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  1. darkdeath add me on msn ? darrenfthlol@hotmail.com
  2. i need to buy new discs or somthing lost them looks like cos cant find them ..guess ill look on ebay
  3. im still here , still play , not for a while tho , ..... ive tried my best to keep coming online and do have others to get this game working again but only if we all did try at the same time but that never happens ... what can ya do ....
  4. lol yea i got raped in the games you watched alch .... the 1st won i lost fair n square but the 2nd i moved my army up n went to build somethin gin my base n gun was attacking my army ... i slept in lol but usally not as swung as that ... usally i win some he wins some :P
  5. well aint got no couple hundred K da spare so fuck that for an idea ..................
  6. well if any 1 does know about this kind of thing n makes me see that its worth while i could probably spend $20k - $30k but youd have to wait until im 18 on nov 8th .
  7. i think spaz was saying to me buy the game off EA or somthing and then we could remake it , how much would this cost and what all would happen anyone know? i may be able to get the money up for it if its worth doing .
  8. kingpoker

    Battlefield 2

    game of ebfd tonight guys ? 12 am gmt
  9. game tonight 12pm gmt? any 1 up 4 that? post here if you are
  10. come on guys come tonight for a few good games
  11. come on i wanna see some good players back to this game and play it ... you all seem to read the forum but dont play ... how about 12pm GMT this sunday we all log on and play whoever wants to .... if you read this come on at that time please .. ill be there ...
  12. all you guys do is chat , never play . 12am GMT is the time i used to log on everynight and by 3amGMT every player that was going to play was online and we would play all night .
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