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  1. I've got 2 words "Crack Head"! ::)
  2. Cool! I think it is up to us to make it last for as long as we want ;) People like you, me and others :D GO EMP!
  3. Darkd3th , Kingpoker none of you showed up on Sunday, goyo and I waited all day online, what happened?
  4. lol i was just looking for you ;D lets play!
  5. Kingpoker n Darkd3th, when are you guys available to play the next round? Let us know... Thanks Spazelord
  6. Kingpoker n Darkd3th, when are you guys available to play the next round? Let us know... Thanks Spazelord
  7. Go Mord!!! This one is for my German friends! I do what I love in life and have always been doing things that suites my life style I'm very optimistic and adore life but it does not change the fact that the world is truly experiencing nightmares controlled by world bankers n elites. When we open our mind beyond 2feet/steppes in front of us or beyond the 5 senses, we will then understand how much we are being cheated and abused. (Example)I work hard and drive my Benz, live my good life in my home love my family etc. does not solve any hunger, disease, city issues, state, country, continent or the world's issues. Waking up and consciously being aware of what is going on will give me the ability to understand and educate my mind to wake humanity up from this crazy system. Our mind is under attack but so many are sleeping, regardless of doing what they love or hate. When an individual is involved with just their own personal life and don't care about anything else are called SHEEPLES because they are involved in their own self sub conscious and not what is going on around them or being self aware. Life is fantastic but not when it is designed for few people and not everyone else. Life is beautiful but not when they are poisoning our food, water and air. Life is meant to be free as an personal freedom but not when they have humanity slaved around for the higher Archy. We can keep denying it or do something about it... Peace! ;)
  8. I definitely mostly agree with Mord, I also have a few things to add why things are the way they are. You see, we live in a matrix of a monetary system which is designed to slave humanity around with out us knowing it exists in such terrible manner. The world bankers and elite print money NOT backed up by gold or anything, they just print money from thin air and work with world banking system to loan it to individuals out there, like us. Then they charge you interest on a ghost money that does not even exist because they never printed that 15% interest to begin with. You see if the world doesn't wake up to this false reality of monetary system, we will always be the slave of the bankers, New World Order and the elite of this world. there is a much better way to deal with life and its problems but we won't because every individual thinks they have no power or they are weak, which is absolutely NOT true. You see every thing on TV, news, media, newspaper etc... are constantly promoting a false reality to keep people in the "fear mode" and in the box so we can never wake up or even think about changing this terrible system that does not work at all. 99% of humans around the world are unhappy about their current status, just ask your self why? and apply it in your own world. If some type of attitude or method does not work for you in your personal life or relationship you tend to change things around so it is best for all people who are involved in the relationship, otherwise it won't work. We see the same system here on monetary system but instead of changing things they got people hypnotized and completely depressed so they are unaware of their own existence or their true spiritual powers. They have had the technology since the 50's in the military to change human behavior by radio wave of frequency. They have been applying this technology for a while now. It is not a coincidence that you find people in such low frequency of vibration and find all kinds of harmful chemicals in your food, water toothpaste etc... They are constantly poison the air by chimetrails and spreading a new disease every few years. The military's orders are to reduce population in the world so they have to create fouls and fabricated wars in order to carry out their overly populated and profitable agendas. Life does not suck, it is the fact that we are living in the world bankers reality of matrix that sucks. Just imagine, the fillings in your teeth that has been filled with mercury is pure poison and causes depression all the way to the unnatural sugar replacements that have the same toxic effect on human brain.(sweet n low, equal, splenda etc..) We are experiencing a horrible reality controlled by a hand full of (elite's)which has nothing to do with our true reality. We are just hypnotized and deep sleep from this nightmare otherwise no human would take this much abuse. Not only we are being cheated, slaved, used and abused but we have to pay for it as well. How dumb are we? Very fucking dumb! When does humanity want to wake up? When they are about to be extincted or suffocated. Do you see the road "sheeples? It does not take guns and nukes to stop these people, it takes full consciousness and opening the mind to do absolutely nothing to end this nonsense. Will you wake up? Spazelord http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUqtK_BCSQw&feature=channel_page
  9. Kindjy you guys still have whole buncha games ahead so not to worry ;D
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