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::) I wonder if I will ever see the last of this kind of thread, lol.  ::) Thats why I put this at the top of all the sticky threads-

IMPORTANT!! - Before you do the following you should know this!

EMPEROR is no longer supported by EA. It is kept alive by the members here and all the people who still play.


Most games are played in the evenings E.S.T. USA. The Best way to play is to set up a game using X-FIRE or MSN

Emperor is really more like getting together with freinds. We all know each other here.

NEWBIES ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!! We are always willing to help you get started or get online.

WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE THE BEST IN RTS! Because in our opinion Emperor is it.

It's like I always said, LIFE comes first, and sometimes life gets in the way of fun. I myself have been totally absorbed with my business due to the recession. I see the Tourney kind of fell apart... well I had a feeling that would happen. When you are dealing with people from many different time zones, I felt that a team tourney would not turn out well, but since you guys asked for it I set it up. But, not to worry, If a majority of the games ever get played, Whistler and I would still be happy to crown a Champion. Just keep in mind what Guns said ages ago..."Emp is like going to the neighborhood pub to have fun with old friends for a night".  Just don't try and make it into something it's not and enjoy it when you can. :)

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I'm always game, timezone is the problem,

Cant be bought from anywhere.. but if u don't take it, you simply wont have it...sigh..

Time, unless we master it, It WILL master us..

on topic tho,  yes kindjal, the emperor has been dead for some time now..killed by some chick i heard?

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Well, EST 9:00 - 11:00 in my country is 19:00 - 21:00, late evening.

But when i'm connecting, noone's there. O.o On the list there are players (RA's) but nothing in the game... argh ;|

Well as subject says emp is dead.Polands time line is the same as south africa.That means time zone is a problem 4 u .The most popular time on emp will b 3am in the morning 4 us , and that sucks.So what i do is i play other games like poker (texasholdem), battlefield2142 and command & conquer (tiberium wars).Before i play these other games i go 2 emperor and host a game for about 5 to 10 minutes if no comes then i play something else. My other advice is before u play online make sure u can beat the a1 computer on hard .The money must b 5000 and u can have superweapons on. The map should b small like sandy pass or knife fight.U can put house random and subhouse but most challenging is house atreide, subhouse teiluxo sard.

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I think that Voodoo Daddy is right. Life comes first. I find myself not having enough time anymore to play even against the computer at home. Perhaps when the economy gets better and the new movie comes out, there will be a resurgence of interest. ;) And for the record, this game has been my favorite RTS since its release.

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why would anyone want to play this game.... I mean  its like old! and requires no skillz  :O

Thats cos you never were any good at it, big guy ;)

Voodoo, surely I didnt use so many capital letters in that quote above, did I? Its looks really bad now, look back at it.

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