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World Cup 2006TM


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as for whats right and whats rong..i never agree with the one who starts violence no matter what

the case are..zidan could have asked the reffery or the coatch on what to do.....

as for the italian team they did that on planed purpes...and i am familur with thier acts even

in previous wcs....thats because they are less..

and they know they were going to be defeated...

i hurd that the fifa had opend the zidan case..we will see...

as for our commarad nuvollari i ask  her/he/it  about allwayes making deffrent stuff about her/his/it  self....

first u were a 12 guy then 13 yo girl  now u say ure 16  wtf?? are u olso mafia like ure team??

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16...how do you know I told them them truth  ::) and about zidane...it was bettter if he would ask the ref..or something like that.

oh you mean like Totti still claiming he didn't spit - or Meterazzi saying he didn't do anything - you are now saying you don't tell the truth?

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LoL i didint say Materazzi was chill or anything..but wtf....look at the scene...first the bastard..zidanne was smilling then he made a 180 and headbuted materazzi's chest...shameful.And i liked this world cup...much better than the 2002 one.and plus the france's teams is like 80% black people..so that aint France !!!South Africa was playing vs Italy in the final

PS.hes a man huh? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1i_l0OeeMc check this

In the US, our basketball teams are 80-90% black, but less than 1% of all players in the NBA aren't american. You don't need to be of a certain ethnicity to be a citizen of a country. And what Materazzi got was well deserved, Zidane didn't shame himself.

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i bet this italian team had made him self a big numbers of fans around the world..doing that dirty

mafia gansters moves on the public just for stupied blastic cup...

i saw the italians having dirty manners befor but it wasnt to that stage and i say to this

italian joke team.. we will be seeing you... (spit)

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nono i never insolt italy..i said allwayes the italian team i never said italians you know

am sorry to you there is big deffrence my favoret sport is valantino rossy...

but when somone acts bad we say wtf...why this matrezi running behind a polite and cool player like zidan sayin ...... ure mother and .....ure syster  3 and 4 and 5 times ..one after the other??

is zidane liyer?? i dont think soo..

note: all my respect to italy this great nation who inveted things more beatyfull than the cars

whitch is  pizza and spagguetti...and all respect to all nations and for those whom respect them selfs.. peace

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Awesome videos. Good Blur song too.

especially because it was the main title of the pc game "fifa 98 - road to world cup" which was in france and zidane was the big hero of that tournament. guess few of you know this (I mean the fact about the song, not about zidane)

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