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The emp playerz since 2001


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spicy im not going to turn this into a flame war. I get the impression that you are stupid because of your english ability... which isn't fair on you, i'm sure you try hard.

That aside, it's just my opinion, it's not up for discussion at any rate.

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rostok do you think am american or emglish guy who didnt realy learn haw to speack at his home??

am arabic and we right from right to left and we need to work realy hard to speak and  write

westren languages,, i didnt need english that bad in my material life so i got satesfied with the education i got untill high schooll,, which surly not the worse english around ( not saying names)

for ure information  i speack french and a bit of spanish  and i bet u cant speack that...

i can accept if u think i am stupied or even a donky its ure own openion,  i will not flam with you,,

but i hurt because i dont know you (exept in the forum) i never teamed up with you or playe a 1vs1...

  it was strange to me to hear somone that  dosnt know me would just call me that, i was woundering what

did i do!!!!  do u have other nickes like erjin said?? u are fedykyen=sarbaukar???

the name rostok is totaly unkown to me . am sorry anyway i got pissed.. maybe thats was a lil bet stupied

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I really feel like making a comment about sp1cy but I figured it's a better idea to keep quiet. Just posting to let everyone know. I fear it might start a flame war.

are you  making threats to me?? damn!!! do i know you?? am i the bigest flamer and the stupidest one around now??? what the hell is going on.? ya well why dont you pm(im)  me then  .. with the nice things  u wanna say.. its about time i have enough shit coming from you minors into my simple life... ???

here is another nob that i totaly dont know ready to leach again on me am glad its all happening here

this time not on the server so u all will understand why am quitting and for good this time

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Spicy, ignore the few people here who are attacking you.

yes, will do what you said... actuly i live in cairo egypt about 30 kilometers from capital its

quit sandy here but its peacefull and i like it... actuly what dose bother me most that those guys are

not realy gamers they never do anything usfull on the battelfield  they just have big cannons were it comes

to posting and chatting. and no erjin i dont want to start any flam war i prefere to keep my flames in my tanks and leech it out on fisher plan. i dont see most of them as qualfied players or peapol with skilles and am not in the mood to hear insolts and bad stuff. i like my simple way...and if i feel this 

place is going to give me the creaps i tell u i dont need it i would just turn my back on you all.

  anyway i will put all my focus in the game and i will stop

posting for some time and have less chatting in the game rooms.. and just increase the playing time

and decrease the talking time... :-X


  :-X              :-X                    :-X                :-X              :-X            :-X

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Best Emperor Roleplayer: gunner154 (hands down!!)

I started the game in 2001 too, honourable for eramusng for playing Co-op with me. We played Atreides till the Harkonnen homeworld and then we stopped and played something else :P

u started emp at 2001??? whats ure online nick??? i dont remeber seeing you in 3 years on any server..

am happy this all came up because erjin told me i have a way in making peapol angree at me..

so here we can see who the starter is dont we.. i never posted here i kept my mouth shot..

but there not good enough. they would still be coming at me . ruching to add comment and fule things up against me... at the time when i didnt say a single word to them...am glad you see the truth the way i see its happening now.

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I played online for a period of time till mid-2002 when I got C&C Renegade, then I stopped. I have been gunner154 all this while. I only remember one guy here whom I saw online - IxianMace, but that was later when I sporadically turned up online to check things out.

Spicy, I have only one thing to say. You're too cynical and I think you should stop that because that is how you're making people angry.

I won't post here anymore, don't worry.

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i dont care if u post or not gunner.. and i dont have anything to worry about. thats me

i know my self.. if you dont attack me in a rong way i would never be coming at you..

i liked ure postes befor but like you see i didnt say anything to rostok i wasnt  cynical

or any other thing... then when you said that u want to reply to me but your words will be too  strong, i was woundering why you got so loaded to answer back to me? i wasnt talking to you anyway..

and i didnt ask anything from rostok exept to verify who he is, and to find out if we know eatch others or not

befor we start calling eatch others names on public,,, dont u agree?? do u call someone the most stupied guy online,

befor u get to know him?? or even playe few games with him??

now if he is sarbaukar then i retreat every thing i said and i will admit to be the nob here

because i played with sarb and he is way better than me.. and i would accept some words from him

without beeing so  cynical.

so you see ? the thing is not what peapol say to you which matter . its about who are those peapol at first place and do they mean to be serious in there comment or just teasing

to a point that they wont let you feel insolted or somthing then they could become freinds

i assure you i dont know rostok at all and i never recall playing with him.. so i was like

why this guy is making that kind of comment at me...?

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Couldn't say who's the best or anything but some who are certainly on my honorable mention list:

Zilents, Skum0m3n, Deluged, DarkRul3r, Apollyon, WarSkum, SkumPower, (seem a little heavy in the Skum Clan...) Mords, Jeff, RotaSet, Some guy named HarkDawg, and Emprworm who were my 1st two matches if I recall right... I about stopped playing right then and there 'cause of how bad I got beat.  Drnknmsta, pointybum, Vilgent, AirDrone, Ords, Skytail, Pizza, DarkD3th, Cbrick04, desertway, wraith126, slaphapy4, RA1024, Sendakon, Alchemi2, Kalony,  exatredies, Scytale, are others I really enjoyed playing with as well. 

I'm sure there are others, but thats all that comes to mind.  Peace

Only had like two ppl that I really never cared to play with one is apparently (still) banned for life. 

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best player ever brennq or harkdawg, best teamate ever gunwounds, best guy ive ever met on emp is rostok hands down, then leo and then all the rest of you guys i love you all, worst biggest whiner, rostok, and person i beat and was proud of was doomp0w3r was back in the day when we were all noobs,

But Mord wasn't I supposed to be the biggest noob you had ever seen!

Hahaheeeh ::)

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  well no one said that either::  nuvollary is surly the prettiest player on dune  :-[

but sadly she dont get the proper treatment she deserve because of here bad lie to us

at the start when she came on line when she told us she is a male personly i said things to nu

as a boy i wouldnt have said if i know she is a girl... like calling here nude vollary :-[

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ok spicy, so many points to make... so little energy. I couldn't bring myself to read your longer posts. So I'll just say I don't need YOU to tell me who is unknown in emp. Also, I personally don't care what languages you speak, I've already said that it was foolish of me to assume that you are stupid because you aren't the best at english. I'm sorry, I've already said that, just calm down and don't put a jihad on me. Why did you even bother replying at all? It is my opinion, I don't need to justify it to anyone as I am not claiming it to be fact.

Can we just never talk again?


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Why did you even bother replying at all? It is my opinion, I don't need to justify it to anyone as I am not claiming it to be fact.

Can we just never talk again?


_ i replyed because am stupied (good point there rostok)

_ its your openion ok.. but i missundersand i thought u mean i am a unickly stupied player in emp

so i was pissed to know why!!! i could hear ure openions.and why u think that in my game strategy?? knowing that i never played  befor with you. i dont realy care about the forum at all

or what anyone think in my posts (they all suck) am here to playe not chat. unlike some others

_ you dont have to talk to me again man because  we never talked to eatch others befor.. because i dont know you at all maybe ive seen u posting a couppel of times but that never drow my attention

i mean we never meet on the server because you never playe. so you dont need to be sorry i wasnt

offended .i just wanted to know why.

_ if you have problems reading (or dont have time) dont blam me if you miss understand the topic

of my posts i never mean to angree you or flam.. as i told you in the top of this post.

you olso miss understand my personal profile i just live in cairo and speak arabic but that dosent mean that i am egyption ( which am not ;) ) or mojahideen  or fedaykyn or anything  out of this story..ok??

no one knows my nationalty or relegion yet... but i want you to know this : if you dont

come at me (like you did)  i would never be talking to you or posting about you.. i am a simple

guy and i dont like talking  and speacialy flaming..i know you dont need this morrining news paper

i write to you every day but i find telling this info about my self usfull in a time when i am missunderstood by lots of guys here...

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Does anyone know (or admit to) who ever used the NIC drt4 on WOL?  That was the only guy that really ever rubbed me the wrong way, we only played one game, 1v1, and he lost.  I've never seen someone react like he did.  All though the game he kept IMing smak (which is why he probably lost) "Your gonna die"  "you play like a girl"  "Why don't you just run home to momma" like non-stop.  (sound like any player of old to you?)  Only after my Minos and sards were in his base, did he really lose it and get irrate....  (Since Erjin999 guessed correctly who the 1st guy was, not really hard, I'm just curious if anyone knows who the 2nd guy is/was for all I know they were one in the same, but I'll prob never know)

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