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Hello everyone. I was going to hijack (in a nice way) the MSN Nick thread but decided that we might end up discussing this so created another thread.

Xfire is an IM program with a slant towards gaming. It is a much better solution for us as emp players then either empbot or MSN. In fact, I believe that one of the reasons empbot never took off was that it was a separate app that had to be downloaded and run, which takes effort and people are not the type to put in effort if they can avoid it. This is what xfire will struggle against and MSN will/does not.

Imagine if MSN showed the status of all your friends by their name, exactly what game they were playing, what server they were on, allowed you to chat to them so they can see it WITHIN the game they are playing nice and discretely and even reply to you without coming out of the game, like the old /page <playername> message in a game of emp. It also supports voice chat, group chat for voice and text and screen shots amongst others.

I do think I would play more if there were people on when I was on, and I think Xfire can help with that.

Does anyone want to give it a try?

My nick is:


Others in my list (active ones)












Others on my list (maybe not active - players havent been seen for a while)






madenod - He is online all the time, but plays BF2 mostly now. Maybe bug him to come play emp again?

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Voodoo, it makes sense for you to create a new list of players nicks, so we dont have to keep shouting out our nicks again, much like the MSN one.

I can see myself playing this more if, when I log on to xfire, along side the other friends I have from other gaming communities I have, I see my good old emp friends.

You already have 3 nicks to put in it.

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I made one although I am kind of upset someone has my name....

Lol, Omeganoob was taken too  >:( who could think they are more nooby than I???

So anyway, I'm ultimatenoobinator on xfire (just my fed2k name without spaces or caps), and I've just added you all (or I think I have anyway, still getting used to it lol), so to quote another, add me as well!  ;D

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