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  1. pascal89

    Dune full map!

    This is a full map http://9dd6090e.linkbucks.com
  2. pascal89

    Dune Cheats

    Start with lots of spice The following archive includes Dune saved games with over 393 tons of spice in stock, which should be more than enough to pay the emperor and buy weapons and other goodies from smugglers without the need to have troops dedicated to spice extraction. The save games were made early in game (at a point where you normally have only a few kilograms of spice). Get it there: Dune savegames.7z (more info) http://44554762.linkbucks.com Hexadecimal cheats With an hexadecimal editor, you can quite easily edit some characteristics of your troops: Motivation: convert the current motivation to hexadecimal. For instance, a 100% motivation would be saved as 64 in the save file. Number of fremens in a troop: divide the troop size by 10, then convert to hexadecimal. For instance, a troop will 2540 men would be saved as FE in the save file. Equipment: see the sub-section below So, with your hexadecimal editor, open the saved game you want to edit (make sure you save a backup first!): DUNE37S1.SAV or DUNE37S2.SAV (37 is the number corresponding to the game version, it may be different for your version). Search for the values you want to edit, knowing that troops information are located approximately in the last third of the save file, and that the structure for a troop is like: ...X[motivation]XXX[equipment][population]X...(Each X represents a byte, motivation is 4 offsets before equipment, which is right before population). [edit] Equipment cheat The [equipment] value is a bitflag (here listed as decimal values [hexadecimal value]) where: 1 [1] = not assigned 2 [2] = bulb 4 [4] = atomic weapon 8 [8] = weirding modules 16 [10] = laser guns 32 [20] = krys knives 64 [40] = ornithopter 128 [80] = spice harvester So, to give all equipment to a troop, set this value to 254 [fe]. This cheat generates a minor bug: the equipment is registered as troop equipment, but not as sietch equipment. This means that if you unequip the equipment you added, it will vanish. The solution to this bug is to move your troop to another sietch, which will register the equipment for the sietch. I think you can even edit the harkonnen troops to make the game more difficult. I have edited the file. Leto is now willing to follow you lol Source: http://ecd4f37f.linkbucks.com
  3. Lemon has recorded his (amiga) dune games. These are very nice video walkthroughs. Dune 1 game: LENGTH: 05h:47m:09s Download Size 658MB You have to register in order to download the video files. There are 3 different mirrors available. http://recordedamigagames.ath.cx/modules/tinycontent/index.php?id=369 DUNE II: THE BATTLE FOR ARRAKIS - Harkonnen playthrough LENGTH: 09h:01m:43s http://recordedamigagames.ath.cx/modules/tinycontent/index.php?id=132 Enjoy!
  4. Cool d2tm on the PSP ;D I already have Dune 1, Dune 2 and Dune2000(PSX version) on my psp :D D2TM would be cool :)
  5. pascal89

    Dune (SEGA) ?

    I was just lookin round the net, and apparently theres dune for sega CD. it based around the first dune by cryo. The description of it sounds alot like dune by cryo, but i wonder if its the same, if anyone could shed some light on it, it would be appreciated. thnx in advance.
  6. your own? Apartheid is a dutch word btw.
  7. Its based on Dune 2000. http://www.dun3.nl/#
  8. pascal89

    Dune Map

    Another Dune 1 Map
  9. "Well, being bored and all, I wrote this list of partially confirmed dune-related rumors that appear on a number of english, french, german and italian boards:" Duner could you please post the links of these sites please? - The duke's death can be avoided Yeah! you won't get Duke Leto died scenario. To get this you should ignore your father request to come to the palace when he said "something terrible has happened in the palace". Wait until you get the Emperor's message which request you to send him the spice and view that message. By doing so, if you speak with your father, he won't angry and he won't plan to do a punnitive expedition so you will save Duke Leto eventhough the game itself actually think that Duke Leto has died. You will hear Jessica comment which said that Duke Leto has been killed by Harkonnen when you try to launch the final attack. BTW.. look at this :O Dune 2??
  10. More Dune2 remakes http://drackbolt.blogspot.com/ http://dune-ii.blogspot.com/search?updated-min=2007-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-08%3A00&updated-max=2008-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-08%3A00&max-results=38 http://redux.dune2k.com/ http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=16157 http://code.vault9.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=14061 http://dune.simtopia.org/forum/ http://www.paul.datum.tv/afawcs017217/tn-projects.html http://amonit.sulfurzona.com/edune.htm Dune remakes for other games http://www.moddb.com/mods?filter=t&kw=dune&released=def&style=def&theme=def&game=def&type=def
  11. http://magicteam.ag.ru/files.html for the 8-bit image is useless because you will also have to edit the 16-bit images. The 8-bit image editor by magicteam doesnt support that. You will need another program for that.
  12. Dune 2 mods Superdune(2) Arrakis Dune Legacy Dune 3 Dune 4 D2TM Extra missions Ordos, Atreides, harkonnen Fremen Patch And some standalone projects which are not yet completed. Do you have these remakes already? BTW.. Arrakis isnt working for me! File not found in module RUNME2 at address 0FAF:00AD
  13. Dune: Arrakian Wars will bring back the Battle on Dune, the desert planet. Based on Emperor- Battle for Dune, it will feature all your favorite units from all three factions, Atreides, Harkonnen and Ordos, with new high-end look, new Gameplay elements and much more! - This is a C&C: Tiberium Wars mod! - This mod will include new campaigns! - It will include Dune and also other planet maps Landscape Units Multiplayer lobby screen Related Sites http://www.moddb.com/mods/10218/dune-arrakian-wars http://www.thundermods.net/index.php?page=mods&action=displayMod&id=1
  14. Does anyone know a site where I can download Dune 2 custom maps? I could find dune 2 mods but not a site with dune 2 maps :-[ If you have alot of custom maps could you please host them at rapidshare or filefront so I can download them? Thank you so much!!! :D
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