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  1. Ya try to put in back of base, if they don't have any defense ;) The same as gunseng, try to kill harvesters, that are alone. Be careful though they might have fedaykins!
  2. Graphics9 Sound 9 Units 8 Level 8 Overall 9.5 Fav. game!
  3. I can make everything, cept for a ramp. Well i can but at the end when i go to build map, it say no ramps defined. So how do i ???
  4. I think the best planet would be arrakis, when letoII God emperor was at his 3500 year of ruling. Arrakis is very nice at that time. 8)
  5. A real good way is too, well if u do it right...is to pick it up with a advanced carryal, but sometimes he will take them out :P If u manage to pick it up , force move it over some air defense, they'll take him out ;)
  6. i think the mino. is a better overall unit, u got to hate inkivines out of range with dev. :D But the dev. is a very good "Drop in the back of base unit."
  7. Emperor:Battle for dune is the best game ever made!!!(maybe cept half-life counterstrike) >:(What the matter with u's?????????
  8. i think the best sub-houses are sarduaker(most definately) and teiluxu....they are as annoying as hell :D but sure fun to use 8)
  9. What the hell is a cyborg camando :O :O
  10. If u really want that to work.....build like 5 profection tanks..go's a lot faster! 8)
  11. KEW! U can also make a bunch of fremen, and invade or take out harvesters....also works with sarduaker ;)
  12. eciuj


    so how do u get into the Landsrad
  13. :-/ I'm good with ordos, better with atreides....u know me player, so ya itsy bit with ordos.
  14. Back to the regular topic, if u have more than one mine, and u get attacked by air, the closest unit attacking will be destroyed with a number of ur mines. Wasting them horribly, letting the enemy air units in,etc. :P
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