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  1. WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DIDN'T KNOW THAT IS IT TRUE ? what that sucks it's one of their best games ! and they stoped it ! booooooo ! hisssssss but But why ???????????????????????? they should exetend the story !!!!!!!!!!!! plx anybody know why emperor was dumped ! please shed some light on it ! ?
  2. Hi to everybody who reads this message :) ;D anyway to the point everybody i've spoken to my friends and say that new units for the houses would enhance the game play so i thought that everybody could say there opinion on new units that would enhance the game play because i would like to see a patch or a the add-on cd from westwood continuing the story of emperor e.g like now that your house is ruling (harkonen, ordos, atriedies )that a new house ? maybe (p.s i hope that the emperor staff & fed2k members listening to what is said here ! ) NO offence cause i know and everybody know's how hard you work and that you always listen to ideas to enhance game play ect....... ANYWAY i think that atriedies should have a new type of a vechile like a medium speed anti air and grond like the mongoose but a bit slower but more damaging and for harkonen a fast and deadly vechile (like an advance of technology ) like a flame and inkvine weapon together like it fires the ink then rushes in with flames but as a distraction like it fires mini machine gun bullets and ordos i would want something not with a shield for ordos something to back up kobras (oop's fergot to say a atriedies infantry like a mortar to go with kindjal ) but apart from that ! START SENDING REPLYS ! ;D :D ;) :) 8)
  3. Well i found this interseting ! hehehe what i will tell you u might think it stupied but hey it works for me i use a distraction to the ordos a couple of mino's for example while there attacking the mino's i have a 5 apc's in stealth mode with kindjal in them and fremen all round the ordos with gaurd mode off and set them a number example fremen 1 apc's 2 on the keyboard and put the fremen on gaurd attacking the kobra's then at the same time deploy the apc's and deploy the kindjal, : Note that the apc's are also off gaurd mode : Note that the apc's can only go a couple of centimetres put move if u didn't know and that holds them off for a mintue and then while the kindjal r fighting i bring in the mino's to help , Note that the kindjals last longer when infantry rock and that is how i do it !!!!!!!! what d u think ? ;D
  4. BUT >:( you ferget that most of the time the first 4 mins determin the game i say cuase if your a newbie BUT I'M not you get surrouded by kobra's and lazer tanks when you kill them he just counter attacks just face it until a better stat is made ords do have the biggest advantage ! we need a new infantry unit real cheap real fast ! ( i'm intermidite but i can't get the ords to stop bugging me maybe a little help ? would be greatful! )
  5. you shold buy emperor it is and was the best & 30.00 i ever spent the graphics are brillent and the stratige plots are very good !but iin the end it's your descion but it's really good !
  6. yeah i done it ! now thanks for the help ! killed that worm so bad the duke is the ruler ! the right full ruler
  7. thanks but thats just simply mean ! hey but live isn't fair
  8. hi in advance to everybody who reads this here's my problem and it's a mystery i was playing about 15 ago and i was playing the computer on a single skimish and i had 4 computer players i was just defending no way in and three of the players die off in the first 15-28 mins and then i started to build a fremen camp about 18 minute and i was just defending i then got a fully promoted fremen 3 strips and i called for a worm to go and attack the emanys havesters cause i used aa drone to take out the carry alls so it was quite far way the fremen calling for the worm anyway it came and i set of to go and get that havester and i just got their and killed it and then it went and the three strips where gone thats the mystery ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Please someone tell me why this happend or any body that it also happend to thx !
  9. alright i need help ordos allways ar bad for me i always get wiped by them when i,m playing hark but when atriedies hoo it even worse
  10. hi thanks in advance for reading this i am on the last level trying to destroy that emperor worm and i'm rubbish so i was hoping to get your help and experince at this level what to do and how to do it im fine for the first bit the fremen go and show where the guild's emperor worm is but they attack it and then get killed ok then i build my base then i send out a hole hord of minos and repair vechiles they get wiped out by ordos war fac with those men and vechiles but then i keep and try to wear them down but then the guild come in and kick me into one million pieces go and attack me by then it's alive ! so i need help for what to do for attack and defence so plx help me and what sub house did you find the most useful and what might help me P.S i got Houses ix , fremen , sards to help me and and last thing i've only had it for a while so all help is greatful ! thx
  11. hey i sorry about that i'll make sure i don't do that next time thanks !
  12. Hi to everybody who reads this heres my problem i love the sardaukar as a sub house but i need did peoples ideas and to use them effectively and tell me how you use it becauase im a newbie and i want to be really good SO PLX TELL ME HOW YOU USE THEM AND HOW THEY HELP YOU FOR ATTACK AND DEFENCE AND WHAT UNITS WITH THE SARDAUKAR KICK ASS IF YOU PLAY MORE THAN ONE HOUSE TELL ME HOW YOU USE THEM WITH SARDAUKAR THANKS
  13. I have a problem every match i go into i get wipped just to say now i am a kind of a newbie because i have only been playing the computer but now i've started on the web against other people i'm getting WIPPED !!!!! SO BAD IT's so imbarassing my opponent always get to me so quick with aa drones and when my money very LOW they send the mino's in CHARGE LIKE A PACK OF RINHOS ........................ BUT NOT AS FAST ! THIS IS MY STAT : i build normally windtrap then barracks then havester , war factorie then machine gun posts PLEASE SOME BODY HELP ! :-/
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