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Ordos strategies here!

Edric O

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heres ur strat with qm setts wich would be pre built on and 6k and crates and 5 unit upgrade ref 2ice and build  fact and make lots of dusties and while ya doint that make a fremen camp and start wit 5 fremen and 5 fed and there ya go also make laser this is the easiest way to win agianst hark mtor inf sux wast of money dont even up grade barracks ules u got  and engie drop commin well there ya go

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From what I could make out, playerap said: "Fast build to Dust Scouts and Fremen (both Warriors and Fedaykin). Don't upgrade Barracks."  :-/

The fast build to Dust Scouts is deadly against early infantry and works well even better if you don't have Pre-Built Bases  ;). Fast build to Fremen is a good alternative.

I disagree about not upgrading Barracks.

:D 'That is not a wise directive'  :D

With Engineers near your Construction Yard and scattered about your base, you have a far greater chance of surviving a Gunship/Ornithopter strike (Engineers can't help if its an EITS rush) which is a common way for Ordos to die :(. These Engineers can are also immediately available for Larvae removal and will severly discourage an enemy Engineer rush for keeps (if they sneak in and capture to sell immediately though...  ::)).

"Mortar infantry sux"  >:( ? How have you been using them? They are more mobile artillery than Kobras. No doubt the Kobra is more powerful and has longer range, but it is a large, clumsy unit that needs a lot of space. Mortar infantry on the other hand can fit through small gaps and use infantry rock. Mortar can decimate a large group of infantry (and even vehicles if you have large numbers), especially if the first shell lands when they are stationary and haven't spotted you ;D. Remember:

:D 'Both Kobra and Mortar shells are equally efficient at terminating the enemy infantry. Mortar infantry are 8 times cheaper than Kobras. The purpose of the Mortar infantry is cost effective artillery support.' :D

Try micromanaging Mortar and applying tactics, e.g. firing teams - one team repositions, the other team(s) is deployed to cover the vulnerable Mortar infantry moving.

You haven't mentioned anything about Saboteurs Playerap. These do huge damage to structures and infantry in a very short space of time and occupy little space. Successful Sabotage (which is hard to achieve) should not leave any evidence of what happened. All your victim will know is that the 'base under attack' or 'unit lost' warning was given, but there are no attackers left - who did it (in large FFAs)? Saboteurs are a great follow up from an Engineer rush, provided you have a barracks ready to build and there is little threat to your Saboteurs. True, infiltrators would do a better job at sabotage but they do cost more and take longer to build - 3~5 barracks are cheap, take little space and are quick (especially with 2~4 Construction Yards) to build, not the case with Houses of Ix. Don't be afraid to use suicidal units - Ordos has 3 and they all have a purpose(s).  :)

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the truth is i never ever use motor because first die to easy and why make 6 or 7 othem when i can make a kob doesnt make since also aight good fopr gunships huh well first of all u should have killed ur opponent so he oesnt have a chance to make them.look if u play ordos good a game should last more thatn 5-10 min

. and if u attack non stop the opponent has no way to buibl that because hell be using money to defend his base and that early in the game there should be no way he gopts the money to make gun ships just lots of buzzes thats all but in long games ok u can upgrade barracks but in quick games that are going to be good but fast dont upgrade it.

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You all probably know this, but the BEST way to win with ordos is to find wreckage. Pair up a dustie w/ a las tank and go hunting! Ordos vehicles are great against everybody, but, you need to fight in numbers. Find and destroy all of the wreckage and collect your cash. In the first 2 minutes of the mission you could have up to 14000 extra solaris. Build a whole bunch of las tanks and take out the enemy base.

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Long way: cobras and AA in defence and when AI will send enough units in small groups (comp always send such groups of units that I can only biuld my defence and wait I will have enough units for attack) and Lasers in attack with some chemicals.

Short: take one unit and destroy enemy base while its only con yard! (but its boring and not good :))

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Lol, when you have a battle of laser-tanks ;D

But mine idea about combatting houses:

Atreides - use Ordos

Ordos - use Harkonnen

Harkonnen - use Atreides

hmm nice divided :)

But it also depends on the subhouses...

I use Ordos most since many play Atreides.

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