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Release Dates for Mods and Programs


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I'm at work and the only reason that I came back to the site today was to warn everyone about a spam email from someone saying he/she is on the dune2k site asking for money.  And lo and behold I see this mod here! My god I'm so excited I could pee. Another reason to reload ebfd into my computer!  I have a question though.  I have windows xp.  This was why I stopped playing some time ago. I do know that theres a way to modify the game so it runs on xp (just haven't had the time to research it yet) I don't suppose there's a fix included in this mod?

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I understand, I've been completely immersed in Battle for Middle-earth 2: Shadows of Angmar.  But your mod has stolen me away from it for the moment. ;)

But yeah, I'd love it if you could tell me how to disable tanks. 

I'm excited to hear that you want to do an all infantry mod.  Its really the way I prefer ebfd.(I'm fanatical about the books and I prefer my Arrakis battles mech free)  I've played a lot with Duke Leto's mod and a couple of others.  They're great but I like the way you've reorganized the game with this mod.  Can't wait to see where you go with all infantry.  Per your request I've posted my ideas on that thread.  Hope you can use a couple. B

Anyway, I'm off to go play your mod!  Cheers

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Uh, today for the Dune 2000 RS Sound Effect Extractor and last Monday for the first version of my Dune 2000 map renderer. These tools are the first two tools of my Dune2K+ Toolset project, future releases will include a mission editor, UIB editor, campaign map editor (note the "campaign" part) and also a UIL editor (though this is being developed by someone else).

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