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New Dune Games


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I think they should make the history of dune books into an RTS having three sides to the stories, the jihad, the machines and the cymeks, each with special weapons or units. The jihad having the rossak sorceresses, the machines with their metal ball things and the cymeks with well neo-cymeks. Each side having the ability to make and use atomics.  :)

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hah i agree starcraft 2 will never be

Never say never. Right now, Blizzard have their hands full with WoW, but when the popularity declines, they might be looking into a new Starcraft game.

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Any not strictly "kill the bad guys" Dune game could be of interest...

Dune Generations was aiming at this, with deep politics, strategies, etc. A kind of EVE online mass-multiplayer empire building, with cake for everyone.

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Well, I'm planning my own kind of "Dune 4" which will be a mod for C&C3.  The three sides will be Corrino, Atreides, and Harkonnen.  The campaign will start of with you as the Harkonnens, destroying the Atreides just after they land on Arrakis, as per the book, and then the next one is the Atreides/Fremen, where they wipe out the Harkonnen/Sardaukar.

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