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  1. yea i think i almost got it working but ty, any help is appreciated tho.
  2. Ok i was wondering if any one had an idea if there was a way to import the AI voice from Dune 2k(say for starters the Ordos AI EX: "your base is under attack") To SC2. Just a small thought i am working on it my self just haven't gone very far and would like to see if some one has beat me 2 it. Thx for reading.
  3. If one of there products damages ur pc then it is under there coverage u just have to ask for it. But all this is besides the point i am grateful for ur help just needed to provide what i had found .
  4. not if u get XP mode..... or a 64bit ISO.......
  5. 1: theres still all the stuff up above where u can play All 16 bit games and u link just now started working after bunch of people told u it was not working. Then i bring in the fact that the XP mode is 500MB flat so it less the size of ur download and the XP mode is a little more trusting then some random download. All this said ur download is appreciated but some would like to know that there is other ways of getting dune 2000 to work for 7 64bit That and some don't trust some random kid on the internet. With this u know who its coming form and that they will pay for any damages that the program make(if any at all)....just saying.
  6. Well considering it takes like 2mins to download, it takes up almost no space at all, it allows u to play other 16bit games, u can play the original dune 2000, and ur link to download does not work soooo......yes yes i would.
  7. Ok i just found out that u can download a windows XP mode which i think is great it just opens a window whit XP. U can do any thing u could in XP in this window and then alt tap over to 7 in my case. WARNING!!! : If u don't have a "legit" copy(as in u bought it from windows/a store) i would snuggest not download it the do a check before u download it. Heres the link http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-pc/download.aspx
  8. Hmm Gruntlord6 mind giveing me a direct link? I tried https://www.gruntmods.com/Dune_2000/Dune/Dune%202000%20Gruntmods%20Edition/Dune%202000.msi and the link is broken i also tried the first and the second link that u provided and can not get a download. Dont know if ur just having problems with ur site or what just want a quick and easy download, but if all else fails i can grab the loader from my old XP(which i will do at some point to get Risk and other games working) i am just lazy and don't want to track it down again. thx for reading
  9. Ok dune was one of the first real/fun RTS(next to Starcraft) game i have ever played and i have very fond memory's of the game and would like to pick it up again. But i have found that on both vista and windows 7 (64) i can not run the installer and this is true for a lot of old 16bit games i love( like Army Men2, Risk, and so on). Is there some kind of installer i can get to convert the games or is there something i can pull for my old XP in order to play them? And yes i know about: http://forum.dune2k.com/index.php?/topic/20906-windows-7-or-vista-problems/ just want to play some more than just dune and if all else fails i will try his out or make my own.
  10. i would love to but i cant my msn dosent work on this computer. But u can emale me(moop1skater@comcast.net) or ifu play wow, and even if u have ventrillo(how ever its spelled) :P
  11. Well for me it has not had thetime to live yet cuz i dont know how to play it online sence westwood whent down. So if any one could help me or tell me how i cna get a game started i wouldbe verry grateful.
  12. Ok i got Emperor Battle for Dune but i cant finda a server to play on. Can some one give me a hand i would like to play a few games online(even thow i will suck :B).
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