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  1. well it seem to be clear this topic end. well done centner trying to hard and working on coummity back nice job bro =)
  2. i have no idea what he trying to say to us ps: just make sure know that ...stop uploading or recroding game in youtube whevenr u had good game , even if you guys beat someone else ass... nobody care who was beaten by who. just dont be childish...you guys are grown up enough,
  3. hey yall ! long time no see.!! i missed all of u! well basically i'm kinda doing busy by some sort of @!#$@% shit job (jk) but makes a lot of money btw :P hehe well then it too late said but...i wish everyone have great new year of 2012! and also i missed all of u...actaully pearl and spaze and youko alot ;) ....i couldnt get my hotmail. cuz i got banned somehow lol (i dont know wtf happen...)so i give my facebook. =>lastgoyo@hotmail.com....or what else...hmmm ( if u dont mind add me :P) For pearl 노짱님 새해복 많이받으세요!!! 참고로 엠센 로그인 몇달간 안들어갔더니. 이것들을 밴을먹음 흑흑..혹시라도 연락처있으시면 답변좀 부탁드림!
  4. dude at least i won twice, you dont count it...and there has no point who beaten by who( when i saw ur comment and there has no respect as you should realize) beside i've been gone about more then 2years withough playing..(for good excuse lol)
  5. sejo you dare as like hell...your just play only few years and trying to over taken old player huh? and insult my one of the old master in emp?? you know what if you want play with me come 1 on 1. -goyo-
  6. 스승님 머하고계세요...

  7. sup my old friend, i'm back so you should back too =)
  8. where am i?? no list?? i bet korlover =airdrons and slitontee or pearl, they both from korea...not usa... i remanber those two player one of the best player ever meet...beucas they taugth me..since i started play this game anyway... ps :youko baster! you should come back and play with me =(
  9. howcome this ppl forgot about me?? really? you have no idea how really bad make me such a huge disspoiment...QQ i'm back anyway ^^
  10. haah russian now this time you'll got hurt badly ....i'm pretty sure :P :P
  11. ROFL let's do match me pearl and youko vs chiness center and winter D:
  12. yeah!!!! time to wake up ppl and come and play iT!!!!@W!~@$#!#%R! ;D
  13. masco vs youko http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKMyJiPSLbU me vs masco http://www.youtube.com/user/Masco1692 i'm pretty sure you guys love it =)
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