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The Drunk Thread

Dragoon Knight

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I have had two beers and am currently in the same room as two female friends of mine.  but one was previously with my roommate while she was engaged to some guy stationsed in Iraq...........

the other girl I snogged her face off a month ago and her boyfriend in Newyork totally knows..........................

oH and i didn't get any sleep last night so the beers are really taking their tolls.  this is on my roommates former mistresses lapbtop. btw.


wow i make myself look like a tool sometimes. :-[  nothing happened. we just ate spaggetti.

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That's cool man drinking's no big deal if you like it you like if you don't want to drink just don't. Just make sure you never cave to pressure stand up for your morals!

(btw fairly drunk right now so I may be blabbering a bit)

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My A-hole.

Seriously, alchohol removes a person's inhibitions, causing people to say and do things they would normally only think of.  It may seem out of character for the quiet guy to suckerpunch the dude dancing with his girlfriend, but if he were sober, he probably would still have thought about it.

You say yourself you've never really been drunk, so you may not understand, but people don't change into completely different people with completely different thought patterns when they're drunk.

[edit] Oh, and chastity belts don't work when you can pick locks.  I appreciate a challenge every now and then, though.

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