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  1. Some time ago, I had older drivers and it was working ???
  2. Gunman

    Binary code

    What about programming in Binary code? ;) I use the completed function like: mov ah,09h mov dx,09h db 01h ind 21h int 20h db 07h,24h - I know this will beep and nothing about that calculations Beep in binary: 1011010000001001101110100000100100000001110011010010000111001101001000000000011100100100 p.s. if, then sorry bad grammar, i`m not from England :(
  3. Gunman

    Binary code

    Somewhere I heard that Binary code is extremely hard. But I think that it is extremely easy ;)
  4. Gunman

    Binary code

    How to run other programs?
  5. I have reinstalled red faction, so i dont using any cheats and mods, In Warcraft 3 is that error too >:( :'(
  6. G...: I have installed DX81 but it still cant run.
  7. I dont using mods and cheats, i reinstalled it for three times and its still wrong :'( When I reboot, its normal, windows starts, red faction cant run...
  8. I want to play Red faction, but there is an error :'( " Error:unable to initialize directX 8.0 -- device creation failed! File:c:projectsrf_pcvsdkgrdirectxgr_direct3d.cpp - line: 1872 A critical error has occured and the program cannot continue "
  9. Gunman

    Binary code

    I am finding a tutorial that will help me with graphics in assembler or binary code. I want help with 3d graphic, too. But in all assembly tutorials is only how to put in AX number 10 and how to create that stupid segments. I cant find anything good. ::)
  10. You have to make a game with 800x600 resolution, because on some computers (on my, too) are in higher resolution games choppy. I am doing games in 640x480 ;)
  11. Fremen fedaykins are the best units in the game. With them I have completed a lot of missions with no problem. They are fast, deadly against all things and they are cheap. Minos are too slow and costly. Sonictanx are good for defense.
  12. Yes, I have sent scouts and captured enemy base...thanx
  13. I dont know why Gobalopper moved it to the TECHNICAL support!
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