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The Drunk Thread

Dragoon Knight

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OK, so I'm drunk.  Pretty damned drunk.  Don't often get this way.  SO HA.

Anyway, new rule.  You can only post in this thread when you're driunk.  That is, if I don't delete this thread when I'm sober again.  Or some Mod doesn't come al;ong and delete it on my behalf.  IU think it will be a good way of something.  SOMETHING I SAY.

SO opst.  POST I mean.  When you're drnnk.

I was out with EWS and his girlfirend for the first time in a while.  First time I've seen her and she's really nice.  EWS has LONG HAIR, which doesn't happen.  It's either short and curly, or shorty annd PINK.  That's right PINK.  HA!

So durnk.  BE DRUNK.  Post.  It will be most amusing, as I'm sure lots of people will find this thread.  Or not.  I don't care, the room is moving and it won't stop so I'm gonna lie down.  Yeha.

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I can't feel my teeth.  Or rather, Ic an but it's dulled.  Which is probably worse.

Any cider will do.  I think I should find some food, and there are NO KEBABS.  Which is a travesty.  Or a tragedy.  Depends if Steps are here or not.  Or was it SCLUB7, I forget.

ANYWAY drunk.  Lies.  Trout.  Also food/, need food.

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5am does not exist, it is a silly hour and I hereby ban it.

But I like your thinking with the meats and whatnot.  I shall scout my kitchen for perishables that require minimum cookingh time.  Mic rowaves are friends.  Or something.

I'm surp[ries I'm remembering my colour code.  I've been using it for so long it's automatic.  How anout that?

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This is pretty interesting. I admit that I have a certain eagerness to see Dante post in this thread. He has to be following the rules, of course.  ;) Maybe thats too much to hope for, but what can one do but hope?

To be a bit more on-topic, whenever I drink(which is very rarely), I drink only vodka. I can't spell the brand, but we call it "Goat's foot", since the (Russian) name of it includes the Russian word for "goat". As for foot, I don't know where that came from. :D But anyway, yeah. Alcohol is disgusting enough that it's a bit stupid to drink anything that is weaker than 40%.

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I dare post on this thread to say that I've never been drunk before.

And I will hereby stop posting in this thread, from this point on. There shall be no mention of my presence, my posts, my ideas here, because there is no point posting about being drunk when you're not drunk, or drunk when you're not drunk... Maybe when you're drunk you can't control your language no more, and you go about speaking in all sorts of tongues and going hiccups but you're still drunk anyway and no matter but you werent supposed to be drunk at all when you posted i meant me posted um...

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