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  1. Back to the 'Thopters; In Red Alert, Tiberum Sun, and Red Alert 2, (I never checked TD) the helicopters ("Airportbound=no" harriers) could be made in unlimited number while still being required to reload at the helipad. The helicopters not reloading would wait next to the helipad. I never checked in RA2, but in RA and TibSun, the helicoters would also fly in from off-screen when there was no unoccupied helipad left. Personally I think that would be the best solution.
  2. Hallman stared at the report in his hand. The Atreides had refused! The refuseal was a hard slap in the face, but Hallman thought of it as the punishment for being overconfident. He picked up another report from his desk and moved towards the bookshelf on his right. The page was another rumor-report, something about House Cocytus buying AA weaponry. As Hallman was walking towards the door he saw something odd. One of the chairs in the room had a bump. Not a very large bump, but a bump. Hallman fired the gun in a square around the bump. This revealed a bomb of some sort. A rangefinder and some explosives. If he moved to close it would explode. Simple, but deadly. Also placed between him and the door. "Oh, well!" Hallman's lasgun destroyed the rangefinder quickly. After the bombsquad had left with the bomb remains, he and Christian though of who could do this. "There is the witches, they don't like our form of government. I don't know why though." Christian said. "Or any of the other houses that wants a cunfused house to easily take." "You try to find ths out. I have a message to the House Cocytus. [hide]I hear you are interested in AA weaponry. We, House Dendarii are willing to offer you some of our publicly secret weapons against an alliance. I am sure this would serve us both well.[/hide]
  3. George stoode beside Hallman in the command room. The main screen showed a week on Tigra in fast pace. The room was filled with silence cauced by the terrifying sight. George broke the silence: "Bah! They beat us to it! A freeze bomb. One week till our Nitrogen Missile is complete and they go show of their version on a global scale. This means we must point our research in an other direction. Maybe a strong alternating current could overload the Holtzman field. Or some kind of acid or alkali." "Let the rocket scientist continue on the missile, you have your own project to work on." "The Cthulhu?" "Yes, that one. I'm never able to pronounce that." Secret message to the Atreides, who at the moment is GM-contolled, right? OCC: I can't find the right colour code!
  4. Hallman sat in his office on Iol. It had only been a few days but some of the houses had allready started war over the throne. Hallman had to chose well, the wrong allies could lead to planetary oblitteration. His line of thought was interupted by a knock on the door. "Come in!" Hallamn shouted. The door opned fast and in darted a man. The man was under average height and not very strong, but Hallman knew better than judging Malcom C. Frica by what you could see. Malcom was fast, endurant and cynical. He had been taken in exile from Dune about a year ago. Malcom had been on a scientific Carryal studying Sandworms when they were hit by a sudden sandstorm. The Carryall had crachlanded and only Malcom had survived. They were quicly discovered by a tribe of Fremen that wanted their water. Malcom had never told how he got out of the problem, but he got out somehow. "The Nitrogen Missile is complete Sir." Malcom reported. "Testing next week." "Good. Send in Christian on your way out. But first, are we ready to propose our deal to the Atreides?" "Yes Sir, but are you sure they will accept? It is a pretty... odd trade." "I think they will accept. Give me the Capsule. I know you allways keep one one you." Malcom handed a cylindrical capsule to Hallman. "Nok er Sagt. Dissmised!" Malcom left and in came Christian, the mentat. "Take this message and give it to the Atreides. It has highest priority." "Sir?" "Of non-war priority!" "Do you think they will accept the deal?" "I think they will. Dissmissed!"
  5. House: Dendarii Leader: George Hallman (Earl) Planet: Iol (IOL)is a harsh and desolate planet. Most of the planet is cold rock and deep oceans, with polar ice caps. The climate is ruthless, with powerfull winds, electrical storms and waves "that'll smash ye flatter th'n this sheet '0 paper" The electrical storms have weakening effects on Holtzman fields, so shields only have limited effect on Iol. Those who live on Iol are the best survivalist in the known universe, save the Fremen. Most people live underground in concrete bunkers. Food is bred or grown in artificial habitats. Info: The official title of the head of the Dendarii is Earl, but the title does not follow a direct family line. Each orbital year the "party" elects a "Party leader" to be, which is adopted a hier by the Party leader at the moment of his death. This is done in order to avoid totallian governments. Hallman surrounds himself with party members that have proven themselves, known as the "inner core" of the party. The Inner Core is extremely powerfull, but can be de-elected should they become a threat. Dendarii are science heavy, and hold strong relationships to Ix.
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