DB site from which Gob and get it here, but at the moment they dont host EBFD mods so I am waiting on a reply from them.

I am away on business Monday/Tuesday and then Wednesday/Thursday so will try to get something sorted before Friday (hopefully) as I am then on hols for a week...

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That site is down so I have put it up at www.zendurl.com under my login julesg the password I have IM to Gob.

The file is an auto-installer called cotl.exe. I then downloaded it to test it was OK.

So it is now down to Gob.

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