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Came home from work this morning, did the usual computer on, made the wife a cup of tea and had a browse of the news. Got the kids breakfast ready and helped them get ready for school. Wife got off to work, i listened to the eight year old read a short story to her little sister, whilst i browsed a couple of sites. Spotted the quote below, laughed did a short reply and logged off.

>:(Nunu, alche and why not gunswounds don't you guys work or go to school

cuz every where i go here in this site all i see is post fro you 3 guys

are you guys some kind of moderators or just don't have anything Else to do but read and post here

get a live or at least get something to do other than being here 24  7  12

Took the kids off to school, then walked up to the dentists, had my check up and walked back, thinking that's my exercise for today done, but strangely Elsipues comment had me thinking how little we know each other and how strange it is that we formulate opinions on each other without any real knowledge, no matter how general about each other.

So here we go some info about me and mine.

Name: Michael

Age:    42

Status: Married (Nearly 24 years)

Kids 4 (1 boy 23, 3 girls 21, 8, 4.)

Work: Casino Hospitality (9years) I generally work nights but it does vary as my job is shift based, I generally work a minimum of 40hrs over 4 days each week.


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Ooh good idea and you're so right its strange how little most people know about each other.

So here's me:

Name Henry

Age 19

Marital status: Relationship of 18 months

Work: Currently unemployed (just started my first year of English Literature and Film Studies at the University of Kent). I've had various temporary jobs over the past couple of years, sales advisors, kitchen associate, office monkey, data entry, secretarial, server restarterer etc.

Past times: Reading, watching films (i like to mix work and pleasure ;)), music, going to concerts, going to the pub, little bit of video games, going to the gym, just joined up to the local student radio as well.

Video games: Got lots of work on at uni so not really gaming at the moment

Music: Pretty broad as long as it has good lyrics and a nice tune

Generally about me: At the moment i'm working quite hard on my essays and other work for uni. I've got 2 essays in for the next couple of weeks and a couple of other little tid bits, so the panic's just about starting to set in ;). I'm also trying to get involved in the student radio as I mentioned earlier, not as a dj though just in the music department reviewing music, choosing playlists etc. I've got a meeting for that tonight actually but i'm not 100% sure if I'll make it because I'm feeling kinda sick at the moment. Yeah I think that's pretty much all of me right now.

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Ooh good idea and you're so right its strange how little most people know about each other.

Obviously not everyone agrees due to the lack of responses  ::) ;)

Good luck with the local radio researcher thing, it's the way a lot of radio DJs start out.

Having looked through many of the profiles, what is with the age NA  :O worried to admit how old or just how young you really are  ::) ;)

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I'm 20, pursuing an IT degree at UCF, and learning Mandarin right now with an audio and book. I enjoy long walks on the beaches in WoW, and candlelight sessions of Battlefield 2 when I'm feeling extra-romantic.

On the less geeky side, I enjoy learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and try to work out quite a bit. After accomplishing a high enough belt in jiu jitsu, I will add Judo in with my training to provide a more-rounded knowledge of fighting. Perhaps then kick boxing, or just plain boxing. I also enjoy just fucking around with my friends out at a park, which some of you may be aware of... lol

I work fulltime at a grocery store, Publix, as a front-office cashier and pay my own bills until my wallet cries for mercy.

I enjoy Asian movies, culture and food. The women aren't bad, either  8)

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I'm a fifteen year old girl pretending to be a rather cranky geek replete with archaisms and a few rather old-fashioned views. I claim to be from the remote county of Rutland to lure you into a false sense of security, but I'm actually living a few blocks away from you. Though I appear to have no sense of pop-culture or music, this is actually a cover for my death-metal obsession and encyclopaedic knowledge of the private lives of C-list celebrities. And below that pristinely punctuated exterior, there's actually an irritating little creature desperately straining to scream "L0Lz!!!!1". My real hobbies include drinking (booze, not tea), partying (not working) until 7am, and shouting suggestive comments at the people I'm stalking.

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I am known only as Erjin. I work in the IT field. I like to pretend to be gay online in emp, so much so that some people suspect me of actually being homosexual (which I am not).

I use the computer way to much, which means I am often accused of being a nerd. The same people love to ask me to help with their computer issues. ::)

I am about 27 years old, life moves too quickly to remember exactly how old I am. I work and have a very active family life. This often leaves very little time for games, which I love playing.

I am not naturally competitive at all, at least not with others, more competitive with myself, in that I get upset with myself if I know I can do better at anything I dont do well in.

I play badminton and used to play football (soccer for the rest of you foreigners ! ::)).

I have known mudassar for many years, and introduced (inflicted ?) him to emp.

Music, I almost forgot, I hardly listen to music, and if I do, its only a few select songs. When I do listen to songs, I concetrate more on the tune then the lyrics, which means I can listen to songs in several languages and still like them. Weird, huh ?

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I generally have few objections to providing generic personal information over the internet. If any powerful individuals who do not have my best interests in mind wished to know that information, they would already know it by now. Being paranoid is a bit liberating - I don't worry about privacy because I just assume I don't have any. :)

Having said that, however, I still won't tell you too much about me. :P

Name: Starts with an 'M'

Age: 20

Status: In front of a computer

Work: In true nerdy tradition, I work for my university's Information Technology department, which, very generously, pays me minimum wage.

School: As noted above, I go to an unspecified university, which will remain unspecified. My major is Economics-Mathematics. I plan to go on to get a PhD in economics afterwards.

Passtimes: Reading, writing, going online, and spending time with my significant other.

Present computer games being played: None at the moment, though I've been playing Neverwinter Nights on and off recently as I keep downloading new modules.

Music: The kind that raises eyebrows. Epic metal (Rhapsody, Hammerfall), Rammstein, and occasionally opera.

Politics: Communist, and very proudly so. If you want a very simple representation of my views, imagine a society with a centrally-planned economy that uses computers extensively for its economic planning, distributes wealth in a highly egalitarian manner, and has a robust democratic system together with a strict separation of powers; there is both representative democracy and an element of direct democracy, using a network of cell phone-like voting devices to give the people the ability to vote on major policy decisions.

That is the kind of society I identify as socialism, the stage of human development that should replace capitalism. As for the later stage known as communism, my views are a bit more vague.

In general I agree with Marx, Lenin and Trotsky. I oppose the Soviet Union but I believe it had its positive side and was superior to what came before and after it.

Religion: Christian; officially Romanian Orthodox, but I disagree with quite a few of the practices of the Orthodox Church.

And finally, a comment:

My grandfather was a staunch Socialist (Trotskyite) and my father was a staunch union activist both were members of the Labour party.

In my youth I was a Young Socialist and a member of the Militant tendency, in the last few years I

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Probably far too complex to explain briefly but I'll give it ago.

I've found that my values have changed as my children have grown and I've aged.

Idealism is fine but reality is were we live.

Maybe I've become more cynical but it is easier to recognise manipulation within groups and it's easier to see failure looming ahead,the blind faith of youth becomes jaded through experience and compromises are made.

My views on many things have changed corporal punishment, integration within society, religion.

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Are you doing the accent too ? :P

I do but its hard to type that down :-


age: 24

proffesion: Well I work at a High-school right know, teaching music and drama. Beside that I tutor children in Mens an Maatschappij, ehm that's Men (and Women) en society,

It include's History, geography, english, Dutch, Social sudies, German etc.

Politics, left (green)

Religion, Well you might say I'm some sort of a religieos Humanist, I believe there is something greater, a force that drives us all, but I cannot difine what that is. I do not believe there is an afterlife. That is why I believe we all have to do our bit here. I believe there is some good in everyone, its just hard to find in some people that is. Do good and you will be recieved thus.


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Lol...... Why the need for anonymity should we all not be proud of who we we are, what we believe or feel. unless of course you are building a false persona and fear the real you being discovered.  ::) ;)

If that were the case then don't you think I'd choose a more interesting characterisation than that of a reclusive Scottish teenager? Far more likely when creating a totally fictitious person to go for something more ostentatious.

handsome, make alot of money, and have a nice body. (like me!)
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i was gonna just write stuff, but hell now i've started i dunno.. so i'll use your format :)

Name: Amy

Age:    26

Status: Still Single...

Kids: none

Work: I work for a large multi national telecommunications company.

Pastimes: music music music.  reading, movies, my friends.


currently listening to the new My Chemical Romance album. 

love Turbonegro, Mondo Generator, Kyuss, Biffy Clyro, David Ford, Jimmy Eat World, AFI, CKY, Queens of the Stone Age.  (secret vice: robbie williams)

I am learning Arabic, and aim to also learn Hebrew.  I live in the UK.  I feel like I am being dragged unceremoniuosly into the world of George Orwells 1984 or perhaps V for Vendetta and there seems to be precious little I can do to prevent it.  Did you know that they are thinking of letting people into our homes to take photos to decide that if you have done stuff to your home, like conservatories, decorating, etc.. they can charge you more tax?  and the fact that we're going to be CHARGED for our rubbish makes me feel sick.  i hate it.

i like to live in the world in my head, where i can just look after the people i love and be happy.  i'm starting to think i need to move is i want that to happen.

thats a bit depressing for this post though, so let me think of something happier!

i'm going to see my chemical romance, tool and david ford in the next few months.  i've been to see afi, mondo generator and robbie williams in the recent months past. 

i trekked 100 miles in the anti atlas mountains this years to raise money for the national autistic society.  it was awesome.  contemplating trek china next year.

still play guitar.  still wish i was a rock star.

and movie wise... did you see clerks 2?  laughed til i cried......

and obviously, i still love dune best of all.

hello :)

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