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  1. Ive never thought that the las tanks were good on advanced missions ??? :-[
  2. whats fun is when u shot a devestator wht d. gas and ether blow it so they waisted all that money ;D or drive it into there base aqnd blow it or just keep firing ;D
  3. what i do is in all my entrances just fill with cobras ;) and just alow enought room for re-enforcements to come through in just a while they are levle 3 vet..
  4. How?And any good stratagies whith them :-/ ::) ;D
  5. How do u use chaos lightning and infantry rock? ::)
  6. What I use them for is to explore 8) but using them with the carryalls is genius ;D :-[
  7. What I do is if money is no problem find the entrance in your base that they usually attack from and completely block it whith Kobras and soon if they wont stop attacking almost of them will be level3. this stratage I used to the extreme in the mission when the artratie base is right next to yours. ;D
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