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The Drunk Thread

Dragoon Knight

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Drunk people will often say random things that may not be related to anything in there thoughts.


Unless this is what Vanguard really means? You're choice: Vanguard wants to get a room with andrew and do things people don't want to know, or, Drunk people do often say random things.

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The only choice I see is not "which one," but rather "which first".

6 stellas, 3 Heinekens, then top it off w/ a Becks.  That'll do ya nicely.

I like Stella.

Stella. Although I'm quite partial to Coors at the moment. Or Carling when I'm cheap.

Coors, really?  I never tried but I always got the Bud Dry vibes from that stuff (eww), dunno why.  What's it like?

lol, nice Disney pictures Andrew and 'goon knight.  (sorry been gone a lot)

yea, lots of drama in our apartment these past couple months, so I tried hard not to be the cause of anymore that night.

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Coors light?

It's an alright light beer, but nothing special. I think it was one of the more popular light beers. But doesn't seem to be any better than the other light variations. Although if I'm in the mood for light beer at the bar I'll get Coors light.

Moosehead Premium Dry is good :)

Yummy 5.5%

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One of the big reasons behind drinking coors is that it's cheap and I live in London and Canterbury, which aren't very easy on the wallet to live in. Stella's the best as far as I'm concerned but I'm an ale man a lot of the time. Young's Special is the Daddy!

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