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Eurovision Song Contest 2006


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Anyone else watch the annual spectacle that is Eurovision.

Well done Greece for the brilliant opening show.

Terry Wogan still rocks on the comments and gags.

And what were Germany thinking country and western entry  ;D

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I missed thisone (luckily !).

Why is it that there is never the best songs on that competition ? Why is it that there is never the best singers from a country on there ? I have never understood, or bothered to find out :), but it has always bugged me a bit.  :-

But yeah, Terry Wogan is good on that, as he can be on most things he does.

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Three cheers for Finland's GWAR-esq unconventional rock submission! Way to show those cruddy "pop" singers who's bloodiest!

Course... if they had sacrificed screaming effigies of some of the more sickening pop presenters in the show, it would have made it even better!

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I think I know what you guys are talkig about. About 4 days ago CBC news had a peice on about some metal(?) band that were wearing freaky costumes and how they were in a European contest each country had to submit a band. Some people from the country were upset they sent that band, but they won!

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What a Farce.. that whole Eurovision Song Contest..

Its has became a political game, no matter what song is performed..

If there was UB40, BonJovi, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Marco Borsato or Bruce Springsteen for the netherlands, we wouldn't have won..

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