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  1. ..... ebfd will nvr die.. it lives in our hearts!
  2. He is still running these forums.. insane its been so long.
  3. looks like a decent game...nothing spectacular tho.
  4. playerap

    Sup guys

    lol that guys a bit angry!
  5. playerap

    Sup guys

    Been a long time!!! miss u all... All those Oldschoo peeps should remeber me !
  6. http://home.comcast.net/~playerapx/CIMG0416.JPG ::)
  7. playerap

    HALO 2

    give me an holla playerapX
  8. Lol i havent played in the longest time but i can still remeber The Emp days !! LONG LOVE DUNEE!!!!!!
  9. http://www.gamenewscenter.com/forums/ check it
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