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any 1 need help in emp wit ord


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Never mind about what I said.

I just need to get better with the Ordos

mind if i give you some good strats ????

good i knew you would say "no"so here gos ;D

1:if your fighting the atr this can be hard pick the guild and fem has you subhouses. if its a 2 on 2 and 1 enemy is atr and other ordos then be sure and ask<if you don't allready know>how good they are if the atr player is grate then pick fem and the guild if not pick fem and the sards

2 :most the time at fishers plan witth 30k vs any STANDERD atr player.the EITS rocks do that rush +dustscouts chem guys and a few morters in the back and don't forget the laser tanks then it works grate

3:you have to be FAST don't wast time sitin pagein and talkin to your freind its ok to but REMEMBER your trying to win NOT to talk to death

4:make sure you have a good buddy if you have a noob buddy then that makes it a LOT harder to win

5:atr players<good ones>like to play LONG games the best way to kill'em is to SHORTEN it with your gulid/femsnipers and fedakin worm riders

6:if you do fail and its a long game then have aircover for mion drops and apc drops


hope playerap helps you out that was just some good strats that i allways use.;)

nice gramer huh? ;D

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hey sneez, now I know how u and mst always win ;D.

hope you don't mind me taking notes ;D

You wouldnt have any good BO for hark would u?

(I kno whtis is in the ordos strat but player did say ordo or hark)

so anyone here got some Hark BO? ;D

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Yes you have. Dust Scouts are very good vs single units. So when all your units are taken out, there's no way to stop the dusties, since they always will kill the newest units. You can't make an army so...

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