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Ajajajja fight between Gunny and Doomy gogogoogog

Good to see we have so many mature people frequenting the forums.  ::)

Shame we cant initiate polls, this would have been even sillier with a poll. What fun we could have had... :'(

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Ok  ???...i ve go plenty of photos with me gunny...about 100...

Oh really... i have photos too...

here is one  Jeff sent me....


at first i didnt believe jeff was a girl but these pictures dont lie now do they?  ::)

I am totally convinced he is a girl now.  I mean look a the photo... he has to be female.

here is nuvo's pic he posted in the general forum


Basically what we have here is a teenage boy posting a picture of his sister or his own girlfriend... and saying it is himself.... in order to experiment with people and see how they react.  I can assure you no female plays CS:Source or Emp.

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Damn Jeff eat some more food, your boobs used to be so nice n full looking.  :D

How would you know if my boobs are "nice n full" or not?  You've never seen a pair in your life.  Dang that's right, your the largest porn subscriber here.

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